Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Solar Eclipse Edition

Hopefully the solar eclipse will somehow bring about a change in the news. There is a lot of depressing stuff going around. Scouring the web, stories of death and inexplicable violence were unavoidable. The Paris, Texas link below is the most distressing. A man gets dragged to death and the charges are dropped? I don’t get it. Is it Thursday yet? At least the Cambridge PD realized the error of its ways and dropped the charges against Skip Gates. Will there be a lawsuit?

The Root Editor-in-Chief Henry Louis Gates Jr. talks about his arrest and the outrage of racial profiling in America. (The Root)

KKK & Neo Nazi’s Square Off Against Black Panthers in Paris, Texas. (Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner)

It appears a comet has hit Jupiter and the impact left a hole the size of Earth. (National Geographic)

Bill Rhoden: Remembering Steve McNair for the way he played. (NY Times)

Former Bills qb JP Losman signs with Las Vegas franchise of the UFL. Power move for the league. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Former UCLA star Ed O’Bannon leads suit against NCAA over use of images. (LA Times)

Sad case in the murder of a young Mom. (

Crazy…the man who accused Marvin Harrison of shooting him is shot 7 times by someone else. (

The eclipse…

6 Responses to “Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Solar Eclipse Edition”

  1. Rashad says:

    That Marvin Harrison story is still on the more baffling situations I’ve read. That story was a big deal, and then it COMPLETELY fell off the face of the Earth..

  2. Temple3 says:

    If you recall, Paris Texas is the town in which Shaquanda Cotton was sentenced to up to 7 years, while a young white woman who had a roughly equivalent offense was released. When I wrote about that, it created a thread (with many folks from Paris) who went off for about 230 comments.

    That part of Texas is rough. The Chicago Tribune reporter broke that story and the Jena, La. story as well. Can’t recall his name right now.

  3. Temple3 says:


    What is going on down there? Damn.

    There was a report in the papers over the past week about the sharp declines in violence in cities all over the nation. I didn’t read it closely, but I don’t recall what was said about Philly. It seems like Philly is in the midst of a “settling period” after the arrest or death of a major crime figure.

    It’s like Rome after the death of a Caesar.

  4. Mizzo says:

    That story is even more sad because of the two children. Dude was a diabolical monster. So glad the two year old didn’t come outside.

    It’s like this in the summer but it’s not that hot this year. I don’t get it. It’s happening all over the country. I just reported this because it hit so close to home.

  5. sankofa says:

    Mizzo, the only reason this shooter wasn’t locked up prior was because he was the son of a pig. Folks of a certain age group should remember a time when we would feel somewhat relieved that it was mainly Caucasians that committed acts such as these… at least as far as we know. However, for the past 10-20 years, we have achieved the equality with Caucasians on scales we sought and did not seek. Psychopathy/Sociopathy and all the other medical terminology that indicate the death of the Ausar energy.


    I guess the doers of Isfet felt if they removed Khalid Muhammed then the New Black Panthers would go away. Folks please don’t forget that Africans in America Inc. and on the planet are and have been at WAR since before 1619. The White Supremists realized that after the 1960’s, a low lever war would be ideal for their image and would be more effective in achieving their goals.

    The arrogance of power and brute force, fails to accept fully that hue-man beings are not statistical figures in a war room, but unpredictable entities the wider the scope of the plans. America Inc. allows groups like the Po-lice, KKK and Nazi party to be buffers and wardnes of its concentration camps, allowing the occasional violence to seep through as a reminder of the alternative to its form of governance.

    Being that brute force is the best that they can bring force…like the bullies the are, only that kind of counter measure available to us can we then equalize or balance the force of violence.

  6. HarveyDent says:

    It’s up the turnpike here in the Bricks too, Miz. Eight people were shot in Newark Monday afternoon in three seperate incidents with three of them dying. I had to shake my head because what the hell is so crucial on any day to shoot someone but moreso on a damn Monday when as you said it’s not even sweltering this summer? Man, the older I get the more I shake my head over what we do to each others as humans on this earth.