Thursday Morning Starting Five: The Cambridge PD Acted Stupidly and the Black In America Edition

There might be differing opinions here on CNN’s Black in America doc. For what it’s worth, I actually enjoyed what I was able to watch (I saw the first hour before work). In one segment, Malaak Compton-Rock, wife of Chris Rock, took a bunch of at risk kids with limitless albeit, locked away potential for a Journey of Change to South Africa. The trip had in mind not only the lives of some very poor South Africans in dire need of supplies just to survive (1-5 is HIV positive. Over a million orphaned children), but the 30 children who volunteered to take the trip as well. The kids were impacted positively by showing them a way of life Bushwick, Brooklyn could never experience. The trip reinforced in line gifts of compassion and survival in children that was transferred to the smiles of foreign strangers.

The other segment I was able to check out was about principal, Steve Perry, who is determined, tough and shows daily how much he wants the students in his school, Capital Prep in Connecticut to succeed. Capital Prep has almost a 0% drop out rate and every member of the senior class will go on to a four year college. Remarkable. Perry is a great dude. He cares about people and gets the job down despite the odds. He does not take no for an answer and is a great soul model for anyone he comes in contact with.

If the lives of kids are impacted in a real way they will never forget, I’m down with it. It ain’t about us. They are the future. Let them carve out their own legacies.


Did anyone besides Blacks watch the show?

I doubt it.

So again, the lesson becomes recycled and recycled still among our communities with White folk absent in the dialogue. While highlighting those of us who are truly making a difference, the show doesn’t help a total America because there are those who feel the show is divisive despite most of television being disproportionately White. What is that? Do Whites realize most shows have nothing but White faces? So what’s the big deal? Blacks are forced to know Whites from youth with the constant mental imagery of George Washington cutting down a cherry tree and he “cannot tell a lie”. Get to know us, like we know you. The only way this country is gonna come together is if people humble themselves and realize the youth of our future is at stake.

Do you care? If not, quit with the small talk and continue on a racist path to ultimate societal destruction.

At least CNN tried. There will be discussions here and there because of their ambition See the total scope and not just what was on the screen last night and tonight.

Before the show, President Obama addressed the nation regarding his health care plan, but the highlight was when the last question was asked about how the Skip Gates case affected race relations in America.

“The Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly”, President Obama bluntly stated.

Damn right! About time.

How will America respond when a Black President calls out racial profiling in a city so well respected? This is what happens when a Black man is elected, when delicate issues arise, he should not remain neutral and some people just aren’t gonna like it despite the beneficial universal result. Folks this ain’t about who wins and who loses. This is about advancing the frame. I appreciate the strong words he used to denounce what has been a problem for minorities for far too long. I personally feel Skip’s unfortunate arrest has a chance to help change the mindset of racial profiling in the same way Rosa Parks refused to get on the back of the bus. Big statement? Yes, but while I’m in no way comparing the temperament of the distinct eras, Gates stood up for his because it was his right to do so and in the process could become a similar historical symbol in these changing times. If he didn’t resist, would the racial profiling spotlight shine this bright? This is being covered by all sorts of media and trust that is a great thing. This needs worldwide exposure. President Obama offered his strongest words about race since his successful campaign began and in my opinion, his statement was a game changer after the recent NAACP speech left most of us shaking our heads.

This will get real interesting. This will be made into strictly a Black vs. White thing. Remember writers, the words you right [sic] are made for time. It’s not all about the buck. Are you on the side of good or evil?

The links…

Sgt. James Crowley claims he isn’t racist because he gave CPR to Reggie Lewis before he died. Won’t apologize. (CBS News)

Bill Cosby says he is “shocked” President Obama commented on this. Typical comments follow. For the readers of that thread, Barack never said anything about race. (CSMonitor)

Sir Richard Branson to fund disease unit in Africa. (Financial Times)

2 Mayors Arrested in Broad N.J. Corruption Sweep. (NY Times)

TV One to air Sunday show aimed at Black politics. (Washington Informer)

South Africa tests African-made Aids vaccine. (MG)

A Future in Baseball, Hinging on DNA (NY Times)

Former Major League pitcher Jim Parque writes why he juiced. (Chicago Sun Times)

President Obama’s statement about the Gates case…

Will he have a problem getting bills and health care plans signed. How will the constituencies of those on the hill be affected? This is where you want to be President Obama, I hope you are ready for it.


Here’s another one for the “birthers”. Get over it. This is like saying you hate Barry Bonds for steroids when you know damn well you couldn’t stand his ass when he was skinny in Pittsburgh.

18 Responses to “Thursday Morning Starting Five: The Cambridge PD Acted Stupidly and the Black In America Edition”

  1. Temple3 says:

    I don’t believe it was in the POTUS’ best interest to say what he said for 2 reasons.

    1) There is the potential for a lawsuit and his comments, however well-intentioned, may be deemed prejudicial to the resolution of the case. Simply, it was premature.

    2) As cool as he’s been on the trail, he went for the bait. It’s classic Negro Confession 101. “Pardon me Donovan, but could you tell us how you feel about Michael Vick being reinstated?” Joe Biden wouldn’t get a question about Gates. Sometimes, we need to remember to tell the press to BACKTHEFUCKUP with that old bullshit.

    Don’t forget what led to Malcolm X’s formal banishment from the Nation of Islam. It was (officially — because everyone has to have a REASON) his response, during a Q & A, to questions concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The Q & A’s are MURDER.

    At this point, the well has been sufficiently poisoned that I’d say a majority of people could not properly tell you:
    a. The charges brought by the CPD against Gates.
    b. Whether or not those charges are still in force.
    c. What precipitated Gates’ reaction to Crowley.
    d. Why Crowley refused to identify himself to Gates’ satisfaction.

    Based on what I’ve heard from both parties, it seems like Gates has a sound basis for his claims precisely because he wasn’t arrested for B&E and because the charges were dropped (deemed to be unfounded or lacking sufficient evidence??). Crowley is going to have to explain why he chose not to identify himself — and if that’s the stupidity to which the POTUS was referring, he needs to make sure that he keeps that front and center.

    Otherwise, white folks are going to go to sleep thinking they were duped into electing Al Sharpton for POTUS. 🙂

    And then, whatever will we do about healthcare? Hillary can’t rescue it…she’s busy calling the North Koreans little children who act out in search of attention. Smooth, real smooth.

  2. sankofa says:

    Temple, your point is sound and I was never a believer in Obamas transformative whatever. Still I disagree with you, because he was damned if he didn’t and damned if he did. Therefore his answer was lesspolitical in this instance and more “real”. It was real becaue throughout is obfuscation and denials, Obama acts more like a man and an African (albeit colonized) than that individual s(h)itting as a supreme court judge.

    Now maybe it’s just me and my penchant for going in with both guns blazing, but calling a mother fucker out for what he is tells me that he may have taken the road of political suicide but he also took the one of “fuck this bullshit!”.

    Indeed, if the puppet meisters controling him want to continue with the illusion of cultural and ethnic harmony in America Inc., they best learn to live with the occasional independent thinking or strive to exhurt more mind numbing control.

    And as long as he is married to Michelle, he can’t help but act right some of the times.

  3. Miranda says:

    Well T3, a lot of those white folks think they were duped into electing Sharpton anyway…LMAO Don’t you know? We’re all the same!

  4. Mizzo says:

    Added a Cosby “shocked” at Obama link above.

    This was inevitable given his election. This country will either be faced with dealing with itself or something very tragic may go down.

    The reporter jumped at the chance to asked the question. Rather get it over with now than later.

  5. sankofa says:

    Mizzo Bill Cosby seeks attention.

    However, the agreed upon fact is this, Gates showed the ossifer his ID with his address and the ossifer didn’t ID himself. A man’s house is supposed to be his castle so perhaps Obama was being light when he called it stupid.

    Check out this link here:

    Now I used to be a beast of burden for this corporation, so I can tell you that this is indicative of po-lice in North America. Conditioning, conditioning.

  6. Mizzo says:

    So was I brotha. 17 years.

    Check this out.

  7. sankofa says:

    mmmm! The more things change….!

  8. white man can do shit in this country without bro calling him a racist says:

    Heres a thought…GO ASK THE BLACK OFFICER WHAT HAPPENDED?? But I guess he is an UNCLE TOM>>>>>>YEA RIGHT….BLACKS CONTINUE TOTHINK THIS COUNTRY OWES YOU SOMETHING…until you let it go you will FOREVER be stuck right where the fuck you are.

  9. Miranda says:

    Oh look Mizzo! You got a FReeper troll! All yours! Kinda cool KNOW you blog is the shit when you get your own personal freeper troll!

  10. Mizzo says:

    I’m glad he came. He most certainly proves a point. He’s weezin’ in the back while the front of the pack attacks.

  11. Sankofa says:

    Hey, Hey, Hey!

    This must be how the Romans felt you know… a dying empire, a knee-grow at the helm of the sinking ship and Rome’s finest getting their asses kicked in a foreign country.

    You know, Temple, If Hannibal’s cousins back home wasn’t practicing that crab in the bucket thing, shit would’ve been different. No Roman Empire, no British Empire and …well an African man can dream can’t he?

  12. Dan says:

    I think I’m learning how to be African American.
    Blame everything under the sun for ones own behavior.
    It’s *all* somebody else’s fault

  13. michelle says:

    Dan get that BS out of here. The man was in his own house bottom line. He’s a Harvard professor so I’m sure he doesn’t care what your dumbass has to say.

  14. Nancy says:

    The hate here is so tangible it is like poison in my mouth. I wish I hadn’t stumbled upon this site. But as I’ve read unfortunatly I could not stop doing so. I am white and feel that this is a personal attack upon me. I personally have done nothing to keep any african american down. It is your life to do with as you please. But at the same time I don’t feel as though I should be kept from living my life that way either yet those of you on this site are judgemental and bigoted based on what? Maybe I don’t understand where you come from, maybe I haven’t lived your life but instead of condeming my ignorance and acting racist yourselves, educate and rise above the hate. Instead of being slanderous and stooping to those of previous generations of ignorance, evolve already. All races need to educate themselves on the lives of those around us so we can all live peacefully. But then why would some of us want to do that, right? It seems like some people almost thrive on that feeling of hate, they just want to keep fueling it, keep feeding that fire. Judging by the big words that were typed here before mine that’s exactly what it looks like. It is sad too because some of you seem very well educated too, too bad that education didn’t relieve you of your ignorance.

    What Obama said was wrong, he is supposed to be representing ALL Americans as the President, not just African Americans. He did not have all the facts when he made the statement he made he even admitted that fact and he jumped the gun. It’s just too bad he isn’t man enough to apologize.

  15. Dan says:

    Ya Michelle, he’s a Harvard professor. As such, he’s as arrogant and full of himself as most Harvard professors are. Students too, for that matter.

    But, back to my point. The professor created a racial incident becasue he’s a racist. He needed to take that position that it was a white cop abusing a black man. So, he struggled to make that happen.

    He made a fool of himself because that type of behavior has become so integral to blacks that even a black Harvard professor can’t stray far from the mold.

    All the witnesses, including the black one that first reported the possible break in, contradict what the snotty professor claims.

  16. Dan says:

    The writer asks for us whites to “Get to know us ( blacks ), like we know you.”
    Well, we are getting to know you. As society has become more integrated, more people are getting to know you ( blacks.)

    This seems to be the problem. As we do get to know you we get to see first hand your epidemic disrespect for everything and everyone. The astonishing disrespect blacks show even each other. So much so that any behavior is not only tolerated, but defended. Expected.

    Whereas in the past there was resentment of blacks based on lies and fraud. Now it’s based on true life’s experience.

    Getting to know you has become the ugly part.

  17. Miranda says:

    Dan and Nancy…..LOL (this stuff just writes itself). You can practically see Dan’s starched khakis, penny loafers and ken doll-looking hair…along with the stick up his azz. I’m white!! I’m right!! Oh, and Nancy dont you have some cookies to bake for the Junior League fundraiser or something? Pleast get to it and stay off the internet looking for friends.

  18. dan says:

    Really Miranda? You can see my “..starched khakis, penny loafers and ken doll-looking hair..”?

    That’s for serious because I was just about to say that *I* can see your silly overpriced rap attire, slightly nappy Jheri curls, crack pipe, and three children–all by different men.

    It’s like we see right through each other. I knew this would all work out.

    …Nancy *does* bake for the Junior League fundraiser. I’ll acknowledge that.