Friday Fire: Is It Always Going To Be About Racism?

Those who have been well respected readers of this site know why it was created. TSF was created to pay respect first and foremost to history. We go hard so hopefully others will speak their minds just the same with unfiltered determination and resolve. Why should we let others control our historical voice? This site and very few others give a true perspective of how Blacks feel about issues stripped of fear and insecurity. We get straight to the point. There isn’t a need to sugarcoat issues for we all have more important things to do in our lives than to BS others. The current racial tensions (watch) has given us a opportunity to think about how this society will move forward when it comes to race. Racism is a scourge. It’s despicable, fear laced, irresponsible and downright stupid. That being said, why the hell should we all have to deal with an evil force that affects 300 million people in America one way or the other? If we don’t face it head on, it will continue.

If we shut up about it, it will continue so why not come with soul fire and tell it like it is to get the conversation moving a few steps faster? If we all move on, so will we, but until then, it’s on.

President Obama never said it was about racism re: Gates and his words are being misconstrued by some as irresponsibly racist and naively uninformed. Turn the tables and make the president White, the professor White and the officer Black, how would this go down? If there wasn’t a problem with racial profiling this would not be a story. How many Blacks and Latinos are dead because of profiling and subsequent brutality and excessive force? That’s why we are coming out as strongly on this issue. Remember Sean Bell? Remember Amadou Diallo? Remember Oscar Grant?

We do.

How many of you are driving, pass a cop on the other side of the road and with almost paranoid eyes look into the rear view mirror until you know for sure the cop is out of sight?

We are not the only ones. Trust. Racial profiling leads to confrontation. That confrontation might lead to death whether you are innocent or not.

So we speak out before someone gets killed…again. This isn’t about fanning flames or getting page views. This is about encouraging change. Period.

Is every case the same? No but there is a history of death involved…not just cats getting roughed up or fed tickets they can’t pay. Death. That gets your attention.

Are there cops who do the right thing? Of course.

So now Obama deals with a backlash that was going to be a backlash no matter how he commented. Some people who are criticizing his Gates response sure as hell didn’t like him anyway. Check their track record. Is it about the reaction or because of something else? Anyway, it doesn’t seem there is going to be this Utopian conversation regarding race anytime soon, so we ask you, is it always going to be about racism or will this society come together right now?

14 Responses to “Friday Fire: Is It Always Going To Be About Racism?”

  1. Esquire says:

    “How many of you are driving, pass a cop on the other side of the road and with almost paranoid eyes look into the rear view mirror until you know for sure the cop is out of sight?”

    Wow. Amen to that.

    I’m sorry but there is really no other way to look at this than what it is – an absurd abuse of power. So now on top of being paranoid in my car I have to be paranoid of looking “suspicious” while trying to get into my own home?

    Truth is, if you say anything even remotely involving race, there will be backlash. So I say, oh well, might as well just say what you have to say without sugar coating it.

  2. Rashad says:

    In hindsight, the President really should have glossed over the issue during THAT particular press conference, where health care should have been the only thing discussed. Had it been a different forum or even the next day, I’d have had no problem with what he said.

  3. Mizzo says:

    Rashad why? Why should he care about what people think? When has a president made such a statement that if kept in the proper context will propagate a well needed discussion on something serious? Health care was the issue, but he was right to answer because the question was asked. If he didn’t answer the question, Blacks would have snapped.

    The media is going to move this into different channels for the purpose of dehumanizing his words and creating this Black vs. White dynamic.

    Now the police force are victims?!?

    Whatever. As soon as dude knew Gates lived there, the police should have left like they’ve done many times across the nation in the same type of neighborhoods.

  4. Esquire says:

    Rashad – well, they asked him about him it. Its not like he just brought it up. If he doesn’t answer it then the headline next day would have been “Obama waffles on support of black community” or “Obama declines to comment on Gates.” There would have been spin either way so I’m glad he just said what was on his mind.

  5. origin says:

    True Esquire and Mizzo.

    The freaking media asked him the question. They would have flipped this anyway, no matter what Obama said.

    And one of the reasons that the media (IMO) is trying to make this a big deal is to put the Big Ben issue on the back burner.

    Most media on TV haven’t even discussed the issue.

    Plus who gives a flip what the media says……….F them whores.

    They got on Obama for Rev. Wright. They got on him for Rev. Pfleger. They got on him for what Michelle said about America. They got on him because they thought he threw his white grandmother under the bus when he was making his speech on race.

    Screw the media.

    If Obama called out black folks there would be a standing ovation from the white media.

  6. origin says:

    I love this painting the cop as the victim. Now its how can he be prejudice he gave Reggie Lewis mouth to mouth.

    I mean really what??????

  7. Rashad says:

    I understand that they asked Obama about Gates, but the press conference was about health care and prior to this Gates issue, he was in the midst of a major push to get his plan out there. With one comment, regardless of how on point me and others think he was with it, it just took away from the healthcare issue. Even if he had said, I’ll address the Gates issue tomorrow, today its all about healthcare, it wouldn’t have been ducking the issue. Its not avoiding, its just deferring..

  8. Mizzo says:

    I hear you. You may have a point.

  9. sankofa says:


    You do realize that they are fighting tooth and nail to squash this don’t you. As Mizzo said, you may have a point, but let’s not fool yourself, do or don’t he’ll be made to bootlick and bow down for trying to reform (?) healthcare.

    Hey Mizzo, what happened to my comment on the other post? Seems a couple of trolls came out of the toilet, but my comment fell in.

  10. Temple3 says:


    I agree 100% —


    I would simply say that racism is not the ROOT CAUSE of our present condition, nor is curing “whites” of the delusion of white supremacy (as an ideology) the solution.

    We have bigger fish to fry.

  11. Mizzo says:

    Checking on that now Sankofa. That’s odd.

    Temple3: What is the root cause of our present condition? Not saying racism is or a predisposed behavior based its effects…just interested in your opinion bruh.

    Oh, and damn right we do!

  12. Esquire says:

    Temple & Rashad – OK, I can see where you guys are coming from.

  13. Temple3 says:


    First things first — every nation has their time in the sun. Spain’s moment is OVER. Portugal’s moment is OVER. The Persians moment is OVER. The Romans moment is OVER. Same for Ghana and Benin and Sokoto and Monomotapa and Axum and the Elamites of Susa and the Nubians and Sabeans of Arabia and the Almoravids and the Almohades and the Zanj of Basra. The sun sets on everyone. Africans have had some very long runs in many places around the world — but perfection is elusive.

    As much as America likes to toot its own horn, they’ve been the world’s preeminent power since 1945 — and yet, they’ve “lost” in Vietnam, Cuba, Iran, Iraq?, Afghanistan? and Somalia. And everyone from Silicon Valley to Wall Street is worried about China cranking out 200,000 engineers a year. How much time is left as the Top Dog??

    As for “racism,” if Europeans were not imbued with the disease of “white supremacy” our condition could be considerably better — but we’d still be here. I think the root cause of our condition is that people have never figured out really great ways to deal with scarcity and greed.

    Different nations have used forced labor (slaves, serfs, prisoners, etc.) for millenia as a path to power. The Fon used in it Benin. The Akan used it in Ghana. The Romans used it in Italy. At the same time that millions of Africans were being brought West, millions of Europeans were shackled and dragged south and East to Tunisia, Algiers, Cairo and elsewhere. The famed British navy could do very little to stop this. Entire towns were snatched up at once. They, however, were put to different uses. Forced labor was the Nazis angle in Africa and with the European Jews. It’s the game in China and India right now.

    The real issue, it seems, is one of coordination. It took Europeans several centuries to impose their will on Africa. We’ve been taught they just showed up with guns and took it over. Not so. They fought against one another, but often fought in concert when they recognized a threat. The Africans, it seems, were not as vigilant about coordinated fighting and seemed to take the enemy at his word. They also seemed to fail to recognize the concept of a Long War.

    Some fights are intergenerational. So-called “tribal” fights are long-standing and so is this one. But the ultimate solution requires coordinated fighting and coordinated support to alleviate the sytemic poverty and desperation that causes people to do things like sell their children or conspire with the enemy.

    Koreans have sold their children en masse for generations. The tide is only recent slowing down. It’s not a “Black” thing. It’s a human thing.

  14. shawn says:

    OH GAWD NO !!
    You’re paranoid now cuz an innocent black man can’t even enter his own house without getting arrested? You poor, poor, abused people.

    It’s getting to the point where a black man can’t even break into his own home late at night and give the responding officers crap without being inconvenienced.