Michael Vick: Where Will He Go? (The AFC)

Now that Michael Vick has been given the green light to sign with any team we all have an idea on who/where may be the best fit for him as a quarterback and as a person. What I’ve decided to do is break things down team by team and find the best fit for Vick. Feel free to offer your opinions as well.

We’ll start in the AFC:

Baltimore Ravens: The low profile city and the Ravens locker room seem ideal as Ray Lewis and Ozzie Newsome would embrace Vick from jump street. On the field, he would give the Ravens offense another dimension as they attempt to unseat the Pittsburgh Steelers. A one year deal would be likely.

Buffalo Bills: l like what I see here, the location is good away from the Giants and Jets media storm. Vick could fly under the radar here. Also. I’m not sold on the Bills quarterback situation – given a legit shot, Vick could push Trent Edwards for the starting job.

Cincinnati Bengals: I know this is a team trying to repair its off the field image, the acquisition of Vick would raise some eyebrows. This team relies too heavily on the health of current quarterback Carson Palmer.

Cleveland Browns: Imagine Vick leaping into the Dog Pound after a 40-yard touchdown run…a PETA nightmare.

Denver Broncos: They still give Kobe hell there, maybe if Mike Shanahan was still running things. This organization’s once rock solid front office has become a joke.

Houston Texans: Not a bad place for a new start, solid players at the skill positions. Hey, the offensive line has even improved. Only drawback here is the youth of the Texans.

Indianapolis Colts: If Tony Dungy was able to convince Roger Goodell to entrust Michael Vick to him, how far do you think his word goes in Indy. A solid organization top to bottom. Will have one of the most humble teammates in Peyton Manning.

Jacksonville Jaguars: In J’ville Vick would serve as a valued backup to incumbent David Garrard. While Garrard has lost 20 lbs. to improve his mobility, Vick puts it into another gear. This would be the closest that Vick comes to playing in Atlanta. And with the Jags suffering at the gate – stealing a few of MV7’s die hards can’t hurt.

Kansas City Chiefs: One of the few places west of the Mississippi where I believe fans will recieve Vick nicely. Their fans remind me of baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals. I think Vick would get a decent shake here. In K.C. Matt Cassell is the man and while I like backup Tyler Thigpen, Vick would only make that trio stronger.

Miami Dolphins: What better way to improve on last season’s success with the wildcat offense than to bring in the one player it was tailor made for. David Lee would become a head coaching candidate in two seasons if he had a chance to use Vick in this offense. With Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams along with Ted Ginn Jr. would make things interesting. It seems unlikely since the ‘Phins have drafted Pat White out of West Virginia.

New England Patriots: Anytime a high profile Black Athlete plays in the Boston/New England area, I think of Bill Russell. I know here more than anywhere else other than probably Philly there is a cross-section of the fan base that can’t wait to spew some of the venom that they’re infamous for. Certain players have never faced it but this isn’t the place for Vick.

New York Jets: Great running game and a great defense to lean on. Too bad they’re in love with rookie QB Mark Sanchez. If it weren’t for the Namath wannabe, MV7 would look good here.

Oakland Raiders: One place where I know the fans would embrace Vick. An organization known for embracing players that have been written off. Vick would be huge here.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The chances here are better than you think. Ben Roethlisberger isn’t durable and there’s enough talent on both sides of the ball to relieve any pressure from Vick. At this point Vick is better than backups Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon.

San Diego Chargers: I’m not a big Phillip Rivers – talks too much for a guy that hasn’t won much of anything. To that end, I can see Rivers causing a problem if Vick began to win the fans over.  Again another situation with great skill players and a stout defense.

Tennessee Titans: They locked out Steve McNair while he was still under contract, they’ve put Vince Young’s career on ice. I love the location and the possibilities – I don’t trust their front office.

Tomorrow: The NFC.

62 Responses to “Michael Vick: Where Will He Go? (The AFC)”

  1. Re-enter Omar Gaither at MLB or slide Akeem Jordan into the middle.

  2. I believe Napoleon Harris is out there

  3. Mizzo says:

    Yeah not a huge loss. More about depth in the fourth.

  4. The toughest part is finding someone to call the defense, my guess is either Quintin Mikell or Akeem Jordan.

  5. Temple3 says:

    It would be in Pittsburgh. You’d be able to hear the screaming and moaning all the way in Philly. Knock on wood.

  6. I would kick the tires on Derrick Brooks to see what’s left. Can’t hurt.

  7. Temple3 says:

    Whatever is left, he’s an outside linebacker.

  8. I know, you lose depth on the outside by moving Gaither or Jordan to the middle.

  9. michelle says:

    Come to San Fran please

  10. michelle says:


    What planet are you from? People in every city have problems. Standards??? Gimme a break. I work in health care and see people being treated worse then dirt. You obviously do not live in America where hypocrites are found in all parts of our society. GET REAL DUMB ASS!!

  11. michelle says:


    WTF???? Your argument is just ridiculous!!! I don’t think he cares what you think. Funny how whites did not protest the Rodney King verdict. A defenseless man on the ground being beaten by men paid by us to protect and serve. Beating him while calling him an ape. STANDARDS?????? MORALS????? GET THE F— OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BS!!!!!

  12. Miranda says:

    Michelle, neither Dan nor Chris give a damn about what Michael Vick crimes were…they so dont care. You and I both know their outrage is more fake than Pam Anderson’s chest. They should really be honest with themselves because they’re not fooling anybody with this pathetic attempt to pretend like Mike Vick is the #1 criminal of the century.