Tuesday Morning Starting Five: The Free Leonard Peltier Editon

Part III of our interview with Webber will posted during the 1:00 pm hour. Thanks to all the sites that have picked it up. Appreciate the love. I really do. Oh a special thank you goes out Dream Hampton for reminding me of this with one of your daily mind banging tweets. Bang the drum Ma…bang it.

Free Leonard Peltier…now! (WILP)

What do you think about this Mos Def piece? (The Root)

Should Michael Jackson win a Nobel Peace Prize? (Sky.com)

Is Wayne Brady gonna have ta choke a… (Just making sure you are paying attention)

Brawl breaks out, groom’s brother dies. (Philly.com)

The velocity of time part II. (Maynard Institute)

Recap of Shaq hosting WWE. (The Big Lead)

As we all know, the caller never mentioned race…calling in question this so called morally indisputable police report. (Richard Prince)

Columnist calling Whitlock to task for his deplorable Serena Williams piece. About time. Elmer Williams has a great quote in the piece as well. (Courier-Journal)

Black Dante and the fellas…

I can hear his head banging on the wall in the next room…

One Response to “Tuesday Morning Starting Five: The Free Leonard Peltier Editon”

  1. 19082008 says:

    Betty Baye was one of my instructors at the Maynard Institute in Oakland in the late 1980s. Very fiery and truthful lady, and she’s on the money with this one.