Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Hump Day Our Way Edition

Got this crazy headache I can’t shake so Part IV of Webb will be posted sometime during the 1pm hour Thursday. Just so you all know, the trolls frequenting the site recently are the same person. Same IP address. Noting to be here people…mash on somewhere else. Thanks for the hits kids.

What Happened to Our Postracial President? Uh…same dude. Reality happened (National Review)

Professor’s Arrest Tests Beliefs on Racial Progress. (NY Times)

From Sister Souljah To Soledad: Etiquette Of Black Rage In The Obama Age. (Post Chronicle)

TV One to begin Sunday Show aimed at Black Politics. (Washington Informer)

Nas wasn’t allowed to witness the birth of his child??!? (

B-Girls are Hip Hop too (NY 1)

When you assume…(5 and a possible)

Podcast of Dave Zirin and Christine Brennan commenting on Erin Andrews. (

Help my peoples redesign her site by answering two questions. (The Curvy Girl Chronicles)

He’s your son. (Sable Verity)

6 Responses to “Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Hump Day Our Way Edition”

  1. sankofa says:

    “…Quiet politeness is Rule No. 1 in surviving an incident of racial profiling, he said. So is the frequent use of the word “sir.”

    “stupidly” had been poorly chosen.”

    “That choice of the word was something that I don’t agree with,”

    These are supposed to be the example for the young people of the future?

    Hey! about stepping off the sidewalk in to the puddle, when a Caucasian approaches us? How about not looking them in the eyes, but lowering ours so as not to cause offence?

    Shiiiiit!! I feel a rage coming on! I bet Nancy and Dave and their ilk will feel the above mentioned tripe is the most appropriate response for us knee-grows.

  2. Miranda says:

    Now Dr. Gates is a jungle monkey….isn’t post-racial America fun???!?!

  3. origin says:

    It sure is Miranda………….and that punk on fox called Obama a racist…….LOL!!!

    White folks are really tripping.

    Anyway brotha Sankofa what is we suppose to do………..for them fine white folks????

  4. origin says:

    Look sista Miranda…………I guess these cops weren’t actually framing this lady.

    The tape must be lying.

  5. sankofa says:


    I may not be the best source for an answer in “post racial” anywhere. I am not an edumcated politicized prostitute who is emasculated by the teachings of the European and other fantasy books. I am just a fan of Nat Turner, George Jackson and Shaka Zulu. In other words…my god don’t like ugly.

    Ugly spirit, ugly minds and certainly the ugly violence of hate that justifies my alowing anybody kicking my ass an me bending over to give them a target.

    Since the defenders of this lie repeated often enough to become truth, won’t stand up for something sane, I guess some off us have to become insane!

  6. HarveyDent says:

    If that be insanity, Sankofa, then measure me for my straitjacket because I may be become that wild-eyed nigra soon after reading tripe by guys like Victor David Hanson and having to deal with these post-racial Black people that are popping up all over the place.

    Some of us as Blacks here in North America may be content not to recognize what’s going on outside our windows until it comes through our doors but believe me they will have their moments too. Hopefully, they’ll survive their moments like Skip Gates, Earl Graves, and Joe Morgan did and not die for them like Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, and Amadou Diallo did to name only three of far, far too many.

    Post-racial means to me that I don’t have to bite my tongue and make excuses for being a Black man to anyone of any race. I refuse to water down my outrage over injustice of any kind or subscribe to any ideology of expedience to make racists feel more comfortable around me. I’m BLACK so deal with it.