Fear of a Black President

Reflect if not for a moment. It was not that long ago when this country was in love with itself. Folks were crying. They were happy. Enemies were provisionally cast aside as mutable roadblocks to progress. The world watched. The world took note. It celebrated with us with the same vigor. Barack Obama’s election to the most powerful position on the planet was sui generis. Phenomenal. Out of the blue. Almost nonsensical, but it happened. It really did. Most still can’t believe it and that is part of the problem we are now facing this moment with 60’s like eyes burned unfortunately, wide shut.

NPR’s poll shows 43% would actually vote Republican if they could vote for Congress today? How can that be? Have we fell down, bumped our Texas oil family heads and all of the sudden woke up with our economy the last eight years intact?

A NBC/Wall Street Journal poll says 27% say Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. was in the wrong despite being arrested in his own house as opposed to 11% for Officer Crowley. You would have been hot too after a long trip home from Asia and you can’t get into your own house.

Regardless of what those with contrarian thoughts may deduct, there should have been no arrest…but there was and here we go again finding ourselves having lunch in a segregated school cafeteria.

This is the origin of things potentially escalating to a ridiculous degree. People are losing their minds. It’s a shame because most aren’t thinking for themselves. They are listening to those who reassuringly have their best interests in mind. When you have humans who want a true champion of people…not just the Black race…to fail miserably, there is something horribly wrong.

The puppet master like racist rhetoric of these annoyingly vocal right wing weapons summertime molasses trickles down the tributaries of an acute nerve waiting to fly into a rage and become the face of the White race all in the name of patriotism.

Find out who sponsors the radio shows, TV shows and columns and shut them down by not patronizing these corporations with as much as a window shop glance.

We must ask ourselves, what about the others?

What about White people who disposed of past irrational thought to elect Barack Obama the 44th president of the United States?

They made a huge statement and helped to create a soul model for the world.

Commendable. Be proud of the decision you made in the name of change.


Where have you gone? Where are the happy tears of truth, justice and the American way? Wasn’t it this past January where your children were adorned with Barack Obama buttons, tees and Christmas daydreams of an almost Utopian future? A time where folks of different races actually drank beer together without some sort of national meltdown being the reason?

Where are the open minds that jumped and squashed and suppressed and poked fun of potential moments of absurd racial insanity just down the pike leading out of your election booth?

Did you not see?

Where is your voice? Where are the conservatives who find the words of a Rush no more Beck Malkin mountain chock full of fear and simply unreasonable bullshit also reprehensible and just as unacceptable to the cause of American moral decency?

Do you not want to win in 2012 or do you just want to nominate the next loser because the party continues to scare the shit out its base?

How are the words of childish token fools, whose only aim is to abet a mob by any means necessary, going to assure even a local school board seat in the next election cycle?

You must speak up. You must denounce the aforementioned racist pawns as predictable political thunder devoid of the positive lightening which will ignite your collective base into a groundswell of your way action.

There is a different way of doing things. Why can’t a Black man have a chance after all the millions who died during the 200 years of slave ships?

You mean no Black person EVER has been qualified to be POTUS? That’s just not rational thinking.

But, we are here and some just don’t like it.

Yes, there are those who wish Barack to fail and fall on his Black and White face.

After all, It’s his race some didn’t care for in the first place right?

Have some of you said these words in your living rooms, churches, cars, bars…hell, maybe even from Mars: “How could the American people hand the nation’s keys over to a Kenyan who wasn’t birthed here?

He’s Black! How could he have our best interests in mind? How can he relate to us even though his Mother is White and so are the Grandparents that raised him? What about this country needs changing? Ain’t nobody’s diaper dirty over here. I love my life. My children are good. I may not have any money to support my family because of an unnecessary war and ridiculous Republican spending the last eight years, but at least there was a White man in office to give me a sense of pride in a war mongering declaration of impending American and foreign death.

How will a Black man do the job so many good American men before him were unsuccessful finishing?”

If you don’t believe in those words, please speak up. If you do not want these clowns representing you, then say it loud…

It’s a shame because the press conference President Obama gave last Wednesday was about health care to find a solution for a staggering 40,000,000 uninsured nationwide. Why was he asked the question? Couldn’t that question have waited until the morning?

That moment was as unique as we’ve had in the history of this nation. A Black President was asked to address what has become a racial incident even though Barack said he didn’t know if it was racial or not.

As a result, the first Black President is elected and now has to become the liaison perched in the middle of a verbal race war, but isn’t given his proper respect? Sure is a high priced mediator…

Blacks certainly don’t win in this instance. Again, Whites are made to feel better about themselves despite almost being pressured into turning the uncomfortable corner and facing racism for what it exactly is.


Again, how many of you say this out of Republican incited fear:

“This health care reform…isn’t it ultimately going to lead to little Black men in military uniforms strong-arming red blooded Americans from their homes and leading them to slaughter? I better get my gun. Damn, this Armalite 15 I just bought can finally be put to use. Luckily, I got one of the last ones left.

Bipartisanship is gone!”

Extreme, of course, but sorry to disappoint, Black people do not want to take over. For who? For what? Blacks simply want the ability to live absent of drama and raise their children like any other American family has the right to.

While President Obama might have spoke prematurely coming to the defense of a friend, this moment were in…this moment of racial uncertainty…could possibly lead to thousands if not millions of discussions across the planet about the perils of racial profiling.

How many White folk have cussed out a cop and not been arrested? I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Case in point…and I’m speaking to Black men here…how many of you have been pulled over for a broken tail light (you had no idea was out) or starting too soon after a stop sign…only to see someone with a tail light out pass you simultaneously? How many of you have been pulled over in a nice car recently purchased and harassed about where you are driving? How many of you pass a police car and peer into your mirror until that police car is out of sight?

Gates is a jungle monkey now (that word is as outdated as they come)?

Are Blacks racist for a being wary of policemen after experiencing a mountain load of historical precedence?

Have you ever had a gun pointed at your face? How can you relate if you haven’t. Trust, it’s not a good feeling.

What is racism?

There is a history of violence doled out to our Fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins and friends at the hands of racist and morally corrupt cops. This cannot be denied. If the Gates case was not racial profiling, then why did the police report document Lucia Whalen stating “two Black men in back packs” are breaking into Gates’ residence when she never said such?

How would America view the unfortunate Ryan Moats incident if there was no video evidence?

There have been countless deaths where policemen have used unnecessary force (Diallo, Grant, Bell among the most notable).

Ask yourselves, in those cases, who was wrong?

Regardless if you view the Gates incident as racist or not, you have to understand this nation has a huge racial profiling problem. Do you remember President Bush was prepared to enact legislation outlawing racial profiling before September 11th?

How about the New Jersey case? Should I go on?

Why does White America constantly need to be stroked at the expense of others? Do you really think it’s all about you?

What is racism?

Is it a Father’s wish to protect his son’s baseball dream? Is it simply being stopped because you “fit the description”?

Besides the normal MSNBC crew, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone speaking out on issues that affect us all en masse.

How many presidents would have been thoughtful enough to have a beer summit with the particulars in attempts to put out a racial flame despite most Blacks not in agreement?

Remember this?

He spelled it all out here. With these words, America should have known what kind of president Barack Obama was going to be. He’s a product of multiculturalism and uses that experience and knowledge the best he knows how.

He’s trying. He knows this Cambridge incident could have developed into something very dire and moved quickly to squash a racial clash…whatever that may have been.

Black people. It’s time to judge ourselves when these things happen. Do we fear a Black President as well? If your son or daughter is running the streets at night and is getting in mad trouble, check him/her before they get shot! Make them understand they have to appreciate their lives a little bit more instead of pushing a cop over the edge and leaving you with tearful funeral arrangements. That is not racism.

Even if we are wrong, we must comply when a policeman gives us a order whether we like it or not. Not cool, but at least we come away alive.

Everything is not racism. Straight up. Some Blacks need to understand that just as much as some Whites in the contrary. Some Blacks jump the gun and while there may be a myriad of logic surrounding snap judgments, those Blacks too must take responsibility for everything that goes on inside their communities that is their fault. If you shoot and kill a cop in the commission of a crime then you should pay.

We’ve got to get past this somehow, quick fast and mos def in a hurry.

We all need to come together. Some share more responsibility than others to make that happen.

Do you really think President Obama is going to capitulate to Blacks just because of his skin color? Hasn’t he proven otherwise?

He’s coming with a total “objective” mind.

Yet and still, Blacks are gonna be left behind….ridiculous.

I think he should speak out because I don’t want to view him as a chump simply worried about what the masses think of him just to suit themselves. There are all kinds of philosophical attacks on Barack because some members of Congress constituencies do not want Barack in office. It’s as simple as that. Is it all racism? Is every Republican racist? No, but when you have pundits comfortably calling President Obama a racist, that speaks to the base.

Question: What is racism? When does racism happen? Do you understand how racism affects us all?

Are minorities truly able to be racist even though they really don’t yield any power?

How many times did you hear the word Latina during the Sotomayor confirmation hearings? Was that really necessary?

Why do major outlets report racist claims or incidents but all the sudden have a selective opinion? Its not enough to just report the news. There must be more done on all fronts. Like I tell my children all the time, the good are separated from the great simply by the risks they take.

Speak up! There is no need to fear President Obama just because he’s Black. If you believe this, you must pull up a chair and enter the real world.

It’s time to become great and leave hate where it belongs…in the past.

11 Responses to “Fear of a Black President”

  1. Temple3 says:

    Isn’t that 43% Republican number actually DOWN from the percentage that McCain pulled in the general election? McCain pulled 45.7% of the vote in the national election.

    The Republicans are playing mind games with smoke and mirrors.

    Eye on the Prize.

  2. Temple3 says:

    Why does White America constantly need to be stroked at the expense of others? Do you really think it’s all about you?

    Rhetorical questions shall make you free.

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  4. […] vigor. Barack Obama?s election to the most powerful position on the planet was sui generis." Fear of a Black President | The Starting Five Im not going to argue about the article, I just think its a great read…so feel free to […]

  5. Miranda says:

    Its the Liberals/progressives/Dems that are making my azz itch right now. I’m sick of them. I’m used to the neo-con/right wing ignorance. Those numbnuts are just touched in the head and quite frankly, aren’t worth engaging unless its with a weapon..and i dont mean weapons of words. But its the supposed allies that are the real enemies and that deserve the side eye. Its not like we didn’t know this either, so lets not act surprised.

  6. Eric Daniels says:

    If Barack Obama can’t stand up and admit that there is racial terrorism amongst some cops in Black neighborhoods is willing to back down from a non- racial comment he made then conversatives who have wrote books and enacted polices enforcing race- based policing and harassment in many cities have won this debate, Obama is willing to have a beer to mollify the police unions . It is weakness and is just a continutation of the “Racial Cold War Politics” since 1968 and it’s time African- Americans engaged this culture war instead of being passive observers for the last 40 years. Obama’s election has not ended the white conservative racial assualt and I doubt it ever will.

    You can not build bridges on a right or wrong issue like Obama is trying to do especailly when it impacts 38 million people.

  7. em2wice says:

    Damn. Mizzo; you knocked this one outta the park. Outstanding.

  8. sankofa says:

    “…What is racism? When does racism happen? Do you understand how racism affects us all?”


    The concept of race and the isms around it is a patented ruse to obscure the true actions of those with the entrenched belief that they have divine right to organize the planet to the specifics they feel. The philosophy of White Supremacy precludes an non “whites” in North America from acting more than haters based on another’s melanin content, looks, economics, education or what not.

    Based on the fact that those who can truly affect people through generations, over the nine areas of people activates (Education-Entertainment-Economics-Politics-War-Sex-Religeion-Labour and Law) that govern their daily movements and thoughts, address themselves as “white”, the question above does a disservice to others who can get lumped into a “racist” bag.

    The ill of America Inc., start and ends with Caucasians in power and that not in power. Because it is through the prism of “whiteness” that everything is judged and if everything that is judged is judged as competition, dangerous or untrustworthy, how can African people ever hope to break through that wall via dialogue? One doesn’t dialogue through base fear and distrust, through social conditioning, from position of powerlessness.

    Obama is a games player who has now truly found out he is in a dangerous game up to his forehead. The only right thing to do is to abdicate his tin foil throne, but the enticement of being POTUS hypnotized him to thinking that he can make change through appeasements and feel good beer parties.

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