Thursday Morning Starting Five: The Can I Have a Beer Mr. President Edition

Today is the Beer Summit that hopefully will help propagate a much needed discussion on race. Every single day there is a new search with the word nigger attached to Skip Gates. It’s ridiculous but It seems all the hype attitudes throughout this have been silenced with olive branch extended. I wish a president would have had a beer with any of our political prisoners improperly jailed (Mumia, Assata, Peltier to name a few. There’s still time Barack!). How about they cat around the corner who helps you out when you car breaks down? The nurse. The coach. The teacher. The lawyer. The mentor. The doctor. Mom. Pop. Son. Daughter. Sister. Brother. Friend. So many people who will never get this shot. Sigh or le sigh like my peoples says.

Lawyer: Ex-wife won’t seek custody of Jackson’s children. I think it’s best for all if she has visitation. Psychologically the kids will be better for it despite her past demands. She’s their Mother and deserves a shot to redeem herself. (CNN)

The other side of Michael Vick as told by Tony Dungy. (All Pro Dad)

Breaking: David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez tested positive for steroids in 2003. I want my Yankee title back. Sike (New York Times)

Worcester family relieved to hear of baby’s discovery. Horrific. (

Nas, his baby’s Mama and Birthgate. Get it girl! (Sable Verity)

Seems like Sable is having problems with racists searches as well. Look for her very deep interview next week. (Sable Verity)

Congress urges Presidential pardon for Jack Johnson. About time. Too bad he’s dead! (AP)

Black workers say drinking fountains, bathrooms segregated at city facility. Man…(

Glen Beck defends his comments that President Obama is racist. Dumbass. (NY Daily News)

Phillies make a power move and trade for Cliff Lee. (

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3 Responses to “Thursday Morning Starting Five: The Can I Have a Beer Mr. President Edition”

  1. Miranda says:

    So my money is on the press release of Vick’s signing with a new team being at about 4:45pm tomorrow.

    Oh…it looks like ESPN’s mission has been accomplished:

  2. sankofa says:

    “..She’s their Mother and deserves a shot to redeem herself.”

    Sorry Mizzo, she was just a rented womb, the true identity of the egg—an some say the sperm— is under wraps.

  3. HarveyDent says:

    Hmmm…ten most hated in sports? Six Black men, two Latinos, and two white guys, one of which who’s been retired from the top of his sports for almost twenty years. Good to know the Black guys are hated for the content of their character and not the color of their skins, right?