Friday Fire: If You Could Be Anywhere At Anytime In History, Where Would That Be?

Not gonna beat you all up with a serious question this week, so bear with me. As the deadline for my first book approaches, another one is being formed. I’m co-authoring a fantasy with another writer set in D.C. that should be really hot. I don’t really want to say more until the story is further developed, but on that same vein I’m thinking this question should be a travel through history. If I could be anywhere through time, there would be many possibilities: Of course I would want to be a 10 frames faster than all the assassinations, to see what happened to the dinosaurs, the day Rube Foster chose to fold the Negro Leagues, Wilt’s dime, Gary Anderson’s 1998 NFC Championship miss, Kevin Dyson’s one yard stretch and Webb’s timeout amongst other sports moments that affected me. Pac’s, B.I.G.’s, Scott LaRock’s, Aaliyah’s, Len Bias’, Reggie Lewis’ and Hank Gathers’…hell practically everyone who passed day before their last collective day including Mike, Phyllis Hyman and of course my Mother.

One of the most intriguing topics was the reign of the African Kings and Hannibal of Carthage always comes to mind. Remember when EBONY had the African Kings poster inside? That’s where Hannibal initially intrigued me. I would have loved to fight along side of him. Would have loved to been a part of that time and so many others. I could go on and on of course, but what say you?

5 Responses to “Friday Fire: If You Could Be Anywhere At Anytime In History, Where Would That Be?”

  1. On the other end of any phone call involving George W. Bush on September 10, 2001.

    I’ll be back with a few more.

  2. Okori says:

    Front-row seat for Misawa-Kawada 6-3-1994.

    Pounding out squats in gold’s gym in venice alongside Arnold, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu, and Tom Platz.

  3. Temple3 says:

    I’ve gotta roll with the here and now.

    More on Hannibal later.

  4. Jerold Wells Jr. says:

    I’d say on a flight with the Tuskeegee Airmen, at the Hotel in Memphis with Dr. King, and most def with Malcolm X the day before his last speech. We need brother Malcolm today, badly.

  5. Eric Daniels says:

    Playing Bass & rhythm guitar with P-Funk during the Mothership Connection tour 1976 with Glenn Goines, Garry Shider and George Clinton

    And in 1983 as a sophmore in high school being able to go to the 1999 “Triple Threat Tour” with Prince and the Revolution, The Time and Vanity 6 (I had a Track Meet that day) before Prince “crossed over” and it was still a “black rock thing”,