Tuesday Morning Starting Five: The R.I.P. Baatin Edition

Chris Webber Part IV later today or early tomorrow. This happened over the weekend. Posting it now because of no Monday links.

News on Twitter spreads fast and I think it was Dwele who broke the passing of Baatin on the social network. There was great tribute and respect given after the news struck. I immediately was upset because Slum Village was one of my favorite Hip Hop acts. Grown folk smooth, hardcore rough I used to say about the group because nothing was off limits lyrically and the beats were always Dilla tight. Yeah, anything else just won’t do. I dig that smooth stuff because life is tough enough. When it’s time to chill, I want it easy. Music is peace to me in this particular form. Slum Village speaks to my mind. I could bang Dilla every minute of the day and not listen to anything else.

After having some problems being in and out of the group, Baatin was back and appears on the group’s upcoming September 22 release. Cats like this will never be replaced, but I hope Hip Hop understands the quest for original creativity must always continue. There’s a lot of death going on. I don’t know…

RIP Baatin. The D takes another hit. Give Dilla a hug for us brothaman.

Jeremy Maclin signs 5 year deal. The Eagles needed him to sign now. Good job. Go to work Donovan, go to work. Stewart Bradley’s injury is included in the piece as well. (Philly.com)

Why the NABJ is needed. (TBO)

The importance of Black Lit. (The Ivy Horsemen)

The mentally ill struggle post Katrina. (Washington Times)

The Newspaper-Web War. Ever get the feeling this battle was fought before? (Slate)

Videos are explicit (language).

The Look of Love…

Marvelous…a Black Milk production


Fall in Love

Thelonious of Like Water for Chocolate


Raise it up for Baatin!!

Cloud 9…off the new joint. Really feeling Marsha Ambrosius here. She’s perfect for this track.

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