Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Is Hank Aaron Right Edition

Posted in Blogroll on August 5th, 2009 by Michael Tillery

Publish the names of all major-league baseball players who tested positive for steroids and let Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame? Huh? Hank you are being exploited bruh. (NOLA)

Eli Manning signs richest current NFL contract 7yrs./107 million. Damn…is he worth that?

John McCain Says No To Sonia Sotomayor-What is the GOP Thinking? (Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner)

Man turns lights off and fires 50 rounds into a gym outside Pittsburgh, killing 3 and then himself. All within a minute. He kept a journal/blog for a year that included his date of birth and also his date of death. Ominous. (CNN)

Man who shot Vernon Forrest to death turns self in, is arrested. (CNN)

USPS may close hundreds of post offices. Glad I got outta there. Good luck people. (Atlanta Biz Journal)

The very beautiful Naomi Sims, the first Black supermodel, died over the weekend. She was 61. (The Root)

Underground and On the Roof: DC’s New Cultural Spirit. (Ebony/Jet)

Black Water’s founder, Erik Prince, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company. (The Nation)

My Pop used to bang this and it’s always stuck with me. Thanks Pop.

Michael Vick and the Saga of Confusion

Posted in Blogroll on August 5th, 2009 by ltma

Guess spot by ltma of leavethemanalone.

The Michael Vick saga has been bogged by confusion.

Vick was confused and thought it was okay to fight dogs.  Then felt it was acceptable to lie to his employer and fans about it…unsure of how to betray his so-called friends the same way they betrayed him.  Then, he still wasn’t clear that he needed a competent and aggressive legal strategy if he had any hope of beating the federal charges facing him.

But Michael Vick was bogged down in confusion.  Hence his plight.

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