Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Is Hank Aaron Right Edition

Publish the names of all major-league baseball players who tested positive for steroids and let Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame? Huh? Hank you are being exploited bruh. (NOLA)

Eli Manning signs richest current NFL contract 7yrs./107 million. Damn…is he worth that?

John McCain Says No To Sonia Sotomayor-What is the GOP Thinking? (Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner)

Man turns lights off and fires 50 rounds into a gym outside Pittsburgh, killing 3 and then himself. All within a minute. He kept a journal/blog for a year that included his date of birth and also his date of death. Ominous. (CNN)

Man who shot Vernon Forrest to death turns self in, is arrested. (CNN)

USPS may close hundreds of post offices. Glad I got outta there. Good luck people. (Atlanta Biz Journal)

The very beautiful Naomi Sims, the first Black supermodel, died over the weekend. She was 61. (The Root)

Underground and On the Roof: DC’s New Cultural Spirit. (Ebony/Jet)

Black Water’s founder, Erik Prince, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company. (The Nation)

My Pop used to bang this and it’s always stuck with me. Thanks Pop.

17 Responses to “Wednesday Morning Starting Five: The Is Hank Aaron Right Edition”

  1. Temple3 says:


    What’s good?!?!?!!!?!?!?

    1) No doubt that Hank is wrong again. The real issue is that the persons leaking the information should be prosecuted by the courts.

    2) Eli might be worth that loot. The Giants are going to find out soon enough. They have a BUNCH of young receivers (Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, Hixon and Hakeem Nicks). It’s Eli’s team now and he is in total control. It’s all on him. No excuses. After that melt down at home in the playoffs, I have my doubts.

    3) The closure of post offices is a big deal. If you go to the post office, you’ll see that many times, the line is filled with seniors (usually women) who are conducting transactions involving money orders. They could be sending $ to incarcerated children or using M.O.’s to pay bills. The post office is a way for them to avoid fees charged by “Check Cashing” offices. Further, in locations where there are few banking options, the Post Office is really the only viable financial service provider. It’s crazy to think that so many people essentially use the P.O. as a bank, but that’s one of its most critical functions.

    4) Naomi Sims was the bomb. My grandmother used to have her stuff all over the house. I think the idea that she demonstrated Black is beautiful is an absurd dip into self-hatred, though. The world has known that for millenia. Who really thinks their mama’s ugly? It’s simply that there was a counter narrative created by insecure white folk. That’s not something that we overturn with our claims of beauty. Our beauty is self evident. She didn’t prove anything in that regard. She should, however, be celebrated for her business acumen and political savvy at keeping and cultivating relationships.

    5) Blackwater is as criminal of an institution as there is on the planet. It really needs to be reeled in. Their involvement in the rapes/murders in Iraq should have been enough to do the trick. Maybe this will do it.

  2. Jerold Wells Jr. says:

    Eli isn’t worth the loot. I mean he makes more than his brother, Brady and Donovan? How? He has won a Super Bowl though (that counts for something right?) and I think, like Temple said, this next year or two will be a litmus test. He has to make that recieving corp better. I also understand that “value” is relative to each particular team. Evidently the Giants feel he deserves that kind of bread.

    I love vibing with ya’ll because I’m constantly learning. I had NO CLUE who Naomi Sims was. My “old school” beauties consist of Lena Horne, Pam Grier and Iman. I’d probably throw Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad in there as well. Way to inform a brotha.

  3. Temple3 says:


    Any old school hotties list that doesn’t begin with Dorothy Dandridge is absolutely incomplete. When you see her, you’ll see why cats used to flip their lids on a regular. Check her out in Carmen with Belafonte.

  4. 19082008 says:

    To the subject of the Pittsburgh gym murderer, seems like he hadn’t had sex since 1990. What I’m just struck by is that although it is illegal, he could have gone out and bought some. If he had, three women wouldn’t be dead.

  5. sankofa says:


    WTF? I didn’t read that, but if that’s true it gives another view on sexual frustration. However, any excuse will do when you’re trying to justify shit! Jerold is right Eli doesn’t deserve that money. This makes me wonder about the motive behind that kind of money Plaxico? Michael Vick? Other than the SB, he was all about being a Manning in name only.

    Mizzo, we both have stories to tell about our respective post offices. For years there has been a clamour for the privatizing of this dinosaur and with the advance in e-mail, UPS and FEDX, they’ve become bloated bureaucracies and a waste of space.

    As far back as the King Albert’s Plan, the post office was designated for assignment as crowed control, so let’s see what’s up. And agencies like Black Water will be the privatized armies that will usher in the New World order outlined in the King Albert’s Plan.

  6. MODI says:

    1) Hank is absolutely right! …about his opinion that Pete Rose should be reinstated… I would also add that the journalists that defy court orders and leak the information should be prosecuted. Michael Schmidt, Selena Roberts, Fainaru-wada and Williams?: All criminals.

    2) Eli ain’t worth it and should give half his paycheck to David Tyree… or at least the agent minimum of 4%…

  7. MODI says:

    Damn, that Black Water story is huge. Just huge.

  8. He’s in the top 3 in base salary among players, but not even in the top 10 at his position IMO. He can credit his career thus far to being bailed out by some great defensive teams and a power running game. Any QB can win with that combination – ask Trent Dilfer.

  9. Temple3 says:

    I’m not an Eli hater — so I think it bears noting that the Tyree play had 2 amazing components. Manning did an incredible job to get away from the Pats pressure, stay on his feet and still strong arm a catchable ball down the field. A lot of QB’s don’t make that play. With that said, his brother probably makes that play; Ben Roethlisberger makes that play; McNabb makes that play — and a few others, but the list isn’t that long. If its Carson Palmer, it’s a sack. If it’s Brady, it’s a sack. Drew Brees probably isn’t strong enough to get away. Romo throws a pick.

    I give the kid a little credit, but I’m gonna wait to see how the drives the car.

  10. HarveyDent says:

    If Eli’s able to get that kind of loot then more power to him even though I agree with the consensus that he’s not worth it. He made a great play in the SB and is a champion so I’ll give him that respect but as I tell GMen fans everyday his team made him and not the other way around. He’s servicable and as he racks up more seasons he’ll get his experience and stats but I tell you now that Tiki, Strahan, and Plax aren’t walking through that door anytime soon and it’s all on him to take his team into the next decade. We’ll see how that shakes out.

    @MODI: I have to disagree with you about Pete Rose being allowed into the HOF for the simple fact that not only did he bet on games he actually bet on games in which the team he managed played. His position as the leader of the Reds where he could make or not make substitutions at critical points may have been influenced by his gambling. I’ll give you that gambling is a disease and that steroid users cheated also but Rose could trump anything Barry Bonds, Clemens, or McGwire could have done on the diamond by simply sitting them. That fact more than anything else that he bet on games he had a direct influence over is why I’m against Rose getting in. Put in Shoeless Joe first and formally pardon Jack Johnson before him.

    I guess the Hammer’s quiet dignity is not so quietly dignified now. I won’t say anything against Mr. Aaron but he’s wrong on this because until the owners and Selig own up to encouraging steroid use in MLB trotting out the players as sacrificial lambs will never help their sport move past this so-called scandalous error.

    I live for the day that Erik Prince and Blackwater’s board of directors are indicted in the World Court and stand trial in the Hague.

  11. HarveyDent says:

    My contribution to the links already submitted:

  12. HarveyDent says:


    Can you provide me and the fam with any links explaining the King Albert Plan. I’ve heard of it before and know the outlines of it but not the particulars. Just did a search but not getting anything off the internets.

  13. Miranda says:

    That Blackwater story is like a big budget Bruce Willis/Keifer Sutherland movie just waiting to happen. It is truly despicable what has been done in the name of “A-merry-kkka.” Blackwater is a terrorist group, nothing short of a terrorist group.

    Reason #213 why vouchers are really bullshit and the whole system is a joke:

  14. sankofa says:

    HarveyDent you’re right the shit is not anywhere to be found. I know i have some archival stuff, my wife’s being trying to get me to shred, and I have fought against for 20 years, lol!

    Give me sometime to get that information and then hit me with your address at my blog.


  15. MODI says:


    Pardon JJ, and lift ban on Shoeless and pete all in one shot for all I care. Lets have mass historical hearings!

    I won’t belabor the normal Pete Rose argument because most have had 15 years to make up their mind. But there is a second argument for people who found his actions unforgiveable — he was a MANAGER. How about inducting Pete Rose THE PLAYER. Is there any evidence that THE PLAYER gambled on his own team?

  16. HarveyDent says:

    Dammit, MODI, you cut the heart of my argument. Induct Rose, the PLAYER, but make sure Rose, the MANAGER, never sees the inside of an MLB club house again. That much I’ll give you.

    RIP Budd Shulberg. He may have named names to HUAC but he gave me one of my favorite movie scenes ever in ‘On the Waterfront’ and I always enjoyed his comments in boxing documentaries.

    RIP to John Hughes and E. Lynn Harris (late). Not huge fans of their works but respect must always be given for artistic accomplishments.

  17. HarveyDent says:


    Tried your link but nothing. Send me a PM.