Friday Fire: What Was That Date Ya Wished Ya Forgot?

What was that date you just wanna forget? It could be now or a fake blast from the past. Here’s mine…

There was this girl. She was a gorgeous girl. Church girl. Sweet girl. Very intelligent girl. Dee transferred to my high school in the middle of senior year.  I was geeked over another girl who really didn’t want anything to do with me outside of friendship and it was peace to have another pretty face to high school obsess over. She was the cousin of one of my boys (he died later that year in a military accident unfortunately. RIP Brent), so that gave me an angle to “push up” as we used to say back in the day. I can remember the dimples this girl had. My damn goodness! She was fly and had these eyes that bounced off ya mind the marvelous kind. Most cats were shook to approach, but hell, I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a shot. We talked, got cool…almost took her to my prom but already had a date…high school ended. In my yearbook will, I left her a phone. Didn’t see her at any graduation parties, so I thought I never would see her again.

I began working at the post office the next August but was still living at home with plans to get my own spot in February of ’88. One Saturday, I was in the den watching the 1987 Slam Dunk contest…specifically when Mike went Superman…baseline…hanging…damn. I would rewind that over and over. Incredible…when all the sudden, my step mom yells out, “Michael, some girl called, she said she got the phone.”

Huh? What? That’s what I remembered thinking and I called the number. Thought it was one of my friends playing a joke or some bs…So, when I called and heard that voice…

“I got the phone” sounding just that dream hampton sexy. The first thing I said was “When are we going hang out?” “How about tonight?” she said. She was up from Hampton for the weekend so that’s the reason for the urgency. I knew she wasn’t the type I was gonna get lucky with just like that, but of course I wanted to hit, I was 19. I wanted to hit everything.

Yeah…I thought I had ’em locked


She lived on Tatnall Street in Wilmington, DE. Real chill part of town…reminded me of Overbrook (Wilt) in Philly. Gave her some roses, told her I owed her dinner, met her Father who was really nice and headed to Christiana Mall for the 9:45 show. It was a Valentines Day that wasn’t a Valentines Day if you can dig it.

I’m all excited, trying to front like I’m chill. Rockin’ the Drakkar Noir and making sure I’ll Be Gentle began as soon as we got in the car.

The mack was on…or so I thought.

We’re talking about her classes and my classes. Laughing and catching up on what I thought could potentially build into something. I’ll never forget the song that was on. It was Nightmares by Dana Dane. Uh, can you say foreshadowing? The track was firmly perched on the power nine at nine on Power 99 FM with I’ll be Gentle at number one (Yeah, so we were going to hear it again. I thought I knew what I was doing fellas). We’re on the highway about 5 minutes from the mall when the car…a 1980 Chevette, my first car…began sputtering.

“What the…!”

Out of gas like a dumbass…

She cracked up. I mean really laughed. My stomach dropped.

What the hell was I thinking to have not filled up the tank on this date?

Mistake number two was asking her to look in the glove box for a flashlight.

“I guess you won’t be needing these.”

On top of the flashlight was a box of condoms.

OK, I’m really feeling like shit now. I get out the car to begin this walk…about a mile away…when a cop pulls over and asks if I need a ride. He must have felt sorry for me, because I knew I looked like a straight scrub.

I’m telling him the story and he’s cracking up…we get the gas and head back. It was a different time then, so I knew she was cool waiting in the car, thanked the cop, put the gas in the tank and all I could muster was “Wanna get something to eat?” She said yeah out of the kindness of her heart and we headed to Denny’s. We’re eating and I’m embarrassed as hell. She was such a sweet girl because she’s trying to lift my spirits. “It’ll be alright. You can still take me to that dinner you promised but I gotta new nick name for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Black Moses.”

We cracked up…loudly. Couldn’t stop laughing. I’m laughing right now thinking about it.

“So you think it was funny I had to walk huh?”

“I wanted you to walk the whole way but the cop picked you up. Plus, you deserved it after I found the condoms. You really thought you were gonna get something.”

I wanted to sink in the chair. Just melt away right through it.

“You got that. I agree.”

So after we were both done clowning me, I paid the bill, took her home, walked her to the door, gave her a hug, a kiss on the cheek and told her I would get down to Hampton to check her out.

The next time I heard from her was last year…and she was still laughing.

OK, you can stop laughing now Dee.


15 Responses to “Friday Fire: What Was That Date Ya Wished Ya Forgot?”

  1. Temple3 says:

    Drakkar Noir — ROTFLMBAO!!!

    Been there, done that!!

  2. AXG says:

    This reminds me of Pete Rock and CL Smooth type of song…good work Moses!

  3. Melzie says:

    Hilarious! I don’t think I can rival this one. The Drakkar Noir was an offense by itself…lol

  4. Mizzo says:

    Thanks everyone.

    I used to rob my Pops and try to sneak by him so he wouldn’t smell it. Once I got out of school, I bought him a bottle.

    No one has no story. I know you brothas have stories that are SUPATOUGH!

  5. Dee says:

    YOU REMEMBERED THAT CRAZY NIGHT!! Let ’em all know you were a perfect gentleman just trying to put on that “newly grown man” swagger! TOO CUTE. I totally forgot about “I’ll be gentle” playing in the car. Hilarious. Remind me to tell you one thing you forgot about a phone!

  6. Brian Atkins says:

    Great story…did you actually have a bottle of the drakar or just go to Strawbridges and get a bunch of samples like me. Still not sure if that beats my junior year taking the senior class’ salutatorian to her prom. One car accident on the way to the prom….one accident after the prom. Yea,…how was I makin’ out?!

  7. mizzo says:

    LMAO you know I thought about you right? I never forget the look on your face on Monday. I was supposed to go but my parents probably knew I’d get my ex date pregnant as sexy as she was. I couldn’t imagine going through what you did that night. Especially because I know Troy gave it to you. What was worse? These two stories or Syracuse supposed to be Temple supposed to be Penn State in the same damn Chevette?

  8. vleeflo says:


    I know the young lady in the pic from the hell date show on BET. She was totally fooled. She’s a good kid.

  9. Okori says:

    I went to my first date with my girlfriend. I had made the mistake of lifting a couple of hours before i met her. i kept going, and going, until i had to go and meet her.

    guess what I did? puked in the parking lot of a 3-star restuarant. thanx a lot.

  10. awb says:

    Hah!! Got your suit from Oaktree or Chess King too…

  11. Mizzo says:

    Z Cavaricci baby Z Cavaricci

  12. Doc says:

    Random as hell… I grew up by the washington st. bridge and worked at the Christiana Mall. I would’ve given you a ride but I was probably still on training wheels at the time. Good to hear I’m not the only one who’s played himself chasing a Delaware girl.

  13. KevDog says:

    She was cute as hell and was giving me the eye. I was in the school lunch area and eating with my friends when one of them noticed that this cute girl was looking over at me, in fact, she was giving a brother major play. This was news worthy because up until then, I had been on the fast track to nowhere in regards to women.
    Case #1- in the seventh grade, I had been in the lunch area one day when I noticed that everyone was looking at me and smirking. I was so unused to the attention that for a brief moment, I thought they were finally noticing how fucking cool I was and were amazed that they hadn’t noticed before. In point of fact, someone had placed a “Kick Me” sign on my back, and I was giving the local yokels a laugh at my considerable expense. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that I wasn’t gonna be getting’ any play any time soon after that fiasco. Case#2- Paulette McNeely, light skinned, long, curly brown hair, a body out of this world and simply cute as hell, somehow I had gotten up the nerve to ask for her phone number and damned if she didn’t say yes. Or more accurately, she said she’d give it to me after school that day. Well, 3 pm arrives and she tells me that she gave her number to a dude named Leo instead. I never got another chance with her, but I guess eventually her taste ran to celebrity comedians as she subsequently became a stewardess and later had a baby by a cat named Eddie Murphy. Case#3- Just to prove the point. By 8th grade, I was smooth like butter. I had met this cute young thing on the party line and we had struck up a nice rapport on the phone. The only problem was that she lived in the serious projects in Compton. Now I lived in the ‘hood and all, but where I was, I knew everybody and I knew who to avoid and who I could trust. She lived in a place that made mine look like Bel Air and where there were serious gang bangers. But Hell, I had a chance to make a major score and I was going to be damned if a little thing like risking my life was going to stop me from doing what I did one day soon after meeting her on the phone. I ditched school casually, habitually and virtually as a matter of course, for just about any reason and at just about any provocation. For me, the idea of mandatory education was a suggestion, not a rule. So one day I hopped on the number 85 bus and made my way deep into the heart of the Compton in order to see if I could get me some. I had her address and directions but as soon as I was off the bus, I realized coming down there was a mistake. There were brothers hanging around everywhere and I was being looked down one side and up the other. I figured none of the old heads would bother with me, but I was scared to death of running into a group of guys my own age or a little older. I figured I’d be a mark for sure. I was wandering aimlessly through the neighborhood; afraid to ask for directions since I didn’t see any women or old people there when I felt a presence behind me. Sure enough it was a group of 4 young brothers, about 15 years old and clearly interested in this stranger to the neighborhood. I knew that if I ran, it would provoke a beat down and even though I thought I was a bad ass, I knew that four 15 year olds would kick my karate-loving ass. So I tried to play it cool and go on about my business. Shit didn’t work. Damn hoods quickened their pace and were up on a brother before he knew what hit him. They were jamming me up asking me where I was from, what my business there was and why the fuck didn’t I stay in my own damn part of town. I humbled up and made light of the situation, told them I was just trying to meet this girl one time and that I wouldn’t be coming around there anymore after that. This seemed to placate them and they let me go but jacked me for what little money I had with me. One of the dudes showed a little pistol but to me it looked like a damn bazooka, so I was thankful they just jacked me for the $5 I had on me and let me go on about my business. Dudes didn’t leave me with even bus money to make it back home though, so I had to make it to home girls house anyway. I walked in and told her the story and what I had gone through just to get with her and damned if she didn’t turn cold on me and make it clear that we weren’t all that. So there I was half way across the county, no bus money and dogged by this women who had damn near gotten me killed! Yeah, like I said, anything positive between girls and I was newsworthy.