Josh Hamilton Relapses – And It’s All Good!


Alcoholic/Drug abuser turned “inspirational baseball story of 2008” Josh Hamilton was spotted drunk in a bar with several women (none being his wife) last January. These photos were just released this past week. The Texas Rangers outfielder is also the father of three daughters.

Yeah, you know where I’m headed with this one.


Forgiveness (for-give-ness: noun) An act of pardon only reserved for those individuals looked upon favorably in the media and Amerikkka as a whole. Many recieve several pardons for the same offense.

A month ago, former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was murdered in his sleep by his alleged mistress. By my accounts, everyone with a soapbox and a satchel of stones piled on a man once again unable to defend himself. “How could he do this, he has a wife and four sons?, What kind of father is he?” And for all the good that Steve McNair did in his short time on earth; in the eyes of the Amerikkkan public it all amounted to something a dog leaves on the curb.

I’m not here to kick Josh Hamilton while he’s down. My father was an alcoholic the last 10-12 years of his life, so I can sympathize with his daughters. Depending on their ages, they’re embarrassed and hurt. So me stepping on their dad doesn’t help much.

Where are the hordes of venom-spewing reporters for this story? It seems that everyone had something to put on McNair’s epitaph other than what he ultimately deserved .

Is Jason Whitlock going to shuck and jive all over this story?

Speaking of the story, all has seemilngly been forgiven. At this moment,  Jim Rome in his own words is giving Hamilton a “mulligan”. I hate going to the double-standard but that is B.S.  No one gave Steve McNair a repreive – even in death he double-bogeyed.

Once again, there is little resistance from the Black media, this isn’t even that deep to grasp.

Personally, I don’t believe that this was Hamilton’s first episode, maybe the only one in which he was caught. Yeah, he fessed up and that makes him a standup guy in the eyes of the Amerikkkan public. I would like to think the photos played a big part in his confession. Why didn’t Hamilton stand up 7 months ago. But you continue to hear terms like, “He’s human, this is a disease”, – Tom Colishaw or Let’s pull for him and get behind him.” – Woody Paige

Damn, I don’t remember Darryl Strawberry getting this much during his struggle with drug addiction.

Hamilton spoke on Saturday regarding the photos: “I’m embarrassed about it. For the Rangers, I’m embarrassed about it. For my wife, my kids. It’s one of those things that just reinforces about alcohol. Unfortunately, it happened. It just reinforces to me that if I’m out there getting ready for a season and taking my focus off the most important thing in my recovery, which is my relationship with Christ, it’s amazing how those things creep back in.”

“Honestly, I hate that this happened. But it is what it is. You deal with it. I realized that, obviously, I’m not perfect, in this on-going struggle, battle, that is very real. A lot of people don’t understand how real it is.As soon as it happened, I called my support system — my wife, the Rangers, MLB and told them what had happened. I was absolutely open and honest about it.”

And I guess Amerikkka is cool with that.

49 Responses to “Josh Hamilton Relapses – And It’s All Good!”

  1. Miranda says:

    Let me see if I have the usual talking points correct:

    He’s a POS!! He clearly doesn’t appreciate the privilege of playing pro baseball!! Shouldn’t he have been at home with his wife and kids!! He’s a lying POS! All that talk about finding the Lord! He only “confessed” because of the pics!! LYING low-life arrogant POS!

    There…now mind you the vast majority of the comments I saw on Foxsports and ESPN were to school the masses on addiction and how its a “disease” and how we should be sympathetic to his plight. Funny how that works.

  2. Matthew Fudge says:

    This post writes itself, doesn’t it?

  3. Mizzo says:

    To clarify and I just spoke with Ron, this is not about the disease of addiction itself, just the way the media clamors for excuses when it’s convenient.

    Understand the distinction.

  4. des says:

    It must be nice to live in a country where one can lick whipped cream off a pair of lovely breasts, and I mean LOVELY…oh, where was I? Oh yeah, I wish I lived in that America.

  5. Origin says:

    Boy oh boy must be great to have the complexion for the protection.

    black athlete gets caught with weed he can never live it down for the rest of his career. Phelps gets busted hitting a bong and he is doing a subway commercial 4 months later.

    Black athlete gets busted with coke and he has to apologize for it for the rest of his career and life. Matt jones gets busted with 6 grams of coke and no one even speaks on it after the 1st week it happens.

    Oh and check this out I live here in Dallas and they talked for 3 freaking weeks about Josh Howard admitting to smoking weed.

    Yet Josh Hamilton an ex dope fiend is busted falling off the wagon and they barely mention it here.

    Yeap the complexion for the protection must be great.

  6. Origin says:

    Yeap Des that must be a great america.

    Yeah one where you can whip up on a cab driver for 20 cent and no one says crap.

  7. Matthew Fudge says:

    The disparity’s so obvious, you gotta laugh at it.

  8. Origin says:

    I know right Matthew.

    You got to laugh so you won’t die early from stress.

  9. Matthew Fudge says:

    And it’s not even anything against Hamilton. He did “man up” (albeit only after getting caught), but if this were Kobe, LeBron, Ortiz, Manny, T.O., A.I., Shaq, Vick etc, no way the press would be as forgiving. Skip Bayless’s head might explode on 1st and Ten the day after.

  10. Miranda says:

    I’m sorry but I’m not buying the “its an addiction” story line just by virtue of that last photo. He’s a married man, correct?? I dont give a damn about his “disease”…fuck that.

  11. Matthew Fudge says:

    Sure it is, Miranda. Get enough liquor in you, all inhibitions get thrown out the window. We’ve all been there. I’d probably forget I was married too if I had enough tequila shots.

  12. Mizzo says:

    I could say so many things after that comment brotha but hellllllll no…

    “Oh it’s different” “He wasn’t a criminal” “Those weren’t dogs, they were pillows” “He only did it one time” “He’s a stand up guy even though he used to write checks for crack” “It wasn’t during the season”

    I’m hearing a bunch of bull excuses. Disgusting.

  13. Mizzo says:

    Is that a nipple?

  14. I want to clarify that this isn’t about the addiction or even Josh Hamilton it all boils down to the “complexion for the protection” as Origin stated.

  15. And Mizzo where in the hell do you see a nipple??? Geez Man!!!

  16. Mizzo says:

    Remember the Uncola dude in Boomerang?

    That’s where that line came from but even still..

    Dude look at his lips…that’s a kiss not a lick.

  17. Yo he’s nibblin’ on that!!! I know this went to an F5 real quick.

  18. Okori says:

    I honestly think that this is just the first incident TO BE REPORTED. would i be surprised if within 3 months we heard that this liar was gettign drunk every other week? No.

  19. MODI says:

    way to lay it out mizzo. I also thought of Mcnair instantly. The Sports Reporters had nothing to say this time around. not even a parting shot from Mitch Albom.

    And let’s be clear, Hamilton gets no points for “manning up”. there were freakin PICTURES…

    And I’m with miranda here. Sobriety and infidelity are not one and the same. many addicts fall of the wagon without sucking on nipples in public venues while smiling for cameras afterwards.

    Did you see all the supportive comments in Cowlishaw’s column. Where have these people been?

    This is all bullshit. but like you sat Miz, it’s about media, not Josh — who i wish the best.

    this IS disgusting

  20. Matthew Fudge says:

    F5?? Gotta remember that one.


  21. Matthew Fudge says:

    At least if it did go that far, he has the perfect out, since he already said he doesn’t remember everything that happened.

  22. Mizzo says:

    This was not my piece Modi. Ron Glover wrote this and I agree 100%.

  23. Temple3 says:


    For the record, that’s not a kiss — that’s a pursed lip slurp. In fact, I can hear the sound of it right now, followed by a quick little giggle from the “slurpee.”

    Just thought I’d clear that up.

  24. des says:


    It’s a nipple, ’cause I’m drooling 🙂

  25. awb says:

    Wow. These cats are unbelievable. And he must’ve been drunk because as we all know the first thing to go when you are intoxicated by alchohol is your judgment. And he was clearly displaying poor judgment by letting somebody take pictures.

    I too am waiting for the condemnation that dogged McNair after his murder. Where the hell is Shitlock now? Fat mother******.

  26. 19082008 says:

    When I heard of Hamilton’s relapse, I though, “TSF will be on it,” so I was pleased to see this. I also don’t have ill will toward Hamilton or his fam. But the heartstring-tugging was out in force; apparently the missus did a blog begging forgiveness towards her husband. And some callers to Myers & Hartman (a FSR show that normally irritates me) pointed out that one reason why Hamilton could be getting the sympathy edit is that he wrapped himself in religion.

  27. michelle says:

    If he was a brother. The media would be talking all kinds of trash.

  28. I would hate to see photos of Hamilton once he gets the “Montana” in his system

  29. Matthew Fudge says:

    I have no idea what the “Montana” is. LOL

  30. Matthew Fudge says:

    AWB – hear those crickets? That means Whitlock won’t have anything to say.

  31. Christine says:

    After viewing these photos I can only hope that his children never see them. I fear for how that will shape their young minds of how a committed relationship should be. Alcoholism is not an excuse for infidelity. Being a resident of DFW myself I expected the commentators to mention something during the game Saturday afternoon….but of course not! His “relapse” was not mentioned once during the entire broadcast. Very disturbing….makes you think twice about saying “I do”. I’m not saying that all men would make the same choice that he did if they were in the same position. What about the women in the pictures? Men usually only cheat because there are women out there willing to give it up.

  32. Mattt: Slang term for cocaine. (Tony Montana-Scarface)

    Great point Christine!

  33. rhoda says:

    …this looks like your typical night at any bar. The drunkin sluts just found a Pro to get their hands on. They will get your old man in their clutches if hes got the tab. Its just amazing how a pair of fake boobs and a few shots of tequila can get a good man in so much trouble. Im sure many yall been there. Tell the sluts to buy their own drinks and suck on themselves!

  34. Just glad the NFL season is here so we can get down to business discussing sports.

    The prelude to the NFL season

  35. Mikey C says:

    This article is right on regarding the media giving whites a free pass, while at the same time overly scrutinizing blacks. Steve McNair was a victim of domestic violence, plain and simple. Yet all the media focuses on is that he was with some non-black chick who was not his wife, implying that he is a piece of shit and deserved what he got. Also, the media brings up the fact that he had a BAC level that exceeded the legal limit, which is irrelevant because he was not behind the wheel of a car.

  36. White Guy says:

    What is your opinion of why the black media didn’t react?
    Because their boss is white? That’s my assumption. Plus I think some of the sting goes away because it’s August, and that was January.
    I’m unbiased on this even though I’m white I in the group of people that don’t give a shit. Whatever you think these guys do it’s much worse. They are rich people with lots o time. My only cliche of the day is to try and walk in the other person’s shoes before you judge.

  37. dirk larson says:

    Why are there no other people in this bar? And why are there no pictures of him with a drink in his hand?

  38. lalala says:

    ok it has nothing to do with color. i swear some people feel so victimized because of shi* that happened a long @$$ time ago. it has nothing to do with race. and that “amerikkka” sh*t is stupid. yeah he fuck*d up and people arent making a big deal of it because that stuff happens. and i for one think it IS bs how vick is used as an example and punished more than anyone else would be because he is an athlete…not because he is black. and not many people were downtalking him the way u guys are downtalking hamilton. yeah he fuc*ed up..BAD. but sh*t happens. he is human. so this has nothing to do with his skin color. thats just stupid. oh and before you accuse me of being racist or whatever. im not even white. but im also not an ignorant POS

  39. Matthew Fudge says:

    Because the black media collectively don’t have the stones to call bs on the double standard.

  40. not the one says:

    Never saw a drink in his hands maybe hes just horny. Let it go. If its just a tit then you must acquit.

  41. gus says:

    I don’t think it’s so much about the fact that THE MEDIA wants to give white folks a break & crucify the black folk. I think the major media wants to sell the story that America or “Amerikkka” (whatever you wanna call it) is going to eat up. So they go with what sells, unfortunately most of the time white america can identify with the white athlete & then want to forgive & pull for the person. With a black athlete they don’t so readily identify w/ them & they can only see the badness of their most recent deeds. It seems to be a street that runs both ways though. Even here, some of the posts… it seems as though some people are upset about the way McNair was treated by the media & feel he should have gotten better, but at the same time would love to see Hamilton recieve as much or worse. Their definitely does seem to be a pattern & if you think skin color doesn’t play a role then you’re just not paying attention. We still have a long way to go.

  42. Deuce says:

    Thanks for the discussion. Thought it odd that I was able to find only a few articles of white athletes who had been in trouble for one reason or another and were given a pass. Plenty of articles exist where non-white athletes are concerned. I’ll be sure to bring up some of the the names mentioned to see what responses I get. The great Brett Favre was hooked on booze and pills and had to be forced, by the NFL, to seek help. The story became one of inspiration after capturing the SuperBowl… Will Michael Vick be treated the same??? He’s in a position to teach a valuable lesson to young people on the dangers of following the crowd, as well as, shed light on something (dog fighting) that has been going on in our communities (black or white) for ages.

  43. Relapse is part of recovery. Leave this poor man alone. Do any of you know how hard it is to turn your life around from shooting dope, to winning the home run derby? No one i bet. Not one. This man did it. He escaped the claws of heroin! Im in recovery myself and when you see the entire world partying on friday and saturday nights and you’re in recovery its very hard to stay home every single night. You all have to understand heroin addiction. It takes over every part of your life. If he was shooting dope again i would agree with all the negative posts. But he went out and got drunk. As long as he got right back into recovery its fine. Don’t be a hater. You’re the man josh, you’re the fkin man!

  44. thebrotherreport says:

    I’m not coming after Josh Hamilton in this piece. If you read it well enough you would see that I talk about some issues that I dealt with as my father struggled with alcoholism. No I don’t know of his struggle, all I can do is sympathize.

    My beef was with the media that “cures” these people of their addictions by wriiting these feel good stories and gives the subject a feeling of having conquered their ailment until they relapse and the same media that pushed that person has to deconstruct what they’ve built up.

  45. The Man says:

    Fuck You Nigger…..That’s all!

  46. GetALife says:

    Race Race Race… get a fucking life. Did Hamilton fuck up? Yep. Is he white. GASP! Yep. Big fucking deal. Did OJ fuck up? Vick? Tiger? White, black, green, orange. Doesn’t matter. Get a fucking life.

  47. Ron Glover says:

    Tell that to the mainstream media that overkills everything a Black Athlete does. That’s who I’m calling out!

  48. sf fan says:

    If this is not about hamilton ….. it should be…
    This guy is a real POS ! He does the things he does and then calls out the SF fans for smoking a little weed ….Wow what an nothing human being !!!

  49. N8thegr8 says:

    Really because after the Rangers won the Al Championship he didn’t even get to enjoy the champagne because he didn’t want to risk getting back into old habits he had ginger ale! What a bad person and a awful drunk he is!