Wednesday’s Starting Five: The Moral Fiber Edition

When will so-called committed husbands and fathers like Josh Hamilton and Rick Pitino (pictured above) come to the realization that alcohol, women and a night on the town are an unhealthy mix.

Louisville Cardinals basketball coach  Rick Pitino (married, father of five) has admitted to police that he had consensual sex with Karen Cunagin-Sypher in August of 2003 amid allegations that Pitino had raped Cunagin-Sypher on two separate occasions.

Police records obtained by the Courier-Journal show that Pitino said he had sex with the then Karen Cunagin at a Louisville restaurant where he had been drinking on Aug. 1, 2003. He denied Cunagin Sypher’s allegations that he raped her at the restaurant and then again later at a different location.

Cunagin-Sypher was federally charged in April with attempted extortion by demanding cars, tuition for her children and finally $10 million.

It gets worse.

Pitino would later admit to giving Cunagin-Sypher $3,000 for an abortion. Sypher allegedly told Pitino that she had no medical insurance and could not afford the procedure.

I wonder if Rick called his wife and the University of Louisville as soon as reality set in?

As if the story could afford another twist, one surfaces. Karen Cunagin Sypher would marry Louisville strength coach Tim Sypher six months after her initial encounter with Pitino.

Aside from the fact that Pitino is a married man with a family, he has been entrusted with molding the lives of dozens of young men. Not only by the University of Louisville, but by their families as well.

Rick, if you’re viewed as a leader of men – where are you leading these young men?

In other news: Amidst news of a imminent signing. Michael Vick will appear on 60 Minutes this Sunday night. This will be Vick’s first interview since his release from prison. (I wish Ed Bradley were around for this one)

12 Responses to “Wednesday’s Starting Five: The Moral Fiber Edition”

  1. Temple3 says:

    I think Pitino is going to get more of a pass from the MSM as well. This story initially broke way back in April and there was no digging at the time. The situational ethics of our enemies is ALWAYS on display.

    By the way:
    “imminent signing”?
    “preeminent player”?

  2. Miranda says:

    I forget who (it was here or on SOMM) – but someone had a pic of the woman’s son holding up a sign about a “forced abortion” or something to that effect, and there was really no questioning of what that was all about….now we know. Heh….Rick “P.I.M.P.” Pitino.

  3. Miranda, was this at a game?

  4. Miranda says:

    No TBR, the guy was holding it in the front of a state building or capital steps or something like that. I remember the poster’s message had nothing to do with whatever the OTHER people around were protesting, and that was the gist of the story where I saw the pic…the story was questioning exactly what was the poster about. I think it may have had Pitino’s name on it (the poster). Now that I think of it, it may have been a pro-life or pro-choice rally.

  5. Miranda says:

    Yep TBR…that was back in MAY, and not a peep outta espn, si, foxsports…everybody kinda ignored it except a few random sites.

  6. Miranda says:

    Oh….now I see it was a pro-SYPHER rally…damn!!

  7. Once again Pitino is being painted as the victim. Tony Kornheiser is going on about “Everybody falls”.

    He’s right everyone does fall, but many are kicked and stomped before they’re helped back to their feet.

    Pitino, a married man went out drank had UNPROTECTED SEX with a complete stranger and financed an abortion. There is no way he should be coaching anywhere this fall.

  8. TC says:

    ….and he was a complete failure as the Celtics coach. Some people are just born lucky.

  9. Ctrenta says:

    Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when Louisville and Kentucky face off this year? Pitino vs. Calipari. Who’s going to get the worst of it from fans?