“Would you give up…or try again…”

Aaliyah – Try Again

When people have trouble in their lives it usually isn’t a big deal unless it hits close to home. However when negative things happen to professional athletes and celebrities, everyone usually pays close attention, and more often than not…they cast some type of judgment.

Walk a mile in his shoes

Michael Beasley checked into a Houston rehab hospital this weekend for unspecified reasons. His twitter page had an ominous post on Friday…but before I try to make sense of this, I’d just like to say that money isn’t everything. When I was a kid, I used to day dream about being rich and not having any problems in the world…nowadays I realize that finances are necessary, but they do not make me who I am, nor do they bring happiness.

I think Beasley, as talented as he is, and as financially stable he may be, it’s his psyche and overall well being that matters most. When I interviewed him during the season last year, I walked away with a feeling that he may be overwhelmed with the rigors of playing in the NBA.

What have you learned thus far being a rookie in this league?

“The league ain’t no joke! I can tell you that…I mean, in high school and college you have your star players, and then you have players that shouldn’t necessarily be on the court. Not in the NBA…you have your star players, and players that you think shouldn’t be on the court, until you guard them man…and they are just as good as the star player you know? The league ain’t no joke, you have to bring it everyday! I’m learning a lot about myself…on the defensive side, on the offensive side, but it’s more so off the court.”

I want people to understand that athletes are people too, so instead of pointing a finger to Beasley, perhaps we should make sure we have everything in order, and not throw stones from our glass houses.

2 Responses to “Emergency”

  1. HarveyDent says:

    My prayers for the young man and his family. Hopefully his stay in rehab for whatever he’s dealing with will be a positive thing for him and give him a springboard for the rest of his life.

    Forget the NBA, just work on being the best Michael Beasley and if the Lig is not there then do something else constructive with his life.

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