Lookin’ For A Fight?

I never knew that Philadelphia was such a righteous city. Sports talk radio is the barometer on many issues. This became more evident as the Philadelphia Eagles signing of Michael Vick began to sink in.

I’ve started this piece about six times because I’m still ticked off by what I’ve been hearing by the vast majority of callers since Michael Vick was signed. It’s always been the case whether the topic was Charles Barkley, Randall Cunningham, Allen Iverson or Donovan McNabb. You know the guy, Frank from Fishtown – cut from the varsity team for Jaheem from Germantown. Now he has an axe to grind for any brutha with a hint of game.

And Lord forbid if he gets into any kind of trouble.

Now the signing of Michael Vick and animal rights dominates the airwaves and once again the majority of white callers have called in foaming at the mouth, many denouncing the Eagles franchise saying that they will forfeit season tickets etc. You know the typical temper tantrum. For all of the callers that claimed to wave the banner of an abused animal, only a few saw their cause worthy enough to protest at Vick’s first practice on last Saturday.

I wonder if the venom will still be flying amidst the confetti in February if the Eagles won it all. (See Ray Lewis)

It all got me to thinking, were these callers genuinely concerned about animal cruelty or calling to build upon their favorite platform. But I’m not going there – too easy.

We know it’s deeper than dog fighting, it’s deeper than animal cruelty. Example: Have you heard Rick Pitino or Josh Hamilton’s name lately?

Call it the Veiled Sin Approach – Individuals who pass judgment on others because their transgressions remain hidden and unknown to most.

I can go on all day about the contradictions and hypocrisies that I’ve heard – it’s dizzying, at the same time disgusting. Instead, I’ll go to my main sticking points.

1. PETA – A month from now hunting season begins in the state of Pennsylvania, and many are going to go out and hunt deer, elk, bear, and who knows what else for sport – not for food, not for clothing, just for the hell of it. Many of these individuals will have the heads of animals placed in their homes or even have the animal stuffed. Not for food or clothing – for sport. A word for those at PETA: If you want to impress someone, don’t protest outside some fur shop on Fifth Ave or outside some stadium. Try telling a 250lb. man toting a 12-gauge that he can’t go after that 16-point buck he’s been dreaming about more than his wife, then get back to me.

2.Those of the belief that Vick shouldn’t be allowed to earn a living in the NFL? The only financial entity Michael Vick harmed was himself. The NFL and the Atlanta Falcons did pretty well financially last season. Vick on the other hand cost himself millions that he can never make back, (I would cry every night in prison too if I blew that amount of money) Lest we forget paying a mental, physical and psychological debt that none of us can never imagine. Make it through Leavenworth Prison and you deserve a second chance at damn near anything. I guess people are bothered by the fact that he walks back into a gig earning $1.5 million in the NFL. Many see this as a privilege forfeited by his actions, at the same time Vick has earned the right to earn a living – his way of making a buck just happens to come from throwing a pigskin. Get over it.

3. Animal Rights vs. Human Rights. If the family of Mario Reyes had raised hell about Donte Stallworth receiving a 24-day prison sentence for DUI manslaughter I would have no qualms about it because of the human element – a husband, father and grandfather was lost. I won’t get too deep into the abortion issue but RIck Pitino did finance an abortion to hide the fact that he was cheating on his wife. Did any animal rights group question or protest the use of German shepherds as instruments of violence on Blacks and others during otherwise peaceful demonstrations during the Civil Rights Movement.

When animal rights groups come along and try to strong arm organizations, I have a problem with that. So what if no one signed Vick? Would PETA and others still protest or demand a partnership with teams across the NFL? Not a chance. They would be in hiding until something like this happened again. Try fighting for domestic abuse, child abuse, elderly abuse and spousal abuse among many others.

The voices that are really crying out cannot be heard over your senseless barking.

12 Responses to “Lookin’ For A Fight?”

  1. Temple3 says:

    I don’t believe “Talk Radio” is an accurate barometer for anything except the people who listen to certain stations. If it were accurate, Obama would never have been elected. Sotomayor would never have been confirmed and Vick wouldn’t be in the midst of preparing to start a game on Thursday evening.

    Talk Radio represents an archaic, nearly-fossilized cadre of underachieving white folks who long for the days of Jim Crow where their particular brand of mediocrity was rewarded. Times have changed. Getting cut from the high school football was just a prelude to getting outsourced and downsized. The callers and listeners are merely the most outraged relics of an age gone by.

    Give them no more credit than they deserve. They no longer control national politics in America. They don’t dominate politics in the South. They’re not the primary consumer for many, many, many American firms. They’re not the first hire (even if they are the last fire). They’ve lost a buying power and real wealth because they continue to vote against their economic interests — and they’ve been unable to truly protect their progeny from the challenges of the 21st century. In fact, they led their babies right to the ‘burbs and the last bastion of American mediocrity.

    Everyone knows they’re done…that’s why they’re so, so, so pissed off.

    Michael Vick is going to do just fine — and there isn’t a thing any of these impotent bastards can do — other than pick up the phone and bitch and moan to thousands of other equally impotent men. What are YOU worried about?

  2. Temple3 says:

    BTW, I really like the “Veiled Sin Approach.” If I borrow it, I’ll be SURE to give you props!!!!

  3. Temple – I was using that in sports only. Trust me no more credit than that.

    Happy to share, thought of you when I named it. 🙂

  4. Miranda says:

    Hey TBR, I just heard this, a friend emailed me the link:


  5. Temple3 says:

    Try telling a 250lb. man toting a 12-gauge that he can’t go after that 16-point buck he’s been dreaming about more than his wife, then get back to me.


  6. ronglover says:

    I appreciate what J. Mondesire is tryng to do, really. But this is the same man who came after Donovan McNabb 3 or 4 years ago questioning his Blackness because McNabb didn’t want to be labeled as a “running quarterback”.

    And besides, don’t get on the same level as these Animal Rights groups. Go a step further. But I see his point.

    In the long run MV7 will be alright.

  7. Zuri Berry says:

    A couple of Amens:

    1) PETA is the worst. I think all rational people have determined that they are not worthy of holding up the mantle for animal rights, when in fact they are so twisted in their message and cause. For the most part, PETA donors are good-loving animal people, but they’re talking heads are extremists ruining their own cause by throwing paint on people and using Vick as a poster board to extend their brand. It’s despicable.

    2) Vick should be allowed to do whatever he wants — so long as it doesn’t have to do with animals. I don’t think he’ll be hurting dogs by throwing around pigskin, but I’m sure PETA will argue somehow he is.

    Great post.

  8. michelle says:

    Here we go yall

  9. GrandNubian says:

    MV7 actually looks pretty poised out there. His first “true” pass had some zip on it. He’s 4-4 for 19 yds, which is better than what Favre did in his pre-season debut.

  10. Cian says:

    Like the article overall… but do you really think PETA doesn’t do enough? The normal slam is that they do *too* much, a tendency to go overboard. If you’re not wise to the fact that non-for-profits need to drive awareness of their causes (whatever they may be) by publicity, then I don’t know what to tell you. Would you rather the big corporations steamroll the message? You can disagree with PETA’s message (I completely feel that) but their methods are a different story.

  11. michelle says:

    He looked pretty good. No boos. Don’t Believe the hype!!!

  12. Jay says:

    Thousands are happy for Michael Vick, including me. Can someone explain why some people don’t want him to move forward, as he is taking the right steps to redeem himself and he does show contrition for what he did? Don’t folks know that when God has something for you it cannot be stopped.