Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy Passes Away at age 77.

Massachusetts Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, last surviving son of the Kennedy Family has succumbed to brain cancer, he was 77.

Kennedy, known as the “Liberal Lion” was an advocate for the poor and the working class.

He is survived by his wife Victoria Reggie Kennedy and three children, Kara Anne Kennedy, Edward Kennedy Jr. and Patrick J. Kennedy.

6 Responses to “Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy Passes Away at age 77.”

  1. Miranda says:

    His legislative accomplishments is truly amazing. There sure won’t be another to fight the good fight like that.

  2. GrandNubian says:

    RIP Teddy K.

  3. michelle says:

    He will be missed. RIP Teddy

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  5. Teddy will be missed. Great, great guy. He is missed by all.

  6. Mumbua says:

    Whatever they say, Ted Kennedy is one of the greatest sons of America and the world – a great global citizen. He worked so hard to improve the lives of the poor. When you work so hard for the poor in a thorough going capitalist world, the system will try to taint you, if they don’t kill you the way they killed your brothers. Whether you hired a brothel or not, I don’t care as long as the brothel had adults who were willing participants. Who casts the first stone? Who is not a hothead at some time in their 20s? Those who acuse you caused so many deaths all over the world: Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, in their greed for more power and wealth. And they were adults already. I’d rather anyone is “brothel happy” than “trigger happy”. The Kennedys: you rock and I love you all.