Week 5 NFL Recap

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Before I get to it, I have to say what needs to be said:

Coach Mike Zimmer she will be missed. Show us your heart sir. Bare your soul and NFL kids will fall into the role your courageous example has highlighted in this time of tremendous difficulty. We know why you coached yesterday and here you will not be judged. Dream of her in happiness and your love for her will be remembered not only by those who have surrounded you with loyal mercy, but by those with misty eyes watching your locker room clip for years to come. Our minds cry for you. Mourn her and trust you will vividly see with her eyes in your continued life walk of personal choice. RIP Vicky Zimmer.

Let’s get it!

There were some blow outs, Ray Lewis super speed knocks, Hasselbacks [sic] and Triple 5 Soul sightings around the NFL Sunday. The good are beginning to be separated from the this season great so watch out and surely don’t doubt your city’s team as the NFL begins to flex. There’s no turning back and flip flopping from squad to squad will get you clowned around here. Get your allegiances straight or go over there somewhere and pick up the pink pom poms. It’s man time in the NFL baby.

Denver Broncos 20, New England Patriots 17 in Overtime

Are we seeing the demise of the once great Patriots or is New England just settling into what will be another precision championship run?

I say this because when cameras cut to offensive lineman Matt Light being helped into the locker room, the end seems near. When R Moss only catches two balls…one an interception before the first half gun…and Brady looks mortal, what should we think? Yes McDaniel was Brady’s position coach, but one can’t help to somehow wonder what the future holds for the Pats. Something doesn’t seem right and yet, it still is early.

McDaniel’s beats his teacher in a game he will never forget. Signature win.

Brandon Marshall has used his tumultuous off season as a springboard to show the world what type of off the charts talent he is. He’s scored the winning touchdown in dramatic fashion for the second straight week…running over jokers clowning in his way as if he is the would be tackler. Dude is sickdiculous and a joy to watch. Kyle Orton looks like he’s back in Lafayette zinging lasers all around the Big Ten again. Cutler who? Brian Dawkins has added something in Denver that cannot be measured by any of us. Again it’s early, but the Broncos look as Super as anyone.

Philadelphia Eagles 33, Tampa Bay Bucs 14

I remember speaking with Donovan a couple of years ago at his charity softball game after he sustained that serious knee injury on the sideline against Tennessee and what struck was the boyish exuberance he exhibited in simply stating “I’m baaaack!”

This is the thing people. Those in and around Philly think it’s Kevin Kolb who is Donovan’s competition and nothing is further from the truth. What is fact is that with the presence of Michael Vick, McNabb is playing with a sense of urgency this Philly fan is glad to see. He was 15 for 21 and passed for 264, 3 pay dirts and looked smooth as nice doing it. Jeremy Maclin seems to have found his swag and caught some pretty balls from 5 in a nice breakout performance (McNabb’s first pass was a bomb to Maclin for a score) and might have signaled the end of Kevin Curtis starting in Philly. Leonard Weaver gives the Eagles something they sorely need. I just hope he can continue to live in the moment and smile through it as the season progresses. You all know I ride or die with Philly, but you have to admit, this team is scary. If the defense can hold great players to mortal efforts the rest of the season, oh my goodness. Andy Reid became the 34th coach to win 100 games and is also 11-0 after a bye week. Was their really any question who the man on this team is? All you clowns out there who seem to think 4 is the answer, check that mess at the door. The Eagles have to define Michael Vick’s role in the pocket to maximize his effectiveness now or the question will be asked, “What did they sign him for?”

Oh…Josh Johnson is nice. Looks like a young Aaron Brooks. Let’s hope he develops even if there is pressure to play Josh Freeman.

In other games:

Cleveland 6
Buffalo 3

Yawn…Has anyone heard from Terrell?

Pittsburgh 28
Detroit 20

Pittsburgh had to sack Culpepper like a thousand times to halt the scrappy Lions.

Dallas 26
Kansas City 20 OT

This win saved a lot of jobs down in Big D…real rap.

Minnesota 38
St. Louis 10

Who sucks more? Oakland or St. Louis?

Oakland 7
NY Giants 44

You sure about that?

Washington 17
Carolina 20

oh OH time in DC

Cincinnati 17
Baltimore 14

The Bengals look for real. Go get them Coach Zimmer. This is what happens when you keep a talent like Marvin Lewis around. Cincinnati took a risk and it seems to have paid off.

Atlanta 45
San Francisco 10

Coach Singletary gets to teach as San Fran falls back to earth.

Jacksonville 0
Seattle 41

Uh…what? Is Matt Hasselbeck that good?

Houston 21
Arizona 28

Andre Johnson will run over your Pop.

Indianapolis 31
Tennessee 9

Peyton goes 300 plus…again. Tony Dungy is the anti Larry Brown. He leaves teams in good standing when he bounces.

NY Jets

The Wolverine Braylon Edwards debuts against the Wildcat. Big career game for Mark Sanchez. How will he respond? I’m going with the Jets…24-20.

8 Responses to “Week 5 NFL Recap”

  1. Tariq says:

    Nice to have you back, Mizzo.

    Oh, and to answer your question: Oakland.

  2. HarveyDent says:

    Miz and McNabb, back behind center again. Good to have you back, bruh, because conscious sports talk has been lacking with TSF to go with SOMM.

    McNabb to Maclin looked very potent yesterday and hopefully the young wideout will get bettet. Him opposited of DeSean Jackson with Avant in the slot and Curtis and Brown coming off the bench can be scary. Also don’t forget about Celek going down the seam and Westbrook, Weaver, and McCoy coming out of the backfield. Tighten up some things on the defensive side and when they play the Gints in a few weeks it’s going to be epic.

  3. michelle says:

    Are my Niners coming back down to earth? 🙁

  4. Tariq says:

    I think the Niners are a playoff team this year, but they don’t have the talent to go deep into the playoffs. BUT Singletary is building something special. If the owners don’t screw it up and let him keep doing what he’s doing, the 49ers will be SCARY in a couple of years.

    But dang, I was surprised that Atlanta hung 35 on that defense. I guess ATL’s offense is for real.

  5. michelle says:



  6. Temple3 says:

    Welcome back, bro-ham!!

  7. Eric Daniels says:

    I am pissed, my Bucs are done and that defense of Jim Bates sucks, Raheem Morris should have never changed defenses and players so shockingly

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