The Blood of Experience

We live and die. There’s no getting around that basic law of existence. In our time on earth we attempt to create soul comfort by identifying normalcy. What is normal most likely is shaped by the blood of experience. The blood of experience should foster our spirit…until fear no longer confuses life’s process. Some make snap judgments while others vacillate over the simplest of thoughts. Some get it right. Others are so far off base their conscience chooses to run blind with the minds of other social inventors. So blind their life no longer personal outside of the natural limitations of simply going about their daily lives.

Ask yourselves what category most humans find their personal definition. With the latter in mind, is this how terra’s culture is advanced? Are we doing our youth a disservice by letting now minds of experienced red stained frustration guide us into the dark corners of this era’s horrific oblivion? Where are the searchers of strength who have their middle fingers pressed to the temples of those who live the lives of whatever local land fill makes you go “Ooh” on your way to work stuck in traffic? The stench influential molding your daily eyes into an NWA Ice Cube expression fixed until you arrive later at home expressionless…unable to express and undress what hypothetically smells in the seat in that same damn cubicle in which you now sit. The same one you’ve worked in since doc smacked you into that tearful reality some of us has abhorred so much. Is that why newborns scream, blind…because they know life will be that unkind?

I say this because in the last two months of my absence, I’ve noticed the abysmal glare before and after my mind is chock full of disgusting and ignorant subcultures of self demeaning deceit provoking images something other than their spoken words not.

Are humans really this stupid to fall prey to words written when our forefathers walked alone?

Is it all about partisan politics for the sake of job security?

Why does America blow it and blow it and blow it and blow it?

In periods of change there is opportunity to improve our collective intellect but some aren’t comfortable with how their offspring will be affected…even positively.

You suck.

What happened to simply saying “Congratulations Mr. President” for winning a Nobel Peace Prize in a day and age where the demise of the Roman Empire beckons?

This wasn’t some damn community organizer award with a ten cent pay raise.

He is American correct?

Why not be proud? This time in history is documented. The world laughs at us for criticizing Obama for an award given to him because we assume our opinion matters most. We take our ball and go home but the world is now playing with their own ball.

Barack’s demeanor does not imply criminal intent. He will be celebrated regardless of cats fraying the 1 inch cuffs on his slacks. Criticism as it is American known will be immaterial in the grand scheme of things.

Go against the grain and embrace what is right for all of us.

He wants to ensure his children live long lives of their own and most likely has the children of others in mind as well.

He speaks for all of us, not just a segment as in administrations past.

So when Barack says As sala’amu alaikum in Cairo Americans shriek? How was he supposed to greet those who are different than us with aims of changing the way they think about us?

Why do you fear personal demolition simply because our president is reaching out to the world so our military children can grow old without the psychological affects of becoming a killer strapped with an M-16?

I guess you’d rather those who hate our present past to push the button?

What, you don’t think it will happen?

Why do you hide behind a real fake notion of America’s self loving dominance despite the current condition you complain about every day living in your American homes?

It’s not just about us. That prize was given by the world because it wants to live. The world knows the fire burns the fragile string shielding us from the Apocalypse…wondering why we continue to mess with the wrong people who would give their lives just to see our dead eyes.

We should not be the face of insecurity. Every empire has fallen. Why are we hell bent on becoming the next?

You say Barack Obama hasn’t done anything as you no longer have to break your last 100 dollar bill to fill up your gas tank.


You say Barack Obama is not worthy of our admiration but just celebrated one of the most vicious navigators ever just yesterday. Do your research. Christopher Columbus cut down decidedly more than George Washington’s cherry tree.

But you continue to tell a lie to our children for the sake of supremacy?

It’s laughable clowns wearing masculine/feminine makeup stained and soiled nightgowns dog pile on the rabbit because their social survival is beginning to flat line.

Who enters your bedroom at night? The guy who wants to be Georgia Frontiere on oxy? Why do you choose not to dispel anything remotely associated with racism?

How long has Barack been POTUS?

9 months.

Dude goes to Denmark in attempts to spur our future economy and he’s slammed? I wonder what funny ass joke Dave Chapelle can come up with for that.

Why do we fight our own? Why are the parents of children criticizing teachers for commemorating the election of our nation’s first Black President with song?

We don’t celebrate presidents who owned slaves and killed at will…caring less which civilians died in the process? Who were they really protecting?

We are to be protected in time of need, not in wars we have no business being in for the sake of greed.

The world wants no more war and has made a statement. We need not to alienate their attempts to socially bring us from out of the rock we think is not there.

When is the truth a lie? When it’s seen with American eyes.

Why must we continue to be globally disrespected as our culture obscure…intentionally erected not for peace, but a youth brain matter scattered, future problem inhabited, never corrected, H1N1 infected, sins of a father’s man detected and no one seems to have the disinfectant?

We evoke images distorted and smacking of the same Barry Bonds, Jack Johnson, Serena Williams static you hold true…so evident…dramatic infatuation boundless of a realistic name…just real fake fame with absolutely no goddamn balls in the game. If the blood of experience is your personal guide, then what do you continue to hide?

Kiss Clinton’s cigar you American superstar.

12 Responses to “The Blood of Experience”

  1. AXG says:

    Great piece, and even better challenge to everyone in this nation. Very thought provoking, and inspirational.

  2. AXG says:

    I also had to comment on the “Trail of Tears” picture you used for this…man history has not been kind to a lot of people…

  3. michelle says:


  4. mizzo says:

    Thanks you two.

  5. Melzie says:

    He’s baaack! You’ve been missed, thanks for bringing the real as usual :-).

  6. Miranda says:

    EXCELLENT PIECE MIZZO!! Couldn’t agree more!

  7. sankofa says:

    Olomowole is riffing on that jazzy-soul dialectical theme of hoodo-voodoo schizophrenic visuals perpetrated by nut biting mangy curs, chasing their own tails back into the 17th century.

    Two month is a long time brother…but the pen is still sharp!

  8. ronglover says:

    Welcome back my brother.

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