Is “Art” of This Nature Ever a Good Idea?

This is in the current issue of French Vogue. I have to ask…should we view this as art or straight trash? Blackface…

4 Responses to “Is “Art” of This Nature Ever a Good Idea?”

  1. des says:

    One of the rules of advertising is to know your target audience. Who are trying to sell this to, Michelle Bachman?

  2. Eric Daniels says:

    Very ture Des who is the target audience, Fashion mags are always trying to shock like Bennenton with their Ad campaigns but that show in Australia mocking Michael Jackson was racially inapropiate and was beyond bad taste the French Vogue Ad tips the line between art and racism

  3. Temple3 says:

    Frankly, those pasty chicks look much better than usual.

  4. Miranda says:

    What really irks me is that this issue of French Vogue was a special edition about Supermodels…..and it did not have one pic, one syllable about ANY models of color…and who in their right mind wouldn’t have Naomi Campbell, one of the original supermodels, featured in a damn issue about SUPERMODELS? Hell, most people think of her name FIRST if you’re asked to name a famous model!