Friday Fire: What Was That Whuppin’ That Makes Ya Flashback Go Oooh!?

Sup folks? How ya durrin? How ya Momma durrin? Speaking of ya Momma…with all due respect…how would she have reacted knowing you set off a weather balloon and possibly could also be in it floating a mile high for three hours? Yes, we are all glad little bad ass Falcon Heene is safe and sound, but the leather belt smack and the crack from the orange Hot Wheels tracks would definitely have been in my immediate future if this went down in the Tillery household. Or, with “To Infinity and Beyond” aside, what was that whuppin’ you so remember and what did you do that bad to feel the “I brought you in this world, I’ll take you out” wrath of your very much loving parents?

4 Responses to “Friday Fire: What Was That Whuppin’ That Makes Ya Flashback Go Oooh!?”

  1. Miranda says:

    LOL….now you KNOW everybody I’ve talked to today said the same thing about lil Falcon……his ass would be DUST at this point. LOL Thank the Lord he is alright….but oh my GOD…it would be on like WHOA…..he wouldnt sit down for a week.

  2. Matthew Fudge says:

    White people are on some different stuff. LOL

    Worst butt-kickin’ my father ever gave was to my brother, actually. Our school was across the street from our house (don’t ask why I was still late to school). I saw my father walk across the playground after school looking like a combo of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Shaft and knew somebody was in trouble. After the smoke cleared, I didn’t say two words to Pops for the rest of the day. LOL But guess what? My brother and I never had to spend a night in jail. Not to say kids should get the belt EVERY time they do wrong, but some things just shouldn’t go out of style. I mean, come ON! The kid CRACKED A SMILE DURING THE PRESS CONFERENCE!! If my father was there, it’d have been smoke in the city. Trust.

  3. ronglover says:

    Too many ass whuppins too name one specifically. My mom would try her best to psyche me into believing that this was the best choice by saying, ” If I don’t beat you, the cops will.”

    In the long run it worked like a charm. Thank you, may I have another.

  4. Eric Daniels says:

    I had too many ass whippins and my moms would make the last person who got whipped get the switches so between my sister ,me and my brother would pratically try to upstage each other in that department. My worse asswhipping inolved my grandmother, I was acting a st8 up fool at school in 5th grade and told Ms. Valenti that she didn’t know crap and my Mamma lived in california and my Grandmother lived in New York and she could kiss my butt. Well Ms. Valenti did know my grandmother very, very well and called her after school little did I know I was coming off the bus relaxed and ready to eat when my mom with this sullen look at me….


    but she didn’t whip me MY GRANDMOTHER standing in the hallway behind my bedroom in her work clothes grabbed me and whipped me for what seemed about forever but only lasted about a minute,lolol that took me long enough to learn that lifelong lesson be careful about acting out in school and don’t underestimated grandmothers.Ironically we and Grandmom laughed about that until the day she died.

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