The Starting Five NFL Week Six Picks

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Ahhh. Here we go yo, here we go yo…so what’s so what’s the Scenario (I dig the remix more family)? This is the week where the bad ass teams shoot straight strato and the fake jawns dig that Flava In Ya Ear grave. Capsules for the games pivotal. Stafford and Johnson are out, Harvin plays. Who do YOU got? What you got on my wings homie? I haven’t quite figured out what is going on with the side column categories, so bear with us until the current entries are off the page. Have a great Sunday. Be Peace.

Get off me!!

Houston at Cincinnati 1:00 PM CBS Bengals 38-14 Paul Brown Stadium
Detroit at Green Bay 1:00 PM FOX Packers 23-14 Lambeau Field
Baltimore at Minnesota 1:00 PM CBS Ravens 20-17
NY Giants at New Orleans 1:00 PM FOX Giants 28-24
Cleveland at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM CBS Steelers 21-0
Heinz Field
Carolina at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM FOX Panthers 24-21
Raymond James Stadium
Kansas City at Washington 1:00 PM CBS Skins 23-20
FedEx Field
St. Louis at Jacksonville 1:00 PM FOX Jags 26-16
Jacksonville Stadium
Arizona at Seattle 4:05 PM FOX Cards 35-33
Qwest Field
Philadelphia at Oakland 4:05 PM FOX Eagles 40-10
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
Tennessee at New England 4:15 PM CBS Pats 28-17
Gillette Stadium
Buffalo at NY Jets 4:15 PM CBS Jets 14-10
Giants Stadium
Chicago at Atlanta 8:20 PM NBC Falcons 27-24
Georgia Dome
Denver at San Diego 8:30 PM ESPN Chargers 31-30
Qualcomm Stadium
·Bye: Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, San Francisco

Houston @ Cincinnati

It was very admirable of the Cincinnati front office to hold on to Marvin Lewis. This team is now loose, focused and powerful in their attack. They have mad shoulder chips and could rock shock the football world come playoff time.

Houston is a team that could be on the rise, but will the organization encourage its employees from the ground up every single day is the question. Andre Johnson is a dizzzam monster. His touchdown last week was one of the most ferocious displays of strength ever seen out of a receiver. Steve Slaton is ballin’ out and Matt Schaub has been very steady.

This is a game where we find out if the Bengals are for real or real fake. I’m going with the former.

Bengals 38, Texans 14


Baltimore @ Minnesota

Real rap? When I saw Brett Favre throw that sickdiculous back of the end zone pass to the Philly cast aside Greg Lewis, I had Christmas eyes like a little kid. What a pass. Dude still has some magic left and it will be intriguing to see if he can really pull this off. What do you think? Is he the missing Minny Nice piece or not? Adrian Peterson is second in the league in rushing, but today he goes up against Ray Ray and the gang tacklin’, super speed knockin’ Baltimore Ravens. Ray Lewis gets up for these big games. Expect multiple collisions between he and Peterson that might make OchoCinco pay the fine.

Baltimore on offense is a study in patience. Ray Rice is coming into his own and that Barry Sanders like run last week was as nice as you will see from a young running back. Flacco is learning it ain’t gonna be so easy with a hyped up schedule…but has the rejuvenated Derrick Mason ready to play big every game still mourning (I would have retired too) his great friend Steve McNair.

You know who gets his usual pick six and might get a fumble return after Lewis smacks the young superstar like he was his Daddy. Peterson fumbles at least twice. Favre with two picks. Lewis with 15 tackles. The Ravens are not losing three in a row.

Ravens 20, Vikings 17


New York @ New Orleans

You’ve heard all week…as the NFL marketing machine mass markets its diamond eyed product…about the two quarterbacks but what about the rest of the players? Brandon Jacobs is going home as well, not just Eli. It must be great to play in the stadium your Pop did his thing in and judging by that sick Giants front line, you’d think Michael Stahan was the puppet master. Listen, New Orleans is very good offensively, but they caught  the Eagles Donovan McNabb free and this is where they get bounced off their own turf. Eli and Manningham will blow by the opportunistic Darren Sharper and company. I do see a problem with Antonio Pierce (Cris Carter said earlier that Pierce ran like he took one in the leg when chasing Brian Westbrook last season) one on one with Reggie Bush, but the riled up, rough and rugged running of Jacobs and speed enhanced high definition mercury of Ahmad Bradshaw steadies the frame. Just too much on the line for the Giants to lose. Philly is on their ass.

Giants 28, Saints 24


Denver @ San Diego

Brandon Marshall is shutting everyone the hell up. Kyle Orton is back chillin like he did in Lafayette and Brian Dawkins is throwing his Atom sized body around with the power and density of the sun. LT? Watch out. Gates? Watch out. Chambers? Hold ya hat. Denver’s offense is just as nasty as any in the league. They have every component a team needs to win, so why shouldn’t they run roughshod until defensive coordinators understand ya better get just as physical with Marshall as he will with you.

San Diego is just trudging along until things get a little more interesting and after taking an L against the defending champs on national television, it’s time to get busy. Will their running game get righteous to go along with an above average passing game? Will Vincent Jackson be looking all over the place in hopes of locating Weapon X? Of course, but Denver hits a speed bump…

Chargers 31, Broncos 30

Note: Vick scores a TD this week. Bank it.

14 Responses to “The Starting Five NFL Week Six Picks”

  1. Eric Daniels says:

    Well the Bucs are not playing bad today, Josh Johnson is making himself money everytime he plays and stands tall especially on what I thought was a 3 win team.

  2. Mizzo says:

    He sure is a talent. Loved him in college. Raheem Morris and the Bucs brass has a dilemma…play Johnson and let him fully develop or play the money pick Josh Freeman. Freeman may be the future, but Josh is running the present with swag.

  3. Eric Daniels says:

    Good to see you back Mizzo, Well the Bucs lost and they really need a lot of help and I think trading Johnson for a higher pick would do them better than letting him develop when they really need defensive lineman and not Eric Berry as much as he is a talent.

  4. Mizzo says:

    Thanks brotha. You may be right. There still is a decision to be made. Who ya rockin’ with?

  5. Eric Daniels says:

    Mizzo, I would like the Bucs to get Terrence Cody because I just saw this football team get mandhandled in the last 8 minutes by Carolina’s mammoth offensive line and in a division with Turner and Williams and Stewart the Bucs need run stuffers. And at QB I like Josh Johnson because of his accuracy and he looks like he can read defenses and will get better, I think Freeman has a little upside but can’t read defenses as well.

  6. Mizzo says:

    Wow. The Vikings get lucky as hell as Baltimore misses a 44 yarder with no time left. Flacco, Rice and Mason balled out.

  7. Mizzo says:

    Freeman has all the tools and is a lot more mobile than Freeman. Big Josh has Culpepper like strength. I wouldn’t want to be the one making that decision. I say keep both of them and let it all play out. Looks like the draft is gonna be a nice one.

  8. Miranda says:

    Does the NFL have a mercy rule? If so…I think the Titans are crying for mercy right about now.

    And why the hell are the Eagles losing to the Raiders? What kind of fraggle-knackle bull is this?

  9. Origin says:

    Good to see you back Mizzo.

    Whats up Eric?

    Man Reid is trying to get Mcnabb killed again this year.

    11 rushes………..I mean really 11 rushes.

  10. Eric Daniels says:

    Nothing Much Orgin, glad to be back on the board with the fam, what’s up with the Jets 5 ints, good grief and the Titans it looked like they quit on this season and Vince looks like he really, really wants out of Tennesee

  11. HarveyDent says:

    Crappy NFL day and while I loved seeing the Gints get smacked it’s tempered by seeing the Eagles get decisioned by the Raiders’ body punching. The whole Eagles team takes this one from the coaching staff to the offense, defense, special teams, and training staff.

    Damn, damn, damn!!!!

  12. Miranda says:

    Thank you Bears for capping off a perfectly CRAPPY SUNDAY!

  13. Mizzo says:

    Wow. I thought the same thing Miranda. What a BS day it was. I’m about to post the NFL recap momentarily.

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