Ron Glover’s Week 7 NFL Predictions

The marquee matchup for Week 7 in the NFL has Brett Favre and the 6-0 Minnesota Vikings visiting Heinz Field for a showdown with the Big Ben and the Super Bowl Champion Steelers. Other games of note include: Niners/Texans, Cowboys/Falcons and Saints/Dolphins.

Sunday October 25, 2009

Minnesota Vikings (6-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) 1pm: Rashard Mendenhall is the Steelers starting back while Willie Parker’s toe heals. His 5.1 yards per carry will be tested as the Vikings allow 93 rushing yards per game. Both Mendenhall and the Vikings Adrian Peterson will have opportunities for big gains, but I expect more of a down field passing game for both of the more traditional running teams.

Vikings 30 – Steelers 20

New England Patriots (4-2) at Tampa Bay Bucs (0-6) In Wembley Stadium London, England 1pm: The conditions of Wembley Stadium are similar to what the Patroits are used to in Foxboro. Curious to see how soon Bill Belichick goes for the jugular. I also would like to see how Josh Johnson handles the Pats defense. Other than that enjoy your tea and crumpet.

Patriots 38 - Bucs 10

Green Bay Packers (3-2) at Cleveland Browns (1-5) 1pm: If the Browns can employ an effective running game and keep the Pack guessing they have a chance. Outside of that, expect big games from Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Grant and Donald Driver.

Packers 35 – Browns 7

Indianapolis Colts (5-0) at St. Louis Rams (0-6) 1pm: They should hand out blindfolds to this game the way they hand out 3D glasses at the movies.

Colts 35 – Rams 0

San Diego Chargers (2-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) 1pm: Matt Cassel is still looking for that breakout game, it may not come today. But expect Larry Johnson to find pay dirt and rush for over 100 yds today. Something is going on in that Chargers locker room and it isn’t good.

*Upset Special* Chiefs 20 – Chargers 17

San Francisco 49′ers (3-2) at Houston Texans (3-3) 1pm: This game has some of the NFL’s best young stars on display. Today marks the return of Niners’ back Frank Gore and the debut of first-round pick Michael Crabtree. Matt Schaub has been on fire.

Texans 33 – Niners 31

Buffalo Bills (2-4) at Carolina Panthers (2-3) 4:05pm: Steve Smith feels like he’s not a part of the Panthers’ offensive plans? Thanks to DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart racking up over 200 yards on the ground last week and going against a porous Bills’ run defense (181 ypg.), he can expect more of the today. That’s what happens when you have a turnover machine at quarterback.

Panthers 24 – Bills 10

New York Jets (3-3) at Oakland Raiders (2-4) 4:05pm: The Jets will more than likely be without receiver Jericho Cotchery, lump this in with the loss of DT Kris Jenkins and QB Mark Sanchez being brought back to reality and the suddenly confident Raiders are in a winnable position.

Oakland 24 – Jets 13

Atlanta Falcons (4-1) at Dallas Cowboys (3-2) 4:15pm: Expect both teams to be up and down the field today. The Matt Ryan/Roddy White combo is stating to heat up. Roy Williams may be a game time decision for the ‘Boys.

Falcons 20 – Cowboys 17

New Orleans Saints (5-0) at Miami Dolphins (2-3) 4:15pm: The ‘Phins may be able to apply some resistance to the seemingly unstoppable Saints offense. How well have the Saints prepared for Ronnie Brown running the Wildcat offense.

Saints 27 – Dolphins 24

Chicago Bears (3-2) at Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) 4:15pm: Both teams are coming off of tough loses last week and are looking to regain their momentum. Cedric Benson is looking to silence the Bears, whom he feels tried to sabotage his future with other teams as a free agent.

Bengals 31 – Bears 17

Arizona Cardinals (3-2) at New York Giants (5-1) 8:20pm: Kurt Warner, who plays poorly in the Meadowlands has to score early and often to keep the Giants duo of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw on the sidelines. Anquan Boldin has been slowed by injuries and is listed as questionable.

Giants 26 – Cardinals 17

Monday Night October 26, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) at Washington Redskins (2-4) 8:30pm: The Eagles were blindsided by the Raiders blitzing scheme and paid for it. This week it’s the defense that will be in suspense as offensive consultant Sherm Lewis will be calling the shots. With tackle Jason Peters out, the Eagles will be forced to run more for the sake of keeping Donovan McNabb in one piece.

Eagles 31 - Skins 13

44 Responses to “Ron Glover’s Week 7 NFL Predictions”

  1. Mizzo says:

    Sounds about right my brotha. Good stuff. The Eagles better handle their business!

  2. HarveyDent says:


    Peters is questionable but expected to play. If it goes right he’ll be there with Herreman, Jackson, Cole, and Justice so 3/5ths of the projected starting O-Line should be playing. That and intelligent playcalling should help the Eagles. Maybe.

  3. ronglover says:

    The key word being intelligent.

  4. ronglover says:

    Did William Gay (Steelers) get that plate #?

  5. ronglover says:

    Looks like Brett Favre has returned to form.

  6. Eric Daniels says:

    THE STEELERS SHOULD HAVE LOST THIS GAME, Chester Taylor has to be the sickest man in America right now, dropped the pass that ended up being intercepted by Fox and returned for a touchdown. Temple, Pittsburgh got lucky today and it wasn’t Farve’s fault this time.

  7. Miranda says:

    What a ugly day for so many teams….have there ever been so many lopsided games like this on ONE Sunday?

  8. HarveyDent says:

    Miranda, who was that masked man at QB for the 49ers in the second half against the Texans? Looked a lot like Alex Smith.

  9. GrandNubian says:

    The Steelers earned this one. Their defense stepped up big time like it did all last season. Favre turned the ball over twice (fumble and an INT). Analysts say that the INT wasn’t Favre’s fault but he’s just as much to blame because the pass was high. Also, he threw the ball 51 times. Throwing the ball that much against the Steelers’ defense won’t win you a lot of games.

  10. Miranda says:

    HD….they SAY it was Alex Smith…but I’m not convinced.

  11. GrandNubian says:

    Here’s a stat that i’m sure T3 will appreciate:

    The great Brett Favre has had 12 games where he’s thrown 50 or more passes. When he throws 50 or more times in a game, he’s 3-9 in those games with 13TDs and 26INTs.

    As long as he keeps “gunslinging”, the Vikes won’t go far.

  12. Temple3 says:


    You’re right. That is a stat I can appreciate. I’m actually surprised that he’s won 3 games. That’s actually impressive, when you consider this:


    Where’s the love, man??!?!? :)

    Frankly, my brother, you couldn’t be more wrong about this. If you look at that play again, you’ll that the Steelers were confident in their ability to contain the Vikings running game. The Vikings were in a passing formation, but the down and distance meant anything could happen. It was 2nd and 3. The Steelers started to use a 1-5-5 alignment and this caused problems for the Vikings blockers. They couldn’t tell who was coming and who was covering. The protections were a mess against this alignment all day.

    The Steelers read the screen and blew up Chester Taylor. In fact, James Harrison executed a spin move on Bryant McKinnie and was headed back toward Taylor almost BEFORE Favre let go of the ball. Rookie Ziggy Hood executes a perfect stunt with LaMarr Woodley. Hood takes an outside rush and occupies 2 blockers. Woodley gets pressure up the middle and Favre releases the ball with too much zip — and before Hutchinson is ready to lead the screen.

    In fact, Brett Keisel held up BOTH SCREEN BLOCKERS on this play. That’s why Fox was in position to catch the ball. He didn’t have to engage a Viking blocker and he didn’t have to commit early to Taylor.

    So, on a play where you see luck, I see two Steeler defensive ends (Hood and Keisel) occupy FOUR Minnesota blockers while allowing linebackers Harrison and Fox to attack the runner and the ball.

    Favre still had time to pursue another option. He had time to realize that the screen was eaten up and needed to hit Taylor between the numbers — instead of around the eyes. Pressure bursts pipes.

    Steeler executiion beat Viking execution on this play.

    Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video…

    And stop calling my squad lucky!! :)

  13. michelle says:

    my Niners are falling apart :(

  14. GrandNubian says:

    “Favre still had time to pursue another option. He had time to realize that the screen was eaten up and needed to hit Taylor between the numbers — instead of around the eyes. Pressure bursts pipes. ”

    Exactly my point in my initial post. The pass was high and had too much zip.

  15. Mizzo says:

    DeSean Jackson was the steal of last year’s draft. Dude looks like a HOF type player. Ishna Allah he stays healthy of course.

  16. HarveyDent says:


    I wasn’t blown away by the Eagles drafting DJax last year because he’s so damn light in the azz but the young man is a baller who makes me eat my words almost every game. I still wish he was bigger but even though he’s a WR/PR he’s so far managed to avoid the big hits that opposing safties I know are determined to lay him down with.

    Ishna Allah indeed on his health.

  17. HarveyDent says:

    The pass he just alligator-armed makes my point for me. Still a work in progress and hopefully he’ll do better in between the hashes.

  18. Mizzo says:

    He’s got to get ready for the playoffs now. Teams will key on him then. Everyone speaks of the Eagles having so many weapons, but who the heck is going to be their fourth quarter third down and eight receiver?

  19. I wanted Jackson here in the worst way. A definite steal for the Birds as a 40-something pick.

    Here’s what I had to say in my 2008 Mock Draft:

  20. Miranda says:

    Gee Mizzo, I checked out the Eagles forums last night and the birds sure do have some crazy ass fans! You’d think the Eagles hadn’t seen the playoffs in 25 years the way they bitch and moan!

  21. Temple3 says:


    I don’t think they’re so crazy. There is a strong tinge of racism to those comments, but I don’t think they’re all nuts.

    The Eagles fans are not rooting for a playoff team. They’re rooting for a Super Bowl winner. (Philly ain’t Atlanta — low blow). Until they get that ring, it’s gonna be off the chain — and then it’ll be “What took you so damn long? We could have won 3!!”

    That’s the way it was in Pittsburgh for Cowher. 1995, 1997, 2001, 2003, 2004. The Steelers probably could have played in another 5 Super Bowls if he’d coached differently. Too much Marty, not enough Dirk Diggler. Eagles fans are NEVER going to forget.

  22. Miranda says:

    Oh T3…its not just a tinge…its straight up!

  23. HarveyDent says:


    The third down receiver is Jason Avant with an assist by Brent Celek because Avant is a converter in the slot who will only get better as long as Maclin and Jackson get better and take coverages away from him. Celek if his blocking develops could be something special because he catches almost everything. Don’t forget BWest either who can make magic in the flat.


    You think the racism is overt there on that board? The funny thing is for some reason that some on that board are just set off by McNabb and nothing he does is ever good enough. I know #5 doesn’t lose a wink of sleep over it but fans of him and the team find it strange how a future HOF QB is so disrespected. I tried to find the other reasons for this dislike but I have to admit that yeah, it’s pretty much straight up racism as you said.

  24. Temple3 says:


    True, true.

  25. Temple3 says:


    I think there are enough reasons to dislike McNabb without having to go to the racism angle.

    1 – Health. He’s missed time in 5 of the last 8 seasons. Some players tend to get injured more than others for a variety of reasons. It seems that everything that could happen to him has happened to him.

    2 – QB Rating. McNabb has had one season with a rating over 100. Aside from the year he played with Owens, he’s never played a full season with a rating over 90. Sure, the Eagles fielded a bunch of bums at the position, but those are the numbers. Now that he has receivers, he’s been injured — again.

    3 – NFC Championship Game losses. Clearly all of those losses cannot be pinned on McNabb — particularly given the absence of a high-quality receiver for most of those years. Last year the defense has man-handled. Same thing happened vs. Tampa a few years back. Of course, the receivers were punked vs. Carolina back in the day — and against the Rams as well.

    4 – Demeanor. #5 is super cool and that’s a mismatch with the city where intensity rules. From Dykstra to Rose to Barkley to Iverson, Philadelphians like it hot. McNabb is decidedly NOT HOT! He’ll never let you see him sweat. Philly wants to see him bleeeeeeeed.

    I could go on and on…and not a bit of this has to do with race. I will say, though, that if McNabb were Jake Delhomme or Kerry Collins, he’d still get booed, but there would be a sizeable, vocal, impassioned group of Caucasian “special pleaders” talking about:

    a. “He’s just such a good guy.”
    b. “He really works hard. Things just aren’t working out for him.”
    c. “You can’t really blame the guy, look at what he has to work with.”
    d. All of the above

    Harvey — just bear in mind that I am not arguing the fans aren’t racist. That would be absurd. I’m simply asserting they could come to their position without being racist — and that means that there are very likely quite a few Black Eagles fans who’d like to see DMac stay healthy for once — and who applaud management for finally finding the right mix of talent.

    Since not all Eagles fans are white, and since not all Black Eagles fans love McNabb, there has to be some logical ground on which these folks are standing.

    When you compare him to guys like Brady, Peyton Manning and Roethlisberger, they get checks in all 4 of the items I mentioned. The next tier of guys like Palmer, Brees, Rivers and Eli Manning do not. Only Brees (since his move to New Orleans) has managed to escape getting blasted by local fans.

    Bengal fans are tired of seeing Palmer miss time. Chargers fans are tired of Rivers inability to win big games…and Giants fans are as pissed about Eli’s passing as they are about midtown traffic.

    For my money, this is the year the Eagles have to win it all. The pieces are in place on offense. It’s going to be hard to justify not winning the Super Bowl to those fans — regardless of Westbrook’s health or Peter’s health or the loss of Dawkins. They have enough to win. No excuses.

  26. Mizzo says:

    I’ll make this simple and say if management wasn’t so hell bent on keeping McNabb’s salary honest by letting him run around like some damn monkey…alone, then maybe the fans would have a different relationship with him.

    Take Matt Ryan for instance…just for the sake of points made…Arthur Blank went out and secured a Hall of Fame safety net in Tony Gonzalez in his second year. As a result, his passer rating will be numerically higher at least in the years Tony G is serviceable.

    I guarantee there will be another free agent signing when TG retires.

    McNabb is the test case for how franchises deal with his race and skill set. I think he’s 5th all time in games played with the same organization.

    Along with Dawkins, he is the main reason for Philadelphia’s top tier generational success.

    He has been afforded an offense most qb’s would kill for.

    Even McNabb haters will say there just hasn’t been the talent to win in big moments.

    I’m still wondering where this dynasty is that Philly fans think they deserve.

    Philadelphia has not won a Super Bowl but feels it’s entitled to have a parade?

    That’s crazy.

    There’s also controversy most quarterbacks just don’t have to deal with (Nuts Rimjob in regards to race and stupidassness, run vs. pass, media).

    I really feel that signal callers are a different breed. In saying that, if they are given tools earlsky, the good become great (Steve Young).

    If those tools are not there, there is always something missing. McNabb played with great receivers in college and set efficiency records every single season. He was a different qb when drafted, but took his team to the playoffs as soon as he was given the reigns.

    Harvey, I love Jason Avant. What I was speaking of is a true talent that will make that third and eight catch no matter what the situation.

    When your first options are first and second year receivers, will they truly be up for the moment?

    Juke Box is a great talent, but he is slight and the middle will be taken away from him late. Curtis? Celek? Macklin? Brown?

    Who out of that bunch would you bet money on to catch a third or fourth down pass with the money on the line? Westbrook would have to slip away after faking a blocking assignment to get a shot in that situation.

  27. Origin says:

    Great points Mizzo.

    I am sorry Temple but I am going to have to disagree with you on some of those points.

    Over the last 8 years I have followed the NFL forums closely. Especially when I played madden (before I boycotted it).

    Hate and venom is spewed at black QBs who are starters left and right. This is how the hate goes………the black QB is drafted high. All of a sudden you get a boost of new fans on the forum who question the QBs intelligence, leadership skills and wonderlic test scores (I believe many of them pop up just to hate on the QB).

    Once the QB gets a chance to start the forum haters begin to wish the QB fails. If they do give him a chance they are only open to giving him 8 – 10 games to prove himself. If he makes the playoffs he is expected to take the team to a superbowl the next year. No matter how bad the team is.

    If no superbowl by the 2nd year the haters start to make topics about how he will never lead them to a promised land and how the white backup should be the starter.

    Man I have scene this on the Cowboys, Vikings, Falcons, Titans as well as other sites.

    As Harvey says wash rinse and repeat. Same crap different black QB.

    Realize it only happens to this extreme when there is a black QB. Even on the forums where they are only talking about NFL activity some new topic always pops up about how some black QB shouldn’t be starting.

    Over the last 4 years I have seen countless topics on why VY, Culpepper, Vick, Leftwhich and name your black QB….shouldn’t be in the league. Yet none of these players are even on their team. Yet they take the time out the day to complain about another teams QB.

    Right now they have on the Eagles board a topic on how J. Russell is the worst QB in the league……….its at 20+ pages.

    Now I have never seen a topic on how Alex Smith is the worst QB or how Rex Grossman is the worst QB get more then 3 pages. Or any of the tons of bad white QB. But somehow once you place a topic dogging out a black QB its guaranteed to get 10 pages plus. The hate and venom thats dripping on these boards is amazing.

    I can’t candy coat this crap.

    Now Temple in terms of your 4 points. I can agree with only one and that is injuries. The rest I can……..Not one of those QBs ever had to play in an offense where the pass was called 70% of the time. Or they had to take the likes of Nana Brown and Darnel Autry to the playoffs as their starting WR and RB.

    When Peyton threw his offensive line men under the bus, there were no 34 page topics saying he side stepped blame on the colts site (Like Mcnabb last week). The fans said yeah Peyton was right to call them out.

    And as far as demeanor……….now you and I know that no black man or woman in a position of power can not afford to be cooler then the other side of the pillow. Cause if we are white would ride them to death.

    Why are most black coaches like Dungy and not like Ditka??? Cause we know that crap would not fly………the media would crucify them.

    Mcnabb is no more different then Moon, Cunningham, Vick and the rest of the black QBs who have been mild mannered. If they weren’t they would be black QBs……they would have been black WRs or RBs a long time ago. Or just out the dang league.

    Heck even the man in the white house has to not let them see him sweet or get labeled as the angry black or the man who deals with emotion not logic.

    But that’s how the game has been set up.

    And I understand that there are black folks who don’t like Donovan. Thats cool but at the same time I have read on some of these forum people who claim to be black say some straight up hateful and racist crap about black folks…… you would swear it was a redneck typing that mess.

    So at the same point yeah there could be black folks on there. But they could be a bunch of self hating fools too who are making these comments.

    We have to be honest these sites and sports radio shows have majority whites calling in and typing on the forums. Just as I know the majority people who post on here and SOM are black.

    Last here is something I always helps me determine who the bigots are. Over the last 3 weeks the eagles board began to post topics on Rush Limbaugh. Well what do you know the topic some how went into a frenzy on about how black folks want hand outs and that they are lazy and wanted to live in the ghetto………and they were the ones stopping rush from buying a team.

    To my wonderful surprise……..the ones who were dogging black folks were the majority of the folks who were saying that Mcnabb needs to leave and Kolb start. And another surprise a couple of the ones who were agreeing with the bigots on the post about Rush were the ones that stated (on other posts that they were black).

    Ahhh the wonderful world of the internet.

  28. Origin says:

    Lets say that Westbrook is hurt all year and McCoy has to be the starter.

    So Temple Mcnabb is suppose to take a team with a Rookie RB/WR and a 2nd year WR and win the superbowl???


    To say a banged up OL with those young players as not an excuse yet the coach being a 70% pass coach isn’t being realistic.

    You sure that you don’t have some Philly in you???

    And to add Eli, Palmer and the of those golden boys never had to play with the amount of hate Mcnabb has had to play with. Mizzo can you imagine the amount of hate mail that Mcnabb has to deal with??? Just imagine what this kat is getting in the mail.

    Another thing it always amazes me how when these black QBs leave how suddenly the fans miss them and pretend as though they always loved them………LOL!!!

    Eagles fans hate McCabe but reminisce about Cunningham. Yet they hated that broth’s guts.

    Folks on the gotitans website talk about how great Mcnabb was yet they hated his guts when he was with the titans. They were dogging him out even the year he won the MVP. He11 I was on the site defending him.

    Mizzo you know the funniest thing is in all of this………folks call Mcnabb avg and overated. Yet when he leaves and a golden boy is the QB throwing picks while going 3-13 the fans will be saying how great Mcnabb was when he was there.

  29. Origin says:

    One more thing Mizzo this is how they do black folks. Black QBs are asked to carry teams with trash.

    Has a black rookie QB ever gotten a trade for a good WR as the Jets golden boy got???? Nope.

    Do they not sign black QB WRs then bring in another quality WR through Free Agency. Like what happened to Palmer??

    Do black QBs play with 4 first round RB’s in their career like Peyton? (Faulk, James, Addai and Brown). How about play with 3 first round WR and a first round TE all in their same career with the same team??

    Peyton Manning has played with all above in his career with the colts.

    Black QBs are required to be one man wreaking crews. Something their white counterparts are never asked to do.

    But its like that in the NBA also with black stars. Would a white star have ever had to carry bums like smush parker, kwame brown the playoffs for 2 years straight? Would a white star have to have carried that mess of a team that Lebron has had over the past 4 years without any help??

    He11 to the no.

    Like I said before Mizzo…….sports is like Corporate America. Black folks in leadership roles have to make crap into chicken salad. But the white leader can come in and get all the help they need to right the ship.

  30. Temple3 says:


    “…just bear in mind that I am not arguing the fans aren’t racist. That would be absurd.”

    We don’t have a disagreement.


    I think McNabb compares to Elway as much as he does to anyone who’s ever played the game. Elway’s numbers were not close to McNabb’s for most of his career. He didn’t have a breakout statistical year until he was 30 or 31. Elway didn’t play with great receivers or a power running back until the very end of his career. His first great season was when he played with Shannon Sharpe at tight end. Elway dragged the Broncos to 3 Super Bowls — but he was healthy…and Colorado doesn’t run hot like Philly. No one ever goes to Denver and says, “Oh, this is just like Philly!” Elway’s rating was similar to the players of his era — unlike McNabb’s whose rating is significantly lower.

    I suspect that if McNabb was healthy, the Eagles (even with those crappy receivers) could have made another Super Bowl — but the biggest impediment to their rise has been the play calling of Andy Reid. They pass to much — and Donovan throws those passes. He needs to audible for more runs. If they run 25+ per game, they’ll win. Throwing 50 passes is patently absurd. Brady can’t do it. Manning can’t do it. No one can do that and win. Favre just did it Sunday and lost at Pittsburgh.

    McNabb could be worried about getting benched, but his “cool” may be getting in the way of a need to let Andy know that it’s time to stop smoking that crack.

    So, once again…I’m not saying the people who despise McNabb are not racists. I’m saying you do not have to be a racist to dislike McNabb. To suggest otherwise is to imply there are no valid criticisms of a QB with a less than 60% completion rate. He is the best in NFL history when it comes to interception rate. No one has been better in terms of protecting the ball. But, there is more to it than that.

  31. Temple3 says:


    By the way, the last time this discussion came up, I went into great detail to say that its tough to blame the Eagles for the WR issue given that they haven’t changed their approach.

    They signed Donte Stallworth coming off a career year.
    They signed Kevin Curtis coming off a career year.
    They signed the highly touted Freddie Mitchell out of UCLA.
    They brought in Terrell Owens.
    They used a high pick on Reggie Brown.

    When you look around the league, it’s not like every team goes out and drafts receivers every year. Some of it is luck. Some of it boils down to players.

    In Atlanta, Roddy White didn’t come in playing hard. He had to be reigned in aggressively by coaches and his momma — according to the reports.

    In Indy, Reggie Wayne was a buster for a few years before he finally took off. It didn’t happen over night.

    In Cincinnati, TJ Houshmandzadeh was a 7th round draft pick.

    In San Diego, neither Malcom Floyd nor Vincent Jackson were highly regarded out of college.

    In New Orleans, Colston was a 7th rounder. Lance Moore wasn’t a superstar. And Robert Meachem was the same stud at Tennessee that Stallworth was…

    Bottom line, I think there is waaaay to much randomness is who turns out to be a REAL G at WR to get bent out of shape over the failings of the Eagles to strike gold until 2009. Shit happens.

  32. Temple3 says:

    Exhibit A:

    2003 Jacksonville Jaguars draft Byron Leftwich 7th overall. 2004, Jags draft Reggie Williams (WR) 9th overall. 2005, Jags draft Matt Jones (WR) 21st overall. 2006, Jags draft Marcedes Lewis (TE) 28th overall. 2006, Jags draft Maurice Jones-Drew 60th overall. 2007, Jags draft Mike Walker 79th overall.

    Exhibit B:

    1999 Cincinnati Bengals draft Akili Smith 3rd overall. 2000 Cincinnati Bengals draft Peter Warrick 4th overall and Ron Dugans 66th overall (both from Florida State). 2001 Cincinnati Bengals draft Chad Johnson 36th overall and draft T.J. 204th overall (both from Oregon State).

    I could do this all day. Whatchu got??

    2001 Atlanta Falcons draft Michael Vick first overall. Second pick for ATL in that draft? Algernon Darius Crumpler. 2003, ATL signed Peerless Price coming off a career year in Buffalo. 2004, ATL drafted Michael Jenkins 29th overall. In 2005, ATL drafted Roddy White 27th overall. In 2007, ATL drafted Laurent Robinson 75th overall. In 2008, ATL drafted Harry Douglas 84th overall.

    I don’t think you see what you think you see.

    Remember Jeff Blake? Drafted by the Jets — became a Bengal…beat out David Klinger and inherited Carl Pickens and Michigan’s Tony McGee (TE). What did Cincy do his first full season? They picked up Darnay Scott and added David Dunn. They even drafted Ki-jana Carter in 1995.

    Sorry, bruh. I’m not with you on this one.

  33. Mizzo says:

    Simple as this. If Kevin Curtis catches that 4th and 10 catch from the Cardinals 25 with a minute and a half left, the Eagles win.

    I get what you are saying brotha, but when a RANDY MOSS is dangling for a fourth round pick, you go get him.

    I’m not speaking of rookies or stop gap free agent moves.

    Big guns. Championship makers. HOFers.

    The good are separated from the great simply by the risks they take.

    Who the hell is gonna remember Kevin Curtis?

    To your Elway point, Rod Smith has over 800 catches.

    Elway was criticized by the local media, but it never festered nationally.

  34. Origin says:

    First of all let me say that I apologize for the incorrectly spelled words on my previous posts. I have been busy and have been just posting and running.

    Anyway Brotha Temple we will have to just agree to disagree on this.

    But let me clarify my issue isn’t just with the lack of WRs or the Eagles…………its with the NFL as a whole how black QBs are treated and the lack of support they get. Not to mention how they aren’t protected the same way that the golden boys are.

    To be honest with you the lack of a WR has been 3 steps down my list when it comes to the Eagles. The issues are lack of RB help over the years….I want Mcnabb to get 4 first round picks at RB just like Peyton has had.

    See this is my issue I know you listed TO and Stallworth. But here is the kicker see when they left they should have been replaced with quality players. That how they do it for the golden boys. When Palmer lost TJ…….coles was brought in.

    When Manning lost Faulk……EJ was brought in.

    You can’t lose stalworth then bring in Kevin Curtis. That man was trash. He was a slot WR who caught for 400 yards with the rams the previous year. He played in the slot next to 2 HOF WRs.

    But he is suppose to come in Philly and be a #1 WR??? Please.

    Or how about the eagles playing RBs as FBs for the last 4 years until this year. This is the same team that had a freaking DT that was playing FB last year. A freak DT??? I mean really.

    2 years ago Mcnabb asks for help on the offensive end and the Eagles trade the 1st pick to the cowboys a division rival??? I mean really???? The cowboys then draft a pass rushing LB to chase Mcnabb. Man you can’t make this crap up……^ like Madden or something.

    I am tired of seeing these black QBs get jerked around with the lack of help on the offensive end and the lack of support from coaching.

    Oh and as Miranda said it ain’t about Roddy White in ATL. Its about a revamped OL and Turner……..then they throw in Tony G.

    Its about Brady getting Dillion and Randy Moss for a wet food stamp and a throw back jersey.

    Its about Manning getting playing with 8 1st round picks at the skill position.

    Its about a young Eli needing help so they go get him Plaxico (in free agency) and a 250 pound monster at RB in the draft (that even my blind @ss knew would be he!! in the league).

    But progress is slow. If I told you 20 years ago there would be a black QB who went to 5 Championship games and a superbowl you might not believe it. Or that during a 6 or 7 year span from about 1999 thru 2005 that black QBs (Mcnabb, Stewart, Vick, Culpepper, Cunningham, Mcnair) were showing up in the championship games dang near every year for and going to superbowls. You and I would have probably said heck to the no.

    Those guys did far more then anyone would have expected. They have or are laying the ground work for younger kats. Mcnabb is the first black QB who has openly 2 asked for some sort of help and gotten it. Something his white counterparts do on a regular and receive.

    So that in itself is amazing.

    Another thing to note if Mcnabb plays one more year with the Eagles he will have been the first black QB to play over 11 years with the same team.

    Yep progress takes awhile.

    Anyway as I said Temple we can agree to disagree on this. This is not the first time we have disagreed on the NFL brotha. Remember you say the NBA favors certain teams……I say the NFL does the same thing plus favors certain golden boys.


    It is what it is…………..oh and Farve still gonna get that ring this year. If the coaches have to run Adrian Peterson into the ground. That 1.5 billion dollar Vikings stadium is depending on it.

    So run Adrian run…….and Farve will get all the glory.


  35. Origin says:

    Oh and Elways clothing, speech, inteligence, wife and family were never dogged the way Mcnabb and every other black QB has ever been.

    Kevin Curtis……..

    Dude caught 800 yards 2 years before leaving the Rams and 400 yards the year before.

    Kevin Curtis can’t even get pass bump and run coverage.

    Just a few things on the conference championships. You guys know that the only Championship that the Eagles won……..Westbrook was healthy.

    In 2003 he missed the the playoffs. In 2008 he was hurt.

    Another thing Mcnabb and Elway have like the smame exact win loss record over like 100 games. I think Mcnabb has Elway beat by like 1 win. The both have 1 tie.

    Amazing some kat on th Eagles website brought it up.

    Another thing passing stats don’t tell the whole story. Realize that Mcnabb too Todd Pinkston and James Thrash to the Conf. Championship multiple times……wow.

    Last year he took Kevin Curtis and a rookie WR to the conference championship game…… He did all of this with a banged up scat back and a coach who passes 65% of the time. Amazing………

    IMO I am not sure any QB playing today could have done that.

    Thats like Lebron taking those bustas he has to the Conf. Finals and Finals. The last 2 out of 3 years.

    Or Kobe taking smush and Kwame to the playoffs……LOL!!!

  36. Origin says:

    Oh and Temple the last 3 weeks I have been on the Bears forum.

    Every Cutler int isn’t his fault its Lovie’s and Ron Turners fault.

    Man I tell you I would give up my left foot to be Cutler……..reminds me how they use to say that all those picks that Rex threw was always Lovie’s fault too.


    Man must be nice.

  37. Temple3 says:

    Just for the record, Faulk was in Indy before Manning. Edge was drafted with the intention that he’d be a cornerstone of the offense and replace the increasingly expensive Faulk. That worked out fine. This stuff is random. How’s that Anthony Gonzalez draft pick working out for Indy? Exactly. Not nearly as well as the DeSean Jackson pick.

    I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating…the Eagles are cheap. They’re not going into the 1st round for a RB. They haven’t done that since 1986 with Keith Byars. So, just because McNabb doesn’t have a running back doesn’t mean that Akili Smith didn’t have one…or that Vick didn’t have two…or that Leftwich didn’t have two…or that Kordell didn’t have several.

    If you want to make the case, make the case.

    At some point, you have to recognize that if Freddie Mitchell and Donte Stallworth turned out to be studs, this would be a moot point. I’m not really sure what you’re arguing. If you’re arguing that the guys who played with McNabb sucked, we don’t disagree. If you’re arguing it was obvious they were going to suck, I think you’re nuts. The team invested, gambled and lost.

    Look at San Francisco. They have a slew of white QBs, but haven’t had a dominant receiver since Owens left. They’ve drafted high with Brandon Lloyd and others. Josh Morgan didn’t work out. Tai Streets didn’t work out. JJ Stokes didn’t work out. The list is damn near endless. And they have a fossil of Isaac Bruce as their top guy until MC is ready to emcee.

    I just don’t know what you’re looking for — but it sounds like you’re hell bent on finding it.

  38. Temple3 says:


    Please don’t forget that the Eagles had the #4 defense in the NFL last season. McNabb did a ton of heavy lifting, but guys like Trent Cole do actually come to work every day and earn the occasional pay check.

  39. Temple3 says:

    I’ll holla back later…I think there are some things where we definitely agree…cutler, golden boyz, etc.

  40. Origin says:

    Yes we agree temple.

    I have always given the eagles D the credit. Of all the playoffs runs the 2003 defense was the weakest.

    Now as far as the Eagles are cheap…….I have been saying that since I was a child of the 80s. Philly is the East coast version of Chicago.

    All their teams and owners are cheap just like Chicago. Except they have been waiting for their savior Michael Jordan to come and win multiple championships so that they won’t be the laughing stock of the east coast.

    And yes I undertsand that Faulk was there before Peyton. But once Faulk was gone they made sure there was an EJ, then a Addai then a Brown.

    Like I said before agree to disagree………..and enjoy the games.

  41. Origin says:

    Make that their version of MJ………cause lord knows chicago was like NYC’s and LA’s lil brother when it came to sports and winning before MJ.

    If it wasn’t for MJ those busta fans in Chicago would still talk about the Bears ’85 season like Philly fans were talking about that ’83 season before the Phillies won las year.

  42. Mizzo says:

    If the Eagles went out and got Randy Moss, there is a great chance they’d be champions by now.

    Every team has first round busts.

    I want the big free agent moves. The Matt Ryan two year in the league Tony Gonzalez moves.

    That was a huge statement and in my opinion, smacks of entitlement.

    Everyone in the world knew the Eagles were a piece or two away. Go get it. Nah, they just go after Moss the year after he set the touchdown record…

    Way too late then. Pull the trigger and win a championship.

  43. Temple3 says:

    This 20/20 Hindsight stuff is getting thick.

    Randy Moss was not a “no-brainer” acquisition for the Patriots, the Raiders, or the Vikings. Moss’ stocked dropped significantly on draft day and he fell right into Dennis Green’s lap. He did what he did in Minnesota and the result was the split of the most potentially devastating passing combination in the history of the league. Culpepper’s super-phenomenal season in 2004 was accomplished with Moss missing 7 games. So, what Brady accomplished with Moss in 2007 was already scripted three years earlier.

    After what happened with Moss in LA and after what happened with T.O. in Philly, it is not the least bit surprising that the Eagles did not enter the Moss Sweepstakes. It is only AFTER the success of the 2007 Patriots that one can clamor for Moss in green. Guess what — the Patriots LOST THE GAME. Moss has exactly as many Super Bowl rings and appearances as Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens.

    So, you could get Moss — and that might make you feel better, but it is absolutely no guarantee that the team would win a championship.

    Mizzo: Gonzalez is a G, but the Eagles have always had very good pass catching tight ends: from Chad Lewis to LJ Smith to Celek. I know they’re not in Gonzalez’ league, but they are more than adequate given how much the ball is spread around in this offense.


    A quick thing on Kevin Curtis….

    I think folks in Philly have some serious-ass amnesia. I love y’all, but I’ll be if y’all don’t sound like you make it up as you go along.

    Curtis is not a dominant receiver. The Eagles never intended for him to fill that role. Curtis was drafted by the Rams to play in the slot between Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. He’s fast, has good hands, and great agility. In his first season in Philly, he caught 77 passes for over 1,000 yards. He’s not a bum by any stretch of the imagination. He’s not a #1, but no one every said he was…and if you get that kind of production from a 2, you’re very happy.

    The season before Curtis came to Philly, the Eagles came out like gang busters. I remember because I had Donte Stallworth on my FFL team — and then the wheels came off. Stallworth was injured early. McNabb was injured late. Stallworth averaged 19 yards per catch that season — INSANE. Reggie Brown averaged nearly 18 — INSANE.

    And the Eagles lost to the Saints on the road because of McNabb’s HEALTH (SEE ABOVE). Stallworth played in that game and had a big score. (WHEW — Remember that hit on Reggie Bush!!!)

    Now, the Eagles signed Stallworth coming off of his career best year in New Orleans. He was the FIRST RECEIVER DRAFTED in 2002. He was not supposed to be a bust. When you get the FIRST receiver in a draft as a free agent coming off a career year, that (to me) looks like a significant effort to get support for your QB. When he is paired with a 2nd round draft pick who averages 18 yards per catch, that seems like a pretty sizeable investment in your QB. And when you add a guy like Curtis who immediately gives you 77 catches and 1000+ yards, I can’t be mad at the GM.

    You probably recall that the resigning of Stallworth was complicated. He had a lot of interest…from Miami, Tennessee, New England, etc. Given how things turned out, I can’t be mad at the GM for passing on that bidding war. Stallworth didn’t work out in New England either.


    If you want to say, like Mizzo, that the Eagles draft/sign the wrong type of receiver, I can’t argue…but if you argue that these guys are all bums and were bums from jump, then that won’t work.

    I think the 4 problems with McNabb up top are insurmountable. He is who he is. He is a very talented playmaker and leader, who is also an erratic, oft-injured QB who has played most of his career surrounded by sometimes talented, sometimes abysmal, erratic, oft-injured receivers.

  44. Temple3 says:


    I do recognize that you said “great chance” — and you’re 150% (if there is such a thing) correct.

    I’d love to Moss in Philly…but I also saw what Stallworth did when he was healthy. He was BLAZING!!! They just need to stay healthy and run the ball — that’s all.

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