1984: Starring Michael Jordan’s 23

Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m a huge University of Michigan fan but before that the Georgetown Hoyas ruled my scene. In 1982 when Michael Jordan hit the game winner against the Hoyas to win the National Final, the world outside of basketball was livened to the electricity of his superstar rock shock ya ability. We all know what happened in the draft but when did you notice how bad he was with the NBA pill? I noticed when I picked up the newspaper and saw the sickdiculous scoring binges. 37 one game and 45 the next. Crazy cock back bangers over the baddest centers and forwards of the time or just helpless guards daring to aspire to his once in a lifetime competitive fire. Trust they took a seat in his poster. What? Is this cat a rookie? Wow. Basketball fans around the world were witnessing the blossoming of one the greatest athletes to ever grace the planet. I met Sean McKinney, President of Mitchell and Ness, when he and Michael Bivins watched the last game in the Spectrum with their eyes as wide as mine. He dropped me an email about the exclusive release of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls rookie jersey this weekend to pub the event. Click the pic above to read our conversation on SLAM.

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