Pedro Martinez? You Are Not the Father!

So yeah…Cliff Lee had like 206 pitches working and thoroughly dominated the Bronx Bombers 6-1. I was talking to my sister and bro-in-law last week and told them both I was worried about Chase Utley more than anyone. The way he was rakin’ I thought for sure he was going to go Reggie Jax in the first World Series game in the new stadium. Nevertheless, both Phillies’ rock the charts performances will be remembered for a very long time. Yankees fans chill. You have to remember Derek Jeter is an immortal Yankee and his NY state of mind willed him on base three out of four times. Alex Rodriquez struck out on three great pitches. Cliff Lee deserves the credit here. CC pitched good but not great and made very few mistakes. Just goes to show you the diamond pill Lee was tossing.

If Yankees fans need any solace, think back to Atlanta winning two straight before they got smacked with the next four Bronx Bomber explosion. Champions again.

I’m so glad Pedro is pitching tonight. You have Hov and Alicia (my goodness girl) performing before the first pitch…

And you have history. Pedro has pitched many times in the Bronx. He was one of those Red Sox players New York loved to hate…evidenced by the pic above. His stuff was electric and even though he’s beyond his body’s flame throwing time, Pedro Martinez still has enough movement on his pitches to keep batters bowlegged at times.

I miss Pedro in the American League, but not too much.

Nick Swisher needs something to scare the mess out of him because this slump he’s in is difficult to watch. Stop trying so hard to be a Yankee Swish, you’ll be alright. Buckle down.

Congrats to all the Phillies fans for an improbable Game 1 win. All the credit goes to the Phillies organization for preparing their team for the New York atmosphere. Props. Still, I gotta go with the Yankees to win in 7. Game 2? Yankees 8-6.

Tonight ARod’s bat will speak. What’s it gonna say?

“I the Pappy!”

5 Responses to “Pedro Martinez? You Are Not the Father!”

  1. ronglover says:


  2. Mizzo says:

    LMAO!!! Deebo was a monster.

    I cracked up when I saw Life…

    “You laughin’ at me? You know who the Daddy of that chocolated baby is?”

  3. des says:

    I find it bananas that some media people treat the Phillies like a longshot. Aren’t they the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS?

  4. 19082008 says:

    Pete’s still got it on the mound. His fashion sense, however, is definitely oddly calibrated. The suit just had me LMAO and SMH, not to mention the Jheri curl.

    This is a nice series to watch. I’ve got no rooting interest so I don’t have to be nervous.

  5. michelle says:

    Pedro was good. Thank goodness AJ was better. I still say Bombers’ in 6