Friday Fire: Excluding Kobe of Course, Who Wins the NBA Championship Next?

Got a nice column idea speaking with a writer earlier today that I’ll work on over the weekend. The conversation made me wonder, of this crew right here…and excluding Beans for obvious reasons…who goes June shine strato first? Does this current crop of NBA stars with all their talent have what it takes off the floor to take what should be everyone of theirs? Who will separate themselves from the pack?

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  1. Tariq says:

    Tayshaun Prince, LOL.

    Man, I’ll tell you what, in their current situations, the only guys who have a shot are LeBron and Dwight. MAYBE Melo if the Nugs make a huge trade or something to push them over the top (which I don’t see happening).

    But even with Dwight and Bron…meh. I don’t like their situations for now. For me, it’s a clear-cut two-horse race for the title this season between the Lakers and Celtics, and then after that the biggest free agent off-season in recent memory. So out of this bunch, I don’t think it depends on who has the most talent or anything like that… it depends on who ends up in the best situation after this upcoming off-season. And that, at this point, is pure speculation.

  2. Tariq says:

    I guess we can agree that Chris Paul, through no fault of his own, is not winning anything anytime soon.

  3. KevDog says:

    I think the guy pictured here not named Kobe with the best chance to win a ring next is D. Howard.

    Barring major injury, I can’t see anyone coming out of the West except the Lakers and while I had thought at the beginning of the season that the Celts had the bext team in the East, I think those old legs are getting to them. They hang their hats on D, but after that ridiculous start where they held opposing teams to 38% FG shooting, in their last 7 games opponents have been shooting 48% against them. I don’t see them coming out of the East. And while LeBron can carry that Cleveland team into the Conference finals, I dont think they can beat either Atl or Orland.

    In the end I look for LA/Orland with the Lakers in 5 again, but if any team is going to win outside the Lakers, it will be Orland.

  4. Tariq says:

    I’m not %100 convinced that the Celtics will come out of the East, but in my eyes their the only team that has a shot at beating the Lakers this season.

  5. thebrotherreport says:

    I’ll go with Dwight Howard or Carmelo Anthony

  6. Temple3 says:


    I haven’t seen the Celtics play a game this season, but it occurred to me that this team could be very interesting because they play in such a weak division. It seems to me that a wise approach to the regular season would be to focus on efficiency.

    I think a Celtic team that peaks late and wins about 51 games would be very, very dangerous. Garnett, Wallace, Pierce and Allen have to save their legs. It’s November. They can’t go crazy just yet — and I don’t think this team knows how to win regular season with the right pacing. The last time they were all healthy, they played like the world was going to end.

    I’d like to see them find a level of “appropriate exertion.”

  7. KevDog says:


    The Celts problems run deeper than that. I’ve watched several game of theirs recently and not only do they have serioud problems with their D, but their offense is terrible. KG has never been a consistant low post threat and now he’s being pushed out a foot or two further than he used to. “Sheed is nothing but an outside shooter at this point in time so they really only have one real post player, Paul Pierce on the mid block. Subsequently, their offense is pretty much Chicago’s offense, a buncg of perimeter players looking to create a shot or drive and dish. This createst serious spacing issues as well. At this point in time, they have only one player who can sometimes command a double and with a good defensive SG, PP doesn’t even demand that. I cannot see them get past Orlando or Atlanta.

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