The Top 10 Physiques in Pro Sports

I made this pro because to be quite honest we could be here all night. Besides…I don’t watch nearly as much NCAA action as I should.

10 through 5.

10: Vernon Davis. Dude is yoked.

9: Georges St. Pierre. Refined for his sport, but still looks quite impressive.

8: Terrell Owens. The man has a fitness book for Christ’s sake.

7: LeBron James. Need I say more? Dude is the size of a truck and moves like a gazelle.

6: Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s nice.

5: Rafael Nadal. He gets here for the giant left arm and the big calves.

4 through 1:

4: Ben Wallace. Anyone who gets the designation of best arms in the NBA wins my vote.

3: Mo Lawal. NCAA champion, Olympic Champion, MMA star in Japan. Very impressive.

2: Usain Bolt. Crazy Speed. There’s only one guy in the world more dominant.

1: Michael Phelps. And this is that guy. Also…he has a wide, massive, back, tremendous leg development, and abs.

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