Vince Young: “I Love Ya’ll Too!”

(AP Photo/Dave Einsel)

Straight up, I wanted to name this Vince Young Sticks it to the Man, but there hasn’t truly been any sticking. Vince is just taking the NFL out on a date. The brotha hasn’t even met Moms. He’s still a little nervous sitting down at dinner with the fam. He’s crisp, quick of wit, makes the hometown sick.

Houston, what the hell were you thinking?!?

He’s 4-0 against you. He’s won his last 8 starts. He now has 8 game winning drives. Why would you not create a youth fan base just by picking the hometown hero there when you had the chance? Franchise threatening. I guess that 467 (200 passing, 200 running) against USC with their two Heisman trophies just wasn’t good enough? Great Scott! LOL If Vince Young, Chris Johnson and the Titans win out…

Vince showed a lot of poise. Temple and I were texting and he said something the NFL better listen to: “If Vince Young continues to play like this, defending Chris Johnson will be impossible.”

VY looks like he’s at Texas again. The game is simplified. Why didn’t Bud Adams step down from the box a couple of games back? Forget the wildcat, dig the option.

Titans 20, Texans 17

1st Downs 22 17
Passing 1st downs
6 16
Rushing 1st downs
12 1
1st downs from Penalties
4 0
3rd down efficiency
6-13 7-15
4th down efficiency
0-0 0-0
Total Plays 64 60
Total Yards 344 340
Passing 116 283
12-22 25-39
Yards per pass
5.3 7.3
Rushing 228 57
Rushing Attempts
42 17
Yards per rush
5.4 3.4
Red Zone (Made-Att) 2-2 2-3
Penalties 5-25 7-72
Turnovers 1 0
Fumbles lost
1 0
Interceptions thrown
0 0
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 32:19 27:41

6 Responses to “Vince Young: “I Love Ya’ll Too!””

  1. thebrotherreport says:

    I hope that they continue to let him do things that play to his strengths. Defending the Titans on third and short is damn near impossible.

    Imagine VY with a receiver like Andre Johnson.

  2. kos says:

    One of the things that I’ve seen from Vince, is he seems more calm these days. I do believe that sitting down helped him. But, I also am of the mind that Fisher sat him down way too long. One thing that I liked that Vince said is that the team wasn’t having fun like they used to. He took the lead on loosening his team mates up.

    TBR –

    I was thinking the same thing. The offensive coordinator has done the one thing that I complain about all offensive coordinators won’t do to black qb’s. He’s letting Vince be himself. As long as Vince can be himself, and not trying to be molded into a Brady or a Manning, the Titans will continue to win. Vince isn’t the best passer in the world, but he’s better than Jaws and the rest of the WWL mafia would have anyone to believe.

    If VY had better receivers, the Titans offense would be EXTREMELY hard to defend in the regular season. There’s a reason that the Steelers let Nate Washington go! VY threw him a long pass last night, and he just didn’t get his hands on it, despite the fact that the ball was in a perfect position where the DB couldn’t get to it. Since Fisher has been there, though, the Titans seem to have an aversion to above average receivers.

  3. Wally Sparks says:

    RE: Temple’s text..

    He’s right.. and Steve Young pretty much said that verbatim during the live post game analysis. If Vince Young plays the way he played last night, he and Chris Young will be virtually indefensible.

    Did anyone see how many times Vince went through all of his reads.. THEN ran to the sideline immediately after he picked up a 1st down?

    2 years ago Vince would have tried to pick up extra yards and wouldn’t have even thought about sliding or hitting the sideline.

    I hope this level of play and maturity continues. GO TITANS!!!

  4. GrandNubian says:

    Good stuff mizz. VY looked good last night. Get the guy a solid WR core and the Titans could challenge for AFC supremacy for a good 10 years.

  5. Temple3 says:

    Y’all are hilarious.

    I agree that the Titans receivers are a mediocre lot. I think Kenny Britt has some real potential. The last really good receiver the Titans had was Derrick Mason. He went 9 for 142 on Sunday.

    I picked up VY in my FFL 3 weeks ago and had LenDale from jump but he hasn’t been getting any real burn because of CJ. Johnson is a real talent, but I still like LenDale inside the 5. He has a nose for the end zone.

    As well as the Titans are playing, we’re going to find out everything we need to know when they play ball-hawking defenses like Arizona and Indy. The defense will either have to play superb or they’ll have to score lots of points.

  6. Mizzo says:

    This is what Fisher does. He wants receivers who block. Remember when McNair and Eddie George were dominating defenses? This is how they did it but with much more precision from the qb obviously.

    It was good to see VY get off on national television. He’s a big game player. He was on hype because he was home and lets hope it’ll inspire him to greater heights.

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