The Starting Five Week 12 NFL Picks: The Saints Are Going Down! Book IT!

I was wrong last week. Hey, you can’t win them all or if we are speaking of Week 11 picks, even some in my case. I’ll wear that but remember, that was Tampa Bay…not the Patriots. In the next edition of the game of the year, this is the perfect match up of young and old…rings and no rings…new hype vs. old hype. This goes way deeper than the obvious…the glaring…footprints of the Pats legacy are ubiquitous…the Saints are right now omnipresent.

If it comes down to who makes the stop to win the game…and it won’t…it appears to favor the Saints because they are home and have the better defense correct?

Don’t be so sure.

Yes the Pats aren’t the team they once were defensively and have no running game, but as long as they have Brady and Moss, Kevin Faulk and Wes Welker (both move the chains)…and Sweatshirt Bill and the thoughts and memories of experience and success, I’m rocking with the Pats. Sean Payton and Drew Brees are joined at the hip and have put up crazy numbers the last few years but when I heard a football analyst say Brees is a lock for the HOF, I almost threw up. The last big game Drew Brees won was his last game against the University of Michigan. He was 0-3 up until that point.

I am no hater but win something first cotdammit. You all know I’m never about hype…I have to see it for my own eyes. Would you let a kid take your daughter out and keep her past curfew just because he looks like the perfect candidate from a Father’s perspective?

Hell no.

They Saints get no run from me until they win a big game.

If you want to crown them, then crown their ass but I ain’t letting them off the hook. It’s waaaaay to early. The Pats get a pass because of what they’ve actually accomplished. Throw out the stats. Throw out the hype. Throw out the records. Throw out the home field advantage. This is a game the Saints have to win and when they do lose, the season may lay in the balance.

What will they learn?

Tampa Bay at Atlanta 1:00 PM FOX ATL 20-19 Georgia Dome
Miami at Buffalo 1:00 PM CBS MIA 24-23 Ralph Wilson Stadium
Cleveland at Cincinnati 1:00 PM CBS Cincy 34-20 Paul Brown Stadium
Seattle at St. Louis 1:00 PM FOX SEA 27-14 Edward Jones Dome
Carolina at NY Jets 1:00 PM FOX CAR 28-10 Giants Stadium
Washington at Philadelphia 1:00 PM FOX PHI 27-24 Lincoln Financial Field
Indianapolis at Houston 1:00 PM CBS Indy 33-25 Reliant Stadium
Kansas City at San Diego 4:05 PM CBS SD 20-16 Qualcomm Stadium
Jacksonville at San Francisco 4:05 PM CBS SF 26-20 Candlestick Park
Chicago at Minnesota 4:15 PM FOX MINN 20-17 Metrodome
Arizona at Tennessee 4:15 PM FOX TENN 35-34 LP Field
Pittsburgh at Baltimore 8:20 PM NBC BAL 23-17 M&T Bank Stadium
New England at New Orleans 8:30 PM ESPN PATS 37-27 Superdome

30 Responses to “The Starting Five Week 12 NFL Picks: The Saints Are Going Down! Book IT!”

  1. Temple3 says:

    How soon they forget.

    Don’t you remember when Drew Brees was with the Chargers and Brady was as healthy as a horse — and the Chargers kicked their ass all over the field? Sure you do.

    2005. San Diego 41, New England 17. 19 of 24 for 248 yards, 2 TDs, 0 Ints. It was almost a perfect game.

    Brady didn’t have Moss, but then again, Moss has been there for 3 years and they’ve won as many Super Bowls as the Lions, Jets and Browns since his plane landed from Oakland.

    The Patriots are yesterday’s news and they’re going to get gashed by Thomas and Bell. Brees is just window dressing.

  2. Temple3 says:

    I’m not going to mention Brees’ playoff game vs. the Eagles.

  3. Mizzo says:

    I’m talking playoff deep. Big games when everyone is watching. The main joint. Not the side joints or the Donovan McNabbless joints.

    For all their prolific play…shoots and whistles…bushes and missiles…they don’t have any SB appearances either.

    These cats are the Phoenix Suns.

    If they don’t do it this year, it’s time for the scrutiny to put on major blast. Major. If you are allowed to operate without the heat hot, damn right you are gonna win. You’re comfortable.

    Maybe spoiled…

    I just wanna see it happen. What’s wrong with that brotha?

    You know I don’t run with the pack…

  4. Miranda says:

    I hope the Saints beat the Pats senseless.

    David Garrard can tell his wife to call the movers, he’s so outta there..hello Tim Tebow…the most overrated QB in the history of mankind.

  5. Tariq says:


    I think you are conflating two issues here: the status of Drew Brees in the pantheon of great QBs, and the perception of the 2009-10 New Orleans Saints as a great team.

    As for the first point, let me just preface this by saying that there are three, count ‘em THREE surefire, unquestioned, FIRST-BALLOT HOF QBs playing in the NFL today: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and the Ghost of Brett Favre (I hate his ass, but it’s true).

    As for Brees, you say that “the last big game that Brees won was his last game against the U of Michigan”. Didn’t he take the Saints to the NFC Championship game a few years ago?

    And if you consider this regular season game such an indicator of “winning something,” how about when the Brees-led Chargers knocked off the 13-0 Colts in 2005 to keep their playoff hopes alive? Would you not consider that a big game? I would.

    I appreciate where you’re coming from… that someone like Brees doesn’t get the scrutiny that someone like McNabb or Culpepper or McNair would receive. That may be true, but the solution, I think, isn’t to nullify the careers of the Breeses of the world. Is Brees a “lock for the HOF” like that sportswriter said? No. But is he an unproven commodity? No. He is a GREAT passer. Hype doesn’t get you to within 15 yards of Dan Marino’s record. (In a season in which his best receiver was injured I might add). Brees is legit, and a regular season win against a Pats team in freefall will prove absolutely nothing.

    As for the 09-10 Saints, I think they are a legit team, but I think your doubts concerning how strong they truly are are valid. That defense has improved, but it still isn’t elite, and come playoff time it can be exploited. So I get your skepticism. HOWEVA, I don’t see how this game will prove anything. If they win tomorrow night, those doubts should still persist. And if they lose… big deal, it’s just one game. The only way this game would tell me something is if the Pats come out and straight up EMBARRASS the Saints. Like if they completely outclass them. Then we can say: Hold up…

  6. Mizzo says:

    I hope the Saints win as well. Can’t stand the Pats. Just to clear that up.

    This is a nice game by Coach Mike and his team. I hope they can build on it and get over .500

  7. Tariq says:

    * how GOOD they truly are….

  8. Mizzo says:

    Vince Young. 387? 99 yards on last drive? Great Scott! Matt Leinart must hate that dude. Juggernaut. Steve McNair’s death must have had some positive effect. He’s looking just like Rose Bowl 2006.

    Indy next. Remember his rookie year?

    Dude is on the playground.

    Tariq, I’m not diminishing Drew Brees’ talent. He has yet to play a game where the lights are brightest…that’s all I’m saying. Yeah he went to the NFC Championship game, but if that’s any indicator, Jake took the Panthers to the Super Bowl or Trent Dilfer has a ring. Brees is crazy better than both combined but I just wanna see it happen.

    All this talk before the game is bullshit. Ya’ll know where I stand. Show and prove New Orleans and I’m on board.

    This game will have a playoff atmosphere, so yeah it is an indicator game.

  9. Tariq says:


    A cynic would say that Donovan McNabb dry-heaved his chance to glory away when the lights were brightest. Should that nullify his career?

  10. HarveyDent says:

    Good picks, Miz, and you got the Wash-Philly game exactly right. Now it’s on to the ATL for the team and me. I got my little man a black Eagles #7 today to match my white #7. The only thing I have to get now is a stuffed pit bull with a noose around its neck….I kid, I kid. The thing I’m not kidding about though is that the roof is going to ripped off the GA Dome last week especially if MV7 gets any real playing time.

    Brees is a great player but I feel you Miz in that the MSM is so quick to give these guys HOF credentials just for throwing a pretty pass. Brees is a talent but being an Eagles fan especially the last decade makes you appreciate that sometimes the victories in the post-season have to be gutted out and won ugly but still won.

    A lady friend of mine who’s a football novice asked me who’s going to the SB this season and I let her know it can be called because it’s still a month left in the season and just because one team is hot now doesn’t automatically guarantee a damn thing. I’m saying that because while the Saints and Vikings are flying high in the NFC now who’s to say Green Bay’s O line won’t stabilize and Aaron Rodgers becomes the new Tom Brady. You just never know.

    Tariq, that last comment was so, so wrong…LOL!

  11. HarveyDent says:

    Excuse me, I meant the roof is going to be ripped off the GA Dome next week.

  12. Tariq says:


    I’m just playing devil’s advocate. I got myself an Asante Samuels black jersey myself ;)

  13. Tariq says:

    To answer your lady friend, I think we can talk about who’s going to the SB. It’s not necessarily about who’s hot, but we can discuss. I definitely don’t think the Packers will even make the playoffs though.

    In my mind, the AFC has two dangerous teams: the Pats and the Chargers.

    As for the NFC, the Vikings have all the elements to win it all, but they’re dumb. That’s they’re only problem. Listen, if you have the best RB in football, you don’t go away from that. They’ve gotten WAY too pass-happy. So now they don’t have an identity. Are they a passing team or a running team? This over-reliance on the pass is going to come back and bite them in the a$$. Trust me. Maybe even one and done for Minny. As for the Saints, I think they get to the NFC championship game, but that’s it. Which means the NFC is pretty much WIDE OPEN. You’ve got Dallas, Philly, and Arizona. The Giants are crap. I think Atlanta are a playoff team, but they won’t make much noise once they get there. So basically: Dallas, Philly and Arizona.

    As an Eagles fan, this gives me great optimism.

  14. Eric Daniels says:

    I know =my post has nothing to do with the Saints v. Pats game or Super Bowl ( I will save that for later) but I had to comment on the Tiger Woods accident and my take on what happened to “Tiger Woo”.

    I think it went something like this—

    Tiger **stretching while looking at his watch**
    “I guess I’ll go out for a walk”

    Erin–”It’s 2:00 in the morning! Where do you plan on walking this time of morning. I know we live in an upscale neighborhood but DAMN, Tiger!”

    Tiger–”Aw girl I’m just going for walk. Damn! Can a CALABASIAN breathe?!”

    Erin–You ain’t going nowhere Nigg..

    Tiger–Woman, don’t say “aint”. You sound ghetto!

    Erin–”Ghetto, who you callin….”
    (you can’t understand her because of the blows she’s throwing while swearing)

    Tiger–**hovered up in the kitchen floor**
    “Please don’t beat me no mo! Please don’t beat me no mo!”

    Let me say, If you are going out after 2 IN THE MORNING it can’t be for anything postive

  15. Mizzo says:

    Tariq at least he got there and with less talent than Brees.

  16. Temple3 says:


    I think you have the Saints confused with the Chargers or the Cowboys. The Saints aren’t perennial chokers. This isn’t the team that always comes up short.

    In Payton’s first year (and Brees’), they took a 3-13 team to the playoffs at 10-6 and beat the Eagles. They lost on the road to a powerful Bears team. The Saints in 2006 didn’t have a great defense. In fact, aside from Jonathan Vilma (who came in 2008), the Saints have hardly had a single defensive player that anyone outside of Louisiana could name.

    This year’s addition of Darren Sharper, the outright theft of Brooklyn’s own Anthony Hargrove, the improved health of Will Smith (8.5 sacks, up from 3 in 2008) and Charles Grant (8 games in 2008. 4.5 Sacks this season), and the introduction of Gregg Williams’ schemes have made this team formidable and substantively different from their predecessors.

    The Saints have also invested more heavily and more soundly in defense over the past few years. Last year, they took USC dominating DT Sedrick Ellis. He was injured in Miami and won’t play on Monday. They took Ohio State’s Malcolm Jenkins who has delivered stellar special teams performances (He helped turn the tide in the Eagle game by forcing a fumble on a return in the 2nd half.) Another successful draft pick who will miss Monday’s game is 2008 pick Tracy Porter out of Indiana. He’s been balling this season and already had 3 picks, including a TD return and 2 forced fumbles.

    The Patriots could win, but it won’t be because they’ve beaten a team full of perpetual chokers. The Saints are a wholly different group than we’ve seen in previous years. If you show up to play the 2008 Saints, you’re going to get your ass kicked. Ask the Eagles and Giants. They’re still trying to get that footprint off their necks.

  17. Clifton says:

    I’m gonna need a little more respect for the Saints brother.

  18. GrandNubian says:

    I guess now maybe you guys will start to take the Saints a little more seriously now after that ass-whoopin they put on the Pats last night. :-)

  19. Mizzo says:

    Just wanted to see it fam. Nothing wrong with that. Remember I live in a city where the qb gets no run so yeah…I’m bitter. Straight up.

  20. Mizzo says:

    Temple, Donovan didn’t play. The legend will not become fact. If Kevin Kolb can outplay Tom Brady, what would Donovan have done?

    We can all speculate based on the present, but we just don’t know.

  21. Temple3 says:


    The Saints theme song is “10 Million Ways to Die — Chose One.”

  22. Temple3 says:


    We don’t what Donovan would have done. What did he do against the Oakland Raiders? 22-46, 269 — no tds! What did he do against the Cowboys? 16-30, 227 — 1 td, 2 picks!

    No one knows what he would have done. He might have hit ‘em for Fo-Fiddy like he did the Chargers…but I told you — the Saints are not the Chargers. They look like the Chargers, but they’re not cut from the same cloth.

    Perhaps McNabb has a masterpiece of a game. All we do know is that as much of a bum as Kolb is (or has the opinion changed?? – LOL), the Eagles were in the game at halftime…then some folks decided to fumble the rock because Malcolm Jenkins hit them some place they didn’t like…then a bunch of guys decided they didn’t want to chase and tackle a mere Saints fullback — so he scored too…and then — it was OVER.

    Maybe none of that happens with McNabb — but that game was lost in a flash when the offense wasn’t even on the field.

    Philly is going to get their chance. I actually picked the Eagles to win that game because I thought that Samuel, Brown and company matched up really well. I even had Kevin Kolb on my fantasy team (he was kicking ass and taking names). Then I saw Brees get stuck in the chest (I think it was Trent Cole) and still complete a rocket — 30 yards downfield to the sideline and past Sheldon Brown — right on the numbers…and I knew what Bill Belichick knew last night.

    “Let’s go boys. This one is OVER.”

  23. Mizzo says:

    Those are not the only two performances of his career bruh.

    So a guy making his FIRST professional start and still put up 391 and 3…also 3 picks…is comparable to McNabb?


  24. Temple3 says:

    C’mon brutha Mizzzzzz: That’s not what I said.

    What I said was simply that we cannot say we know for sure how McNabb would have played. There is simply no way to know.

    He played really well against the Chargers. I mentioned that too — not just the games vs. Oakland and Dallas. Maybe he would have performed somewhere in the middle.

    Bottom line — the defense and special teams bitched up in that game and got handled. And, if Philly handles their business, they’ll get a chance to answer this question. This is the “No Excuses” squad with weapons galore — so it should be an epic battle…and we’ll see.

    I already picked Philly once — without McNabb…so

    Also, that first professional start stuff doesn’t mean much. Kolb’s start looked a lot like Ryan Fitzpatrick’s start with the Rams back in the day. Sometimes the new guy has an advantage if he’s prepared. Sometimes the defense reads TSF and thinks the new guy sucks. Sometimes they aren’t as intensely focused as they’d be if the king is on the throne. Tom Brady had the Saints attention last night — and veteran guys like Mike McKenzie and Darren Sharper took his lunch money, pimp smacked his ho (Wes Welker) and kidnapped his best friend (Randy Moss).

    I’m not dissing McNabb today. I’m just saying we cannot tell the future — although I didn’t do half bad when I said the score of this game would be 41-17 New Orleans.

    It’s all good.

  25. Mizzo says:

    You called it. I give you that.

    I say McNabb keeps the offense on the field more and as a result the defense isn’t as tired chasing around all those bunny rabbits the Saints have…big and little…strong and fast.

    If we are gauging history and the Saints are on pace to enter the most points in a season all time discussion, none of those teams has a ring. I’m interested in what makes this team different than the 07 pats, the 98 Vikings and the 83 Skins.

  26. Temple3 says:

    Now you’re talking.

    I think that’s a great question. I know one thing they have in common with the ’98 Vikings is an issue at kicker. Sure, Anderson made every kick under the sun in ’98, but he missed the biggest of them all. Carney was awful last night and cost me a dead-on pick.

    Also, the 1998 Vikings were led by a finesse running back. Robert Smith was nice, but he scored 6 rushing td’s all season. On this Saints team, Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas already have 5 each. Mike Bell has 4. Anyone of those guys can score on the ground and we know Bush can score through the air. Thomas had a beauty of a TD last night on that flare pass.

    I think the 1983 ‘Skins are an interesting comparison. I liked the Raiders in that game because they had the 2 best corners I’ve seen — Michael Haynes and Lester Hayes. They had Marcus Allen and my main man Jim Plunkett. No way I was going with Theismann against that bunch.

    So what else is different? Well, Brees is better than Theismann. No contest. The 1983 Redskins had two 30+ running backs. Riggins was a monster, but you knew where they were going once they got in the red zone. That team didn’t have pass-catching tight ends like the Saints. They didn’t have the same depth at wide receiver either. They were nice, but not this nice — and the RULES strongly favored the Raiders because Haynes and Hayes could play bump and run all day long.

    This year’s Eagles team playing with those rules would kill people.

    As for the ’07 Pats, they didn’t have a power running back like they did when they won it all with Corey Dillon. They relied heavily on Moss and Welker. When the Giants sat on Moss’ head and made Brady wait and wait for Welker to uncover, the game went alot like last night’s game. Sacks, pressure, hurried passes, balls thrown to open spaces with no receivers in sight.

    The ’07 Pats were a great offensive team, but they weren’t balanced. The 1998 Vikings could run, but with finesse, not power. The 1983 Redskins could run with power, but they didn’t have comparable size/speed on the outside. Art Monk was no blazer. Charlie Brown may have been fast, but they faced the best corner duo I’ve seen…and Theismann got abused by the Raiders linebackers. They were in the game until Jack Squirek made history.

    So — are the Saints a lock? Not a chance…but on balance, I think I am more impressed with what they have than with those other teams (so far). And remember they did all of that last night WITHOUT Reggie Bush and WITHOUT Lance Moore (10 tds in ’08)…and with Jeremy Shockey catching only one ball.

    All they did last night was scratch the surface.

  27. Temple3 says:

    I think you’re on to something. I might have to hit you up.

  28. KevDog says:

    Damn Miz, you cost me $50

  29. Mizzo says:

    Make it up to you this spring in Vegas. My bad.

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