Exhaustion. Hurts so good.

I have to be honest. This mission will not be easy. There will be days when I will dread this mission’s next battle.

And if you choose to follow it, either as someone intrigued along the journey or as someone who has your own goals and the desire to achieve them, there will be days like this:

Blood and Guts 2009.

The question is: Can you hang through it? Can you push beyond where you know your limits are? Can you suffer enough to get the job done? Because if you can, if you are capable of being the best of yourself, this mission’s pain will seem like nothing.

One Response to “Truthfulness”

  1. Okori Wadsworth says:

    Everyone who reads this article should understand also that….. unless you are genetically gifted and rich enough to make bodybuilding your life….. looking like Chris Cormier will not happen for you.