Friday Fire: Who Stole the Soul?

Can I be honest with you family? The soul of sports is gone. Yes, there will be dramatic moments but everything leading up to game day is a bunch of junk. Can this change? I don’t know.

These situations are wearing on me. Outside of watching a couple of movies with my sister, the TV does not come on except for Sundays (since Thanksgiving…the day the TIger Woods debacle). In my best Allen Iverson voice, “I just wanna watch the games maaa.” I have kids who play sports and I can’t help but to think what would happen if writers slammed them at every turn because of corporate and fan idiocy. All this bullshit is so unnecessary. Why are these stories blown so far out of proportion you actually get sick of hearing about it?

There are athletes who do so much for their community and the actions of some stupid asses mess it up for everyone…on both sides of the fence. For whatever reason, these mishaps exacerbate the public’s continued objectification of sports in general. Is it about race, money or a combination? I will continue to do what I do and grind it out until the fight has left me. Athletes that are painted with a lily white brush are safe while others no matter what they do will always be 40,000,000 Slaves. I’ve missed a lot of my children’s sports over the past three years and now that they are in high school, I’m not missing anymore.

I am their soul model and because of my contacts, I will introduce them to people as long as they’re on the up and up.

You are your children’s soul model. To say an athlete is a role model just because he plays a game is ridiculous. He’s not a Disney movie you plop in the DVD player to babysit your children while you do whatever.

Raise your own damn kids.

Just because athletes make astronomical amounts of money you don’t make, there is no reason to point the finger for any reason. Think about it…an athlete sacrifices his entire life by working hard just to get booed by you? Live your own life. Go down to DC and boo or boo your employer. Boo your Mom or Dad for not doing their job. Boo your mail, gas or milk man. Boo your local police man who is not doing his job or boo ya damn self.

I just want to watch the games. I have never booed at anyone in my entire life. Just doesn’t make any sense.

If you are having a bad work week boo that too.

Listen, most of the questions asked by reporters of coaches and athletes are thinly approved. Aren’t you tired of hearing the same damn answers? I wanna get in and crack the athletic mind in hopes of inspiring a kid on and off the field. That’s it.

Gilbert Arenas and possibly Javaris Crittenton messed up. Keep their transgressions isolated as the singular event it is. In the following weeks and months, you will hear about a supposed NBA gun problem despite some athletes being robbed and in other cases killed.

Last year, I experienced a couple of locker room incidents you will hopefully read about in my book. Trust me, one of them is just off the hook but it proves the majority of sports leagues want to control their product no matter what.

I didn’t comment on the TIger Woods stuff because it became so demonic and that it’s still being discussed on talk radio is incredulous.

Thinks changed for me when a well known writer actually told me to “Shut the fuck up and play ball!” when I told him why I wasn’t writing about Tiger. I understand why he said what he said, but to add my voice to what is essentially booty chatter is just not happening. Damn right I’m better than that.

As far as the game and why I dispute some of TSF’s readers…

I had to get in people to see what is really real and now that I have (you have no idea), I’m not so sure what my intentions are for the game. Am I going to be strictly an author with a blog, a reporter, a columnist? What? I don’t give a damn how much these cats make. It was nothing to do with me or my life. I just want to watch the games and report on what I saw. That’s it. I could care less what any of these cats do off the field. The NBA is unfairly criticized as this thug league but the incidents it has pales in comparison to other sports. There is this thing that NBA players cheat more than any other athlete, but I know this to be false (at least what I’ve seen with my own eyes). I criticize the media a lot and have done so over the course of TSF’s existence because Dwil and I saw early how the whole thing is going to blazes. Yes, if athletes are out there messing up, they should be punished, but if you really think about it outside of what is currently going on, why the hell is Gilbert Arenas and Tiger Woods now known by people who don’t even like sports. You would think the majority of athletes were straight criminals but we all know that’s not the case. Makes you wonder why we allow our children to play sports when the majority of society won’t give a damn about them anyway once they become pros. I should have been at the pictured game but my daughter’s game is way more important. As an aside, a couple of days ago, ESPN had eight quarterbacks pictured and not one was Donovan McNabb. How can that be considering what he’s done throughout his career? Who stole the soul?

6 Responses to “Friday Fire: Who Stole the Soul?”

  1. mapoui says:

    who stole the soul? its lost in the daze of the total, ferocious, endless media din

    america canibalises itself in the fade of empire. only the revolution can save us now.

    where is that…the revolution!?

    who stole that?

  2. Eric Daniels says:

    Sports to me became entertainment the minute the Apple paid 1 million dollars to the NFL to show it’s commerical in the Super Bowl and to me it was appearant when after the kickoff they showed the bloody commerical. It was a turn -off because before that the league and networks knew that the concentration of the players in the biggest game of their lives was more important and usually did not show fade to a commerical until at least 6 minutes (or a touchdown/big play)into the game so there was at least a flow to the action.

    Today it’s a t.v. break every damn exchange and now you have althletes playing to the cameras and sponsors and in every sport not just football. And the white sports media with it’s petty jealousies and revenge antics (Roberto Alaomar’s snub for the BHOF) is the the final straw with Jay Marrioti bragging about his no vote but making 38 million African- Americans responsible for 10% of Black Althletes getting into trouble and it’s lynch mob mentality. Black Sportwriters are just as bad from Stephan A. Smith’s ‘black guilt’ article that the “Black Community” is responsible for Arena’s actions, last time I heard Gilbert was 28 y.o. and was an adult so it’s his fuckup and unless Smith, Jemele Hill, Micheal Wilbon and Kevin Blackistone are going to protest the actions of Madison Avenue their fellow sportswriters and the dope dealers on the street with their feet and mouths they really should just stick to writing sports.

    And tell me why is Al Shaprton meddling his ass into the Arenas debacle, when there is 50% black unemployment and there is a depression going on many parts of Black America that rivals the depression of the 1930’s Black Leadership to make an example of a player who clearly excercised bad judgment and was immature afterwards, just shows you how the prioities of African- American leadership, they would rather lynch Gilbert Arenas than deal with the real world issues jobs, housing and food the responsiblity of the Biracial Presdient they helped elect two years ago, but is ignoring their cries of assitance but don’t the Obama family look good.

    Like suspending Arenas for life is going to stop some kid in the projects or some dope dealers/criminals from getting a gun and using it to hurt, maim or kill. If you read Christine Brennan’s racially patronizing article in USA today you would have sworn that Arena’s and the Wizards flippant pregame attitude towards his troubles was the end of the world and only by suspending those black players would crime in D.C. and everywhere drop and would ‘send of message’ to quit acting like thugs.


  3. Mizzo says:

    Excellent comments you two. Thank you.

  4. The bottom line is that we’re allowing the MSM to choose our battles for us, when we know full well that this is all part of a bigger picture. It’s not our fault that we get caught up in this stuff because it pisses us off.

    I’m lookin’ for the revolution my damn self.

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