Donovan McNabb: The End of a Philly Era?

In 1995 after 11 seasons and a blowout 30-11 playoff loss to the eventual champion Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles got rid of Randall Cunningham. Crazy as it may seem, history could repeat itself this off season and Donovan McNabb, arguably the best player in franchise history, could be outta here and doing his dance somewhere else next year.

Donovan is under contract through next season, so Donovan could dictate his next destination. I would think that would be Minnesota (depending on Favre’s status obviously) given his relationship with head coach Brad Childress.

Donovan’s career stats. Judge for yourself:

1999 PHI 12 106 216 49.1 948 4.4 8 63 7 60.1
2000 PHI 16 330 569 58.0 3365 5.9 21 70 13 77.8
2001 PHI 16 285 493 57.8 3233 6.6 25 64 12 84.3
2002 PHI 10 211 361 58.4 2289 6.3 17 59 6 86.0
2003 PHI 16 275 478 57.5 3216 6.7 16 59 11 79.6
2004 PHI 15 300 469 64.0 3875 8.3 31 80 8 104.7
2005 PHI 9 211 357 59.1 2507 7.0 16 91 9 85.0
2006 PHI 10 180 316 57.0 2647 8.4 18 87 6 95.5
2007 PHI 14 291 473 61.5 3324 7.0 19 75 7 89.9
2008 PHI 16 345 571 60.4 3916 6.9 23 90 11 86.4
2009 PHI 14 267 443 60.3 3553 8.0 22 60 10 92.9
Career 148 2801 4746 59.0 32873 6.9 216 91 100 86.5

Even the Mayor of Philly is getting bombarded.

Let’s go back to Randall for a minute…

It was horrible here after Randall was jettisoned. The fans and media actually excoriated Cunningham for leaving during the week (before the Dallas playoff game) to be with his wife…who coincidentally was expecting their first child.

Did I mention, Randall was the backup?

Some of the stories here were simply incredible. What made less sense was the fans here cheered Randall when he returned as qb of yes…the hated Cowboys.

When he was here, there were taunts of Raaaaaaandall heard through Veterans Stadium. This was a guy who sat out almost all of two seasons (both years began 4-0) because of serious knee injuries that happened in the pocket.

Yeah, it was all Randall’s fault that’s for sure. He had no offensive coordinator, no line, no receivers of note and no running game and no media support…for the most part.

Absurd as it may seem, the Eagles organization never learned from having one of the most talented athletes to ever play the position running the show here. Randall was a monster and could do everything on the field. He could punt (pretty sure he owns the NFL record of 91 yards), he could make all the throws, he could run around or jump over you and more importantly, the Eagles were never out of a game because of his skill set.

The most ironic Randall Cunningham stat is that he led the Eagles in rushing for four straight years (’87-’90) lining up under center.

Similar to McNabb, Randall was never given the help he needed to put the team over the top. Keith Jackson was his best receiver and I’ll never forget the Monday Night Football live interview where Randall has this shocked look as Jackson was grilling in Miami…having made the decision to leave the franchise and sign with the Dolphins.

This was the advent of the free agency era.

It was never the same here as one by one, members of his legendary defense bounced…Reggie White being the most accomplished. Randall’s best chance at post season glory in my opinion was thwarted by as ridiculous as it sounds, the weather in Chicago. In the infamous New Years Eve 1988 Fog Bowl, Cunningham passed for over 400 yards in a 20-12 first round loss to the Bears. No one here thought the Eagles would lose that game. Head Coach Buddy Ryan had all kinds of inspiration to give it to Mike Ditka as you may know.

Didn’t happen.

Donovan is a more polished passer than Cunningham (Yes, Randall ran for his life) and was definitely more committed to staying in the pocket (albeit after much scrutiny) and working on his craft.

Remember he’s playing quarterback in Philadelphia. Philly is one of the most ridiculous and absurd places to play regarding media and fan scrutiny. Despite having never won a Super Bowl, there’s this entitlement that is disgusting and nonsensical. You hear passionate and caring and deserving…what a crock! The most loyal Eagles fans are the ones who attend the games at Lincoln Financial Field on a consistent basis.

Again, Philadelphia has never won a Super Bowl.

The Eagles organization should have been held to the fire here by the media as soon as McNabb was drafted to ensure the proper weapons were brought in to take advantage of his talent but it appeared the media here wanted to run with the fans disdain for the pick.

He’s the only quarterback standing from his draft class. I will say it again, he is a Hall of Fame quarterback based on he’s played half his career in the NFC Championship.

The similarities between Randall and Donovan are almost uncanny during their early years under center. They were asked to win games by themselves while their less than multidimensional quarterback peers were afforded running games and capable receivers.

What is wrong with that picture? There should be no need for pieces like this.

If you surround a talented quarterback with skilled players, the organization will most likely win right?

DeSean Jackson is considered a steal and will be a great receiver on the outside, but what Donovan needs is a big receiver who can move the chains when the game is on the line. The go over the middle guy. I love Jason Avant, but he only cracks the lineup in situational spots. Celek is a Pro Bowl caliber tight end and Jeremy Maclin will hopefully develop into a fine receiver but all are still learning their NFL digs.

After McNabb criticized the young players around him and subsequently backed off the statement, some feel he has lost the team. They are gonna be here whether he’s here or not and if that is the case that the team isn’t committed to Donovan, then this must be addressed now.

The problem with that is Donovan McNabb catches this media and fan ire despite having the second youngest team in the league. Just like any quarterback, he has bad games but to pin every single regular and post season loss on Donovan…let alone any quarterback…is delusional.

If they write it here, the fans will eat it up. Donovan is one of the most compelling figures in sports. Because of his introduction to Eagles fans and media (booed on draft day), he’s very wary of responding with full honesty when questioned in any forum.

He knows the game here. He knows he is the reason for all the page views and post column comments. Why would he give the media anything to run with that would eventually lead to his Philly demise?

Editors would eat that up, but what’s gonna happen when he’s gone for real?

Consider what happened when Cunningham left. There was one winning season (10-6) in the next four until ironically McNabb was given the reigns and promptly went 11-5 in 2000.

McNabb passed for 3,365 yards, 21 touchdowns and 13 interceptions that campaign.

The worst season during that span was 3-13 in 1998, the same year Cunningham when 15-1 as qb of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Eagles are a little better off on the offensive side of the ball than the one Randall left with.

Some Donovan McNabb stats of note:

Became the first player in NFL history to finish a season with 30+ TD passes (31) and fewer than 10 INTs (8) in 2004.

His career high in interceptions is a mere 13 (first season as a starter). He’s third all time (2.16) in interception to touchdown ratio behind Tom Brady (2.29) and Steve Young (2.17).

He’s one of 7 quarterbacks with 25,000 yards passing and 2,500 yards rushing.

He owns 9 of the 19 Philadelphia playoff victories. One less than half.

These stats might seem minimal to Donovan’s detractors, but what matters most, is McNabb wins games by not giving the ball away to the other team.

We all know about 2004. Donovan had his best season and spread the ball around to whoever was open in his sight. Coincidentally, this was the year Terrell Owens signed with Philadelphia. His stay was short lived, but the Eagles picked up a Super Bowl appearance in the process…a 24-21 loss to the New England Patriots. Donovan was 30-51 for 357 yards, 3 TDs and 3 INTs.

The Eagles rushed for a abysmal 45 yards.

Which brings up a much celebrated point. When any quarterback has a balanced offense, he’s more prone to win. A balance offense keeps the defense thinking…players are shuffled in and out and there’s more of a penchant to catch players and coaches sleeping.

Obvious point right?

Not with Philly. Andy Reid is a beast at calling for the pass. He would pass on every down if he could. Remember his history. He grew up in the West Coast offense and when he got his shot, he went Air Coryell with no John Jefferson, Charlie Joiner or Kellen Winslow to speak of.

Instead, the Eagles put undersized wunderkind Brian Westbrook in physical danger by overusing his talent. There was no fullback to help him get through holes and subsequently punishment he took. His ankles are chronically injured and the concussions have mounted putting his NFL future in jeopardy. He missed 8 games this year.

Why would you be so stupid to waste such a talented back who gave his heart for the franchise?

Remember people, the Eagles were historically under the cap the last decade. They could have made moves but just didn’t feel as though their franchise players were important enough. Period.

Going 11-5 this season, the Eagles overachieved. Yes they were just as much a contender as any team in the NFL, but if the defense knows you are going to pass on the outside, they will stop you. When Jamal Jackson went down, his absence was definitive. The Cowboys sent mad pressure up the middle with Nick Cole in his stead. Cole did an admirable job, but Jamal Jackson was certainly an unappreciated cog in the Philly machine.

Before the season began, team President, Joe Banner made a statement that haunted the Eagles all year. When your front office speaks out of turn and proclaims the roster to be the best in the NFL, McNabb should and probably did see the writing on the wall.

There’s no way of knowing if Banner’s absurd statement was made to put the heat on Triple 5 Soul and after DeSean Jackson’s Pro Bowl year, I’m sure Banner’s words were forgotten to a certain extent but like I’ve said all season, who was going to step up and make the catch with the game on the line?

No one. Who is the veteran?

Donovan definitely shares some of the blame but in this league if you get in a quarterback’s face, he will be rattled. I don’t care who you are.

So in three games against the Cowboys, the Eagles scored a total of 22 points. In the Eagles 20-16 loss the Eagles used Leonard Weaver enough to keep the Cowboys defense off balance. If he weren’t for those two suspect replays, you never know how this season would have ended. I think they are a huge determining factor in how the Eagles finished. The press box was inexplicably quiet when both went down despite obvious evidence the plays should have been overturned.

Did you know that Dallas charges 75 dollars to park at the new stadium and that the priciest playoff seats are 500 dollars? Remember there is revenue sharing in the NFL. You don’t think it’s in the NFL’s best interest that the Cowboys remain relevant?

But whether you get that or not is besides the point.

Do you keep Donovan or move on?

Andy is locked up so we all know he’ll be here but the consensus opinion I’ve gotten from Philadelphia fans is they want Donovan gone. Out. Finito. Peace. All that.They are sick of the season ending the same way. Sorry people, but there can be only one champion.

They point to how games end. In the NFL, talent wins out. Even on teams with low key personalities, talent and of course cohesiveness are main reasons for success.

Let’s go around the league to make a point. You decide the answers:

Cowboys are in 3rd and 5. Who is getting the ball?

Patriots, same thing?


Brees has many targets.


Aaron Rodgers?

Brett Favre (Sidney Rice is a stud)?

How about Cincy?


San Diego? Really?

How about the Eagles?

Since both Maclin and Jackson are primarily deep threats and Celek isn’t exactly a speed burning tight end (but who is?), where does the ball go?

Westbrook is injured right?

Did Andy use his full compliment of players vs. Dallas?

Where were the bunch formations or the formations with all of their skill players in the game at one time?

Where was Vick besides the dandy 76 yarder?

Where was the trickery?

Where was the running game?

In this town, right now, you would have problems getting through on the various talk radio stations. Pundits will speak of Donovan holding on to the ball too long despite having heat in his face constantly.

Why no Anquan Boldin? Yes, he’s injured, but why not make a play and lock this thing up? Why not go after Brandon Marshall? Why in the hell would you rely on receivers three years into the league? Outside of Jackson, who was scaring defenses consistently?

Stewart Bradley’s injury hurt. Cornelius Ingram’s injury hurt (Celek had a fine season, just missing 1,000 yards).

Marty Mornhinweg just wasn’t creative enough.

Brian Dawkins should not been allowed to leave.

The media here does not hold the front office accountable enough for personell moves.

When the Eagles signed Vick most thought the possibilities were endless but it never panned out and now his future is up in the air. I say go to San Francisco Mike and do your thing.

Kevin Kolb passed for 700 yards in his two starts. 391 was against the Saints in a game where the offense couldn’t stay on the field. The other was a blowout victory vs the Kansas CIty Chiefs. Kolb became the first qb in history to begin his career with two 300 yard games.

Meaningless stat.

What isn’t meaningless is that he’s unproven and at this juncture, why would you hand over the reigns to an unproven commodity?

Why would you take the chance at stepping back? Why would you look at the depleted defense and make the excuse that this is the time for team transition?

What if Kob isn’t the answer?

Why would you chance going 3-13?

Didn’t McNabb pass for 3000 plus, have 22 touchdowns and 10 interceptions?

When all the alternates are called up, he’ll probably make his 5th Pro Bowl.

This is how I see it playing out. Kolb comes in and throws for 3,800 yards. He has 25 touchdowns but 20 interceptions. The Eagles fail to make the playoffs.

Some young talented defensive player is brought in to shore up that side of the ball, the Eagles again fail to make the playoffs and Andy Reid is promply let go.

Maybe Bill Cowher comes in. Maybe Tony Dungy but do those two names guarantee a Super Bowl Championship?

Why is it Super Bowl or bust here? Why is there this attitude that the Eagles are entitled to winning anything?

There hasn’t been an NFL winner here since the 60’s.

So the player who is mainly the reason for all of this success becomes hated?

What the hell is that? What’s wrong with you people? Seriously?

Give me answers. Who is the answer? Where is this superman who will lead the Eagles into the promise land?

You are delusional.

Watch other NFL games. Even though Sweatshirt Bill ran the ball with more authority that the Eagles, the games mirrored each other. The scores were almost identical. Baltimore and Dallas created turnovers and ran the ball with authority.

New England and Philly didn’t and now they are home.

Do you blame Tom Brady or was the Ravens domination some sort of anamoly?

Don’t give me Brady gets a pass because he has rings. He also has better coaching, a better organization and better overall talent than the Eagles.

See more than what’s in front of your face.

Donovan again, did not have his best games as of late, but when the Eagles were on that streak, I didn’t hear nothing coming from the papers here. As soon as there was a hole, the entire local writer contingent jumped right in like the sheep they are without having answer one for the future.

All the fans here who want Donovan gone, be careful what you wish for because when your team forum is shut down because there’s nothing to hate and you are watching the playoffs with other teams involved what will your answers be?

I get along with Donovan because I choose to document his talent as it happens. There’s no need for hate. If he loses, then pick it back up and do it again. Of course I’ll be disappointed, but it’s just a game right?

Yes I challenge him but if you listen closely in the pressers, there is always this money grab question and when 5 doesn’t answer it the way the fans and media want, he’s considered some sort of egotisical jerk?

I don’t understand.

Get over yourselves. It’s deeper than this. Donovan McNabb is an outstanding citizen, husband and Father. What else do you want out of the most important athlete in Philadelphia?

If you want a soul model, here is one. He’s never got in any trouble off the field. I’ve covered a couple of his charity softball games and even his parents are involved in worthwhile causes.

I’m not being critical of all fans. I’m really not but those who have no idea how the media game is played are falling into the traps writers set.

When you say Donovan was 4-10 for 39 yards in the first half, does that mention sacks or drops or that Dallas controlled the ball for the majority of the time?

Does it mention that Felix Jones and Tashard Choice were running the ball down the Eagles throats at home in front of 92, 000 plus?

This is a team game and while it would be ridiculous to not lay any of the blame on Donovan McNabb, there is no reason to place all the blame at his doorstep either.

Is it racial?

Is it cultural?

Is it that you are just a quitter and can’t mentally deal with “adversity”?

Adversity in this case is the third best active record over an 11 year span mind you. Adversity is comparing the Eagles model to the three franchises that will be mentioned way down the road in New England, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.

People get it in your head that this team has less talent than those three teams. How and why do you expect to win whe you allow the organization to lie?

Again, be careful what you wish for. Donovan in Minnesota seems awfully 1998 familiar. Push him out and another community will gain not only a great quarterback but a great man as well. If this is the last we see of Donovan, I personally want to thank him graciously for leading the team I follow with class.

See you on the road fam.

39 Responses to “Donovan McNabb: The End of a Philly Era?”

  1. Origin says:

    Hey if its the end. Then its all good……….Mcnabb will be able to determine where he goes.

    Mcnabb has one year left on his contract. So he can have a say on where he is traded next year.

    Do him like AI trade him to Denver. With that running game and Mr. Marshell (sp?) he will be fine.

    Also the fans and media are so dumb and foolish. This team was 11-5 and was the most injuried team in the league. They are also the 2nd youngest team in the league.

    They lost their MLB and lost the defensive coordinator to cancer. The OL was missing 3 starters. The starting RB was hurt and the team had been starting a rookie RB and Rookie WR.

    Its amazing that this team even made the playoffs let alone was 11-5. This just tells you how most fans are idiots and sheeps.

    Yo Harvey if you are out there. I am sure you are on Eagles board. I tell you what all those fools on the site who want Mcnabb gone don’t realize that their lil forum can be easily gone when Mcnabb leaves.

    See if Mcnabb is gone there is no more internet traffic on their site. No more 50 page posts on Mcnabb and how he needs to leave. No more winning seasons.

    So no more high volumes of traffic that means the Eagles will get rid of the eagles forum.

    See fools on the Falcons board wanted Vick gone. Then when he left their forum had less posts and less traffic. Now the Falcons Forum no longe exists. Same with the Titans forum……..they wanted VY benched so much. Well they got their wish……..then suddenly their forum was gone.

    When the eagles enjoy those 3-13 seasons without Mcnabb. I will laugh my behind off when that forum is closed.

  2. Eric Daniels says:

    Don’t worry Orgin those people are in denial, the Cowboys were the better team so I expect both Vick and Mc Nabb to be gone, I would like to see Mc Nabb playing for Denver or Arizona and Vick playing for either San Francisco or Carolina. The Cowboys season ends in Minn next week because the Vikings can run unlike the Eagles.

  3. Origin says:

    Cosign on that Eric.

    The Viking are just as physical if not more physical then the eagles on both sides of the ball.

  4. mapoui says:

    Dallas was the better side…the better coached and managed side all the way.

    adjustments Philly could have tried on both defence and offense were not attempted.

    on offense McNabbs running ability should have been fully released…of switch to Vick and let him do all he usually did for Atlanta.

    several times McNabb scrambling for chance to find an open receiver would have been better served to run the ball. McNabb ripping off one or two long runs could have changed the game dramatically.

    Andy Reid and his coaching staff are good to have Philly contending every year. beyond that I am afraid they have proved incapable.

    McNabb to the broncos?

    I suspect the McDaniels is satisified with Kyle Orton.

    but there are lots of slots McNabb and Vick can slip into…Buffalo, Washington, Cleveland, Seattle, Carolina, San Fran…..

  5. mapoui says:

    Interesting…history seems shaping up to repeat itself with the colts and the jets.

    if it turns out the colts must face the jets in 2 weeks there would be absolutely zero certainty that my team would win…..

    the best laid plans eh!

    I am even more certain now than at the time that caldwell should have gone all the way and beaten the jets…then used his starters early to set up a win and a 16 zero season in Buffalo.

    Caldwell gave the jets and their monster defence a leg up! I hope he did not remove the colts legs in doing so!

  6. HarveyDent says:

    I sigh heavily as I prepare to write my memoriam for the 2009 Eagles season which has per usual fallen short of my expectations once again.

    My brother for some reason is now a Dallas Cowboys fan even though he couldn’t find Texas if you gave him Oklahoma and Louisiana. That being said he called me last week before the start of the second Eagles-Cowboys game to talk a little trash. I explained to him that win or lose that after the game I would go on the Eagles online forum to find over half the topics on the front page would be critical of one Donovan F. McNabb. He couldn’t believe because even though we were both born in Philly he doesn’t live or die with the hometown teams like I do so he thinks the Philly hype is overblown. I let him know that it is not hype and that McNabb, in some quarters of Eagles fandom, is considered the worst QB this side of Ryan Leaf and some would say that Leaf would have been a better QB if he had had the support McNabb has had over his career.

    As an Eagles fan, I’m very upset that the Eagles lost and lost to the hated Cowboys but I can accept the loss because the Cowboys played strong and it was just there time. There’s no way a team that talented would continue to be one and done in the playoffs while there was no way Reid, McNabb, and the Eagles would be undefeated in playoff openers. It was the law of averages and unfortunately the law went against the Eagles last night. How ’bout dem Boys!!

    Now that I’m through being magnanimous I’ll get back to my franchise QB. I know what I’ll see when I go to the Eagles board tonight and it will make my blood pressure rise because everything that’s gone wrong for EagleNation the past 50 years will be blamed on him. Does he deserve blame for last night? Sure, just as much as Reid and his coaching staff. Just as much as the defense which took a powder in two consecutive games. Just as much as his skill position players who truly showed their youth the past two weeks as well. He should but he won’t because he’s the QB and they catch all the blame when a team loses. A Black QB catches all the blame period even during wins and then will receive the hook in light-speed if the losses start.

    Donovan F. McNabb has dealt with all of this and came out with a smile on his face while never compromising his principles publically as a football player or a Black man. He may be the biggest prick in the world in his private life but I’ve never seen him in over a decade of intense scrutiny embarass his family name with ignorant behavior. Wilma and Sam McNabb raised a man as I’ve said before and I’ll say it again.

    The unfair and undue criticism of McNabb by some Eagles fans and Philly media says more about their souls then it does anything about him. What it says about his detractors that at the least they are confused and at worst willfully ignorant and are happy to be so. Booing your team at the drop of the hat does not make you a passionate fan but someone who needs to get a grip.

    Philadelphia does not deserve a QB of McNabb’s caliber but luckily for Eagles fans who actually have a clue we have him and we support him. As far as I’m concerned he will be the starting QB for the Eagles in September of this year and possibly three more years afterwards. The disappointing end of this season will fade after a few months and the anticipation of a new season will help the hope to spring eternal once again that maybe the Eagles can stand atop the world of pro football for the first time in over fifty years.

    Repectfully, Mr. Tillery, I have to disagree with you about the end of the McNabb Era in Philly. Triple Soul 5 will be under center in Philly until the middle of this decade and if, If, IF, the team stupidly gives him his walking papers then shame on them because the man is a winner and when it comes to Philly football there isn’t too many of those.

  7. Mizzo says:

    I sure hope so.

  8. mapoui says:

    I agree! the fear that McNabs quaility will not be recognised and he will be another Cunningham seems premature.

    it makes no sense for the eagles to dump McNabb now when gibem the talent on the team now the situation can be overturned next season

    one never knows but loic is logic.

    the eagles must find a place with another team for Vick and continue to ‘raise’ Kolb!

    the argument that the eagles are young and inexperienced, beset by key injuries, needs a running game is true. this was the Cowboys year to win this game.

    by the way…since when and how did Tony Romo become an elite quarterback?

    I hear about Romo yet I cant quite it with reality

  9. Origin says:

    Mapoui the same way that Carson Palmer had been called elite for years and years.

    Same way people in Philly say that Mcnabb is just a good QB not great.

  10. Note to the “Knowledgeable” Eagles fans:

    This isn’t Steve Young holding a clipboard, waiting for Joe Montana to step aside. This is Kevin Friggin’ Kolb. The same Kolb who with any type of success against the Baltimore Ravens last season could’ve made this thing interesting. The same Kolb that tore apart the lowly KC Chiefs. But literally gave away the game against the Saints.

    The “Knowledgeable” fans view is that since the core of talent is fairly young, starting the younger QB will give them a better shot at winning now.

    What this team needs is true leadership, someone who is going to inspire them and earn their respect. I can’t say that some if not all of them view McNabb as a leader or inspirational figure, but to a man I believe they all respect him. Offensively, because he can still make plays. Defensively, because he rarely puts the game on them to win.

    I can’t see Kolb doing that yet – if ever.

  11. mapoui says:

    check this out;

    Reid says McNabb will be back with Eagles next season

  12. mapoui says:

    did not get a chance to focus on the Cincy/Jets game….but out of the corner of my eye I saw palmer missing throws he should have made.

    in fact from the glimpses I got Palmer looked terrible on the field but I did not want to say anything.

    Palmer was a shadow from the up and coming gunner I saw in his first years.

    I dont nkow but if that is Palmer from now on Lewis needs a new, quality QB to go anywhere past one and done…even to make the play offs.

    Cincy is a star-crossed team anyway.

    I wont hold my breath waiting for things to go right for them for a month, far less a whole season

  13. Patrick says:

    …”Philadelphia does not deserve a QB of McNabb’s caliber but luckily for Eagles fans who actually have a clue we have him and we support him. As far as I’m concerned he will be the starting QB for the Eagles in September of this year and possibly three more years afterwards…”


    I don’t see McNabb being traded in 2010. However, I believe Coach Reid will take McNabb off the field if he struggles.

    Right now Dallas has figured out Philly. Dallas can run the ball and get consistent pressure on the QB, and if Coach Reid continues to de-emphasize the running game and have Donovan play this 2010 version of the Run and Shoot, it will be more difficult to win even in their own division.

    Mike Shanahan will emphasize the running game in Washington, and they could have a turnaround because their defense is more solid than the Eagles right now.

    The New York Giants struggled defensively, however, they are only two years removed from a World Championship. They fired Bill Sherdian , the defensive coordinator, and if the Giants are able to re-tool defensively, they will pose a big challenge as well in the NFC EAST.

  14. Temple3 says:


    I agree 100%.

  15. Mizzo says:

    I hear what you are all saying, but ya gotta be here to feel this mess. Like I said in the piece, if Donovan has lost the young players, that’s a huge issue.

    If Donovan McNabb is the quarterback of this team next season it will be a shock.

  16. Zuri says:

    Man, just as an outsider, I can’t even begin to think what Philly would be without Donovan McNabb…. oh wait, I can.

    It would be a really, really, REALLY crappy team. (I think I just saved you 500 words right there.)

    Pin the blame for the last two weeks on Andy Reid. He’s like Tom Brady right now for the Patriots — untouchable. Well Andy Reid and his notoriously pass-happy offense was absolutely terrible. With backs like Westbrook and Weaver, running a couple of draws would almost seem pedestrian. You know, he could’ve really made the ‘Boys scratch their heads with two full backs (use some of those tight ends) and run some power-I like the Ravens. But here’s the thing: Reid, just like Mike Shanahan while at Denver, has been at the helm too long. He’s almost dogmatic in his ways. There’s no changing the way he approaches his gameplan. And when you have an abnormal amount of success as the Eagles (three NFC championship appearances, one super bowl appearance) and the Broncos (two super bowls in Shanahan’s tenure), it’s hard to argue for change in philosophy rather than talent. Talent is the easy route. Philosophy is much harder.

    The Eagles, and I guess their fans, need a totally different mindset in which to compete. One which encourages switching things up. I’m not saying the power-I is the answer. But it wouldn’t hurt to do something nobody expects — whatever it is.

    How does Donovan McNabb even become an issue? You don’t want him. Sure. I’ll take him. The 49ers need a QB bad.

  17. mizzo says:

    He would be great there with Crabtree, Davis and Gore.

  18. Tariq says:

    This is crazy. I can’t believe people in philly want McNabb out. What do they put in those cheesesteaks?

  19. mizzo says:

    Don’t know but I get mine in nearby Chester. A writer and I had a bad social experience in Philly after working an Atlanta game along similar story lines. Not cool.Read your paper tonight after work fam.

  20. HarveyDent says:


    They don’t put anything extra in the cheesesteaks because many of these so-called Eagles fans eat them with their biases and prejudices already inside them. I just came from the Eagles messageboard and its not as bad as I thought it would be but there is a sense of apathy about the team now by many fans and they mistakenly believe that shaking up the QB position is the ticket. I truly believe McNabb will be back in the fall and for at least two to three more seasons after that but I do admit there is a fatigue with him now with me. I still appreciate what he does on the field so much so that I’d rather him go to another team to be a real winner just to let his critics realize what they drove out of town.

    Being an Eagles fan the past decade has been nothing but a civil war because for every win or loss there is always a vocal contingent calling for a QB change because they don’t like the way he plays the game, his QB rating his too low, he smiles too much, he runs too much, he doesn’t run enough, he kidnapped Lindbergh’s baby, blahblahblah. It gets tiresome because some people on messageboards and in the local media have their biases that they try to cover with what they think are reasoned arguments but it all comes down they want to make change for changes sake.

    If Reid thinks McNabb is a shot QB then cut him loose but the only reason he came out and said McNabb’s his QB next season because he knows that #5 will win eventually anywhere he goes in the league and better to have a proven commodity still in his prime to run a talented offense. Wouldn’t surprise me at all though if this team bows to the media and fans wanting a change and when that happens believe me I’ll be laughing my black behind off because McNabb will be in a better position and the Eagles will fight for the bottom of the NFC East for the next ten years and they’ll both deserve what they get.

    Screw dem haters in Philly.

  21. Origin says:

    This is one of your greatest articles Mizzo.

    I see you must have read some of our comments yesterday.

    Glad you pointed out the haters on the message board Mizzo and Harvey.

    Brotha Harvey you are a better man then me. I couldn’t take those haters on that board. Remember it got so bad after the eagles lost to the Cowboys the first time during the season that the moderator had to ban kats and put a no racist comments sticky on the forum.

    The forum is sad and the so called fans are just as sad. The thing is IMO that half of the hater on the forum will disappear once Mcnabb leaves. Cause the only reason they were on that forum was to hate on Mcnabb.

    I am tired myself…………but I have been tired of the mess the last 4 to 5 years. I root for the eagles to succeed only because I know that Mcnabb will get the majority of the blame if they don’t. I once was a fan of the team……….cause I was too young to see the hell they gave Cunningham. But to see that hate for Mcnabb up close……I decided that I could only root for the players on the eagles and not the team. Plus the way management has never really tried to help 5 out.

    Looking back on this I wish Kolb would have thrown 2 TDs vs the Ravens last season. Then Mcnabb could have been in Minnesota.

    Harvey even now all I ask is every game for Mcnabb to not get killed behind Reid’s dumb play calling. And that he can either play out his contract or be traded without getting seriouly hurt while playing for the eagles.

    If Mcnabb stays till th end of his contract there will be a few teams he could go too and possibly win the superbowl with….Carolina, SF, Denver and Minnesota. These are all physically strong teams that have good receiving cores and physical running games.

    So Mcnabb just hold on one more year then you can exscape from Philly…….Kurt Russell style.

  22. mapoui says:

    as an outrsider I did not want to say it but I had been rooting for McNabb to be traded to chicago since Rex Grossman and the super bowl.

    I wud have loved nothin’ better than McNabb and Lovie Smith bringin’ home the bacon.

    now I wish McNabb is traded like tomorrow…to San Francisco, even to Buffalo…and that Buffalo hires Frazier from Minny, or establishes Fewell, who tried hard and well and happily, the few games he coached the Bills.

    and I wish Vick to be gone too. Imagine Vick behind Ricky Williams and wats his name in Sparanos’ trickery in Miami!

    Give it all to Kolb in Philly already! if thats what the fans want give it to them.

    who said Reid’s play calling was/is dumb! dat is gods truth but at least I did not say it…from the outside looking in!

  23. mapoui says:

    and I see incompetent lil Mora was fired in Seattle after only one silly season of coaching.

    dat guys incompetence was so obvious in Atlanta as he hung his cluless crap all over Vick…he and his father Jim…I have no idea how he lasted as long as he did there.

    I won a bet that lil Mora would not last in Seattle so confident I was of his all-round incompetence.

    I wondered about Seahawks management when they settled on lil Mora as Holmgrens’ replacement. now I wonder no more as they have brought in Pete Carroll in replacement.

    the Hawks have lots of time and money on and in their hands. Maybe I shoud have made an applicaton myself. one never knows……

  24. Mizzo says:

    mapoui where ya from?

  25. mapoui says:

    I read that ignorant of the game do I?

    I live in Canada, Hamilton, a town just outside Toronto,, Canada….west, 35 minutes.

    I am African/Canadain so to speak, orginally a long way away from these nothern parts.

    Love American football but obviously was not born to it and I guess it shows.

    dont mind me! I love to talk about the game thats all! and I like this blog!

    let me know if its a family thing and I shoud stay out!

  26. michelle says:

    Good luck # 5. I hope you go to a city that appreciates you 🙂

  27. mapoui says:

    I was fooling around with Seattle Seahawks there. I dont think young Mora is a good coach thats all, and I figured everyone should have seen that

    and I dont see carroll as any better. he has coached in he NFL and failed already.

    I mean if caroll can get a job for millions why not me! ha ha hahahaha.

    kidding..thats all! ha ha ha haha

  28. Miranda says:

    Mapoui I would swear you were from Atlanta with your comments. I thought only people here knew what a fool Jim Mora really was.

  29. Mizzo says:

    No no, you’re good. I’m asking because you came on the scene because of the hadron collider thread and I remember you weren’t from the states. My bad, I was just too lazy to check the archives.

  30. mapoui says:

    no! we can see from all the way here in Canada. it was clear lil Mora could do nothing with vick.

    a good coach finds the right way to use the talent at his disposal. a good coach knows whats wrong with his team..he finds out what is wrong and tries to fix it..tries to get missing players to complete his team etc

    a bad coach complains, blasts players etc.

    then there was Moras father from afar blasting Vick for ruining his sons efforts at Atlanta.

    well who was in charge anyway?

    now in Seattle here the Hawks fall apart totally. then lil Mora cries for Holmgren to return as GM or President to rebuild the Seattle the side he he could not keep together regardless of injuries.

    so who is Holmgren…his substitute father?

    that wasnt a bad Seattle side. injuries or not the poor play was due more to poor coaching.

    I am just crazy about football miranda…crazy about sports period! follow football totally.

    football is a crazy ruff game I dont know if I wuold have played had I the chance. but there can be stunning athleticism in football especially the interplay between wide receiver and quarterback.

    I saw some stunning throws and catches in the Green bay/Arizona game.

    I had been kind bugged all season long about what I thought was a loss in the general quality of play in the NFL.

    but that game made up for a lot let me tell you. it was a most enjoyable game.

    there was some good play throughout the season but on the whole I though things had fallen off.

    Kurt Warner is some kind of quarterback. if they call him elite I wont have a problem. Farve is pretty good too and I also like big Ben Roetlisbergher.

    looking forward to next season and Vince Young in tennessee although Jeff Fisher is not my kind if coaching personality

    and of course there is that giant enthusiasitc kid in Tampa Bay with Raheem Morris who shoud provide some real thrills from here on out.

    cant say I feel the same wbout about the other giant kid a continent away with Oakland. wat the hell is the matter with JaMarcus?

    oh well! all cant be roses and peaches!

  31. mapoui says:

    great mizzo…I love being here! I love the direction of the blog. its a smart area.

    {the hadron collider…they are trying to discrete anti matter thats wat.

    and of orurse weaponnisation is the first point about it, as it is with the results of all research}

    anyway I am holding my breath for my Colts and hoping that Peyton does not choke again this year when it really matters.

  32. Origin says:

    Well mapoui welcome to TSF.

    Good to have you on the board.

    Hey quick question………do you follow the CFL? I have always loved watching canadian football.

    Its just hard to get the games here in the states.

    Anyway how do you watch your NFL games in Canada……the NFL league pass?? Or on TSN (I think thats the channel that the Raptors come on)??

  33. Miranda says:

    Lane Kiffin has bent Tenn over and did his bizness and didnt even say thank you bitch or nuthin.

  34. mapoui says:

    Ontario providers offer a basci package whicn contains Foz and tis NFL crew andone game on a Sunday and according to the playoff splits.

    the package alos inclueds a feed that Trontos City Tv picks up. and for the late sunday game with Tony Dungy…the show I like best…TSN picks hat up.

    so for 20 bucks a month you get full sunday coverage plus 12-15 other channells I never watch but for sports.

    I also get my net feed in combination from this provider helping to reduce cost

    several Ontario providers also offer special sports packages for a nice price too, except it must be taken in combination with the basic TV package I have in combination with high speed internet

    I qualify with my two services to which the sports package must be added at the additional cost of the sports package.

    I dont need it as the basic TV I have to take already gives me full coverage of the NFLand some NBA as well…and all of TSN!

  35. mapoui says:

    the CFL? mmmmmmm!

    I lost interest over the years from the heday of that league when it featured Warren Moon, J C Watt, Condredge Holloway, Tom Clement etc.

    it was a league mostly dominated by Montreal…save for the Moon years…. who selected top NCAA draft picks, paid them big…. like Tom Cosineau and Johny Rodgers who came to Canada and ran all over us, or stopped every run like Cosineau did.

    the league ran into huge neglect by the 1980’s and I lost interest. but the seventies it was a glory league, sweet to be part fof it, with excellent standard of play

    we had a tight end up here…a Canadian kid by the name of Tony Gabriel, Italian…played for the Hamilton Tiger cats and he was a tiger man.

    to give an idea of how good he was I used to compare him to air ‘coryells’ Kellen Winslow, only the greatest fotball player I have ever seen.

    but lately I see interest germinating again and out of the corner of my eye I have been watching games on TSN as i do other things. I have promised to take a good look this year when we start up again.

    if things are anyway getting back to the way it was we have something. but we ran into ownership problems I believe..lots f the worse type of that breed of humans who did not care too much about the league

  36. mapoui says:

    if yu can pick up TSN and yu have a schedule of when the games are on you should be able to get the games.

    TSN televises the entire schedule!

    does TSN have an ameerica feed or carriers…?

  37. PhillyFoLife says:

    McNabb is the certainly the Best Player in Eagles History…I would love to see him back next year.

  38. Temple3 says:


    In light of the piss poor playoff games turned in by Phillip Rivers, Tony Romo and Kurt Warner (vs. New Orleans), do you get the sense that people in Philadelphia are willing to re-evaluate 5’s performance vs. Dallas?

  39. Mizzo says:

    *#&*$ no.

    To Arizona he’ll fly and when he does something ridiculous with serious talent, they still won’t give him props.

    I’m glad you brought this up. I don’t if it’s been fixed, but on the Eagles website, they have 5’s stats for nine years instead of his full tenure.

    If you look at his stats for those nine years, Ron Jaworski is still above McNabb in every category with Randall also in the top three. Add in his full compliment of numbers and 5 is tops in almost every category.

    Coincidence? Naaaaaah.