Friday Fire: How Would You Like the Media to React?

Word is Mike Greenberg will not be suspended or even kissed on the wrist. In my opinion he should receive the same punishment as any of his peers who messed up.

Let me preface this by stating I could give a damn about Mike Greenberg. I never use slurs when describing another race. Never, so there’s no way I would slip.  He said one of the most disgusting things you could ever say about a Black man in my opinion. His response he garbled his words is straight bogus. There is no shot of coming out with “coon” when saying King. Sorry, it just doesn’t add up. If I could guess, ESPN most likely feels there isn’t any intent with Greenberg because there wasn’t a history of using slurs. Do they have a point? ESPN is trying to protect their product. They hype Mike and Mike every chance they get, so I get it but I sure as hell don’t like it and I’m going to speak on it.  Again, it’s the same old backwards ass house nigger mentality that Black writers just don’t get it. The bottom line is all some care about is the money and that has become obvious. Some could care less about Black legacies. You just wanna go with the status quo flow and create this idea there has to be some sort of built in excuses when it comes to Whites slipping up. I’d challenge any of you clowns on this issue. When things even out, I’ll shut up about this. Trust me, I can’t stand writing about race, but if some of us don’t then who will? If folks don’t write it, then it won’t be discussed. If it’s not discussed, then the sheepherders win and history will say so. I’m speaking to a larger issue here and that is because of minute incidents like this, the entire field is affected incident by incident until we will have nothing left. Who stole the soul?

I don’t wanna hear jack about a possible slip up. Let me say this as well that if you don’t think ESPN doesn’t respond to a serious outcry then check the history. Some of you Black writers have your face so far up your employer’s asses that we can smell ya a mile away. Get it right, get it tight. Don’t challenge me on twitter with some fake ass house nigger bull crap. You know what you are, so face it. You don’t want to change. Get that money boy. I see you.

As far as how an individual should respond is up to you. Real rap. Blacks don’t tell on folks en masse and maybe this has something to do with it but from a Black writer standpoint, history will remain with the victors until you put your ass on the line whenever someone White steps out of line in sports. Of course there are battles to be sorted through. Everything is not racism or racist but I see a lot of coonery going on right the damn now. Please understand, this isn’t totally about Greenberg, but let’s flip something for a minute…a Black athlete is on TV and slips up and says “cracker”. Do you think for one minute people won’t snap? You don’t think even Black writers wouldn’t be snapping just to get that raise? If you say no, you better guess again. Why am I making this a racial issue? It’s simple. ESPN knows it can get away with not suspending Greenberg because the demography that pays the bills remains lucid on Mike. No one is speaking up, so no foul. This was covered more by entertainment writers and blogs more than anything. How can that be?

To explain my stance further…

In this business, we write history. Writers of the past shaped the way we see sports now. Perception becomes reality. It’s the reason why Babe Ruth is labeled the GOAT despite playing against nothing but Whites. George Mikan would be perceived the same if Blacks weren’t dominating the game today. Both were great players but how would history perceive their skill set if they rocked out against folks of different races? Would their numbers be as great and if not, how would each be viewed? If Blacks don’t speak up then understand our history will be distorted.

When it comes down to it, others at ESPN will be judged by the suspensions they received while Greenberg will skate. That ain’t right.

White writers out there who are doing a great job, I appreciate you. We appreciate you. This shouldn’t be about race, this should be about truth. Understand the distinction. See through all that bogus trash that keeps us at each other’s necks. We all should be speaking out on this issue regardless of color. Judge yourselves accordingly.

In conclusion, I just want a fair shake. This is not about being some sort of hypersensitive hack  in the midst of a temper tantrum pointing the finger like some school yard kid on recess. We all know there is going to be something else that happens and something else and then something else again. What will be your response? Are there more pressing issues in life? Of course and that should be obvious to not even mention. Just look at Haiti and see no further. Do I want Mike Greenberg fired? No, I don’t want anybody fired but that ESPN isn’t responding with a swift track of rational discipline is telling and I’d go so far as much to say that if you are Black you better understand you are definitely expendable. That goes from the top to the bottom. Remember folks, we are in a culture that strikes a match to anything a Black athlete does…anything but not the other way around (for the most part).

How did this climate come to pass?

Tiger Woods banging everybody and their moms was the biggest story in a decade? How ridiculous is that? You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Seriously. Sit back and think about that for a minute and understand how absurd the idea actually is. Lay off the pipe. It ain’t good for you. It’s a bunch of crack smoke going around and folks are getting high and higher but let the shoe be on the other foot and folks are abstaining as if their life depended on it. That’s cool because no matter what you do or what you say, remember they’ll have a new nigger next year.

8 Responses to “Friday Fire: How Would You Like the Media to React?”

  1. thebrotherreport says:

    The Black response to this has been terrible, but I don’t blame the masses I blame the Black media that knew about this and failed to inform our people. There should’ve been a boycott of Black journalists and hosts at ESPN, to have something like that be said and there’s no national response? But when Jemele Hill refers to Hitler the Anti-Defamation League and others want to call for her head and ESPN considered it. Someone says Michael Irvin has drugs in his car, ESPN fires him where was Tom Jackson to stick up for Irvin if this wasn’t the case. Did anyone of color or otherwise stick up for Harold Reynolds? It’s apparent that both were innocent because they landed gigs following these accusations.

    That’s intolerable.

    It seems like we’re the Nat Turners in this thing. I’m not trying to paint us as some sort of heroes, but at the same time we along with our readers are more in touch than any of these lost souls will be. We just have to maintain the willingness to educate and enlighten.

  2. HarveyDent says:


    You’re making as much history as ESPN and their writers because whether Greenberg is sanctioned or not you and other conscious writers, sports or not, who comment on this are making a record as well of your dissatisfaction with their non-action. Us as your readers are making our dissatisfaction and outrage known so believe me it is not being fluffed off so easily. Whatever grief he and his company receive behind this may be slight but it will be known that he did offend right-thinking people with his so-called slip.

    Don’t ever think you’re preaching to the choir in a vacuum, brutha, because you’re not and the small portion of the population who reads your words will pass it on and others will know too if they don’t already. “Greenie” will get his in due time because we all know what karma is.

  3. Miranda says:

    ESPN – Every Suspect Probably Negro

  4. Eric Daniels says:

    I didn’t watch the episode but after hearing what Greenberg said, why wasn’t he suspended for his comments, if a black person said something anti- semetic they would be fired and wouldn’t be able to work in mainstream media ever again.

  5. jane doe says:

    Hey Eric-
    Guess you never heard of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Cynthea Mckinney, and Jerimiah Wright? They all said anti-semetic things and went on to very lucritive careers as “anti-racist” activists

  6. Michael Jackson went to his “friend” to Steven Spielberg some years ago and wanted to make a film based on the Kings and Queens of Africa prior to the Slave Trade, Spielberg laughed and told Michael “no”.

    But it was ok for Jackson to do narrarate an E.T. book and compose a few songs for Spielberg???

  7. jane doe says:

    thebrotherreport- perhaps Jackson’s film ideas sucked, and prehaps his crippling drug problem made Spielberg wonder if the project would ever see the light of day. Jackson was paid handomsly for his music and narrative work he did on Spielbergs films- you make it sound like it was volunteer work.
    Spielberg declined Jacksons film ideas. So what? Why didn’t Jackson take them to Spike Lee, Lee Daniels or Tyler Perry? There are many blacks who could have made the film, why do you think a Jew owes him something, but not, say, Spike Lee? You have no point.

  8. I don’t think a Jew owes Michael or myself anything. I can care less about Spielberg really.

    You name Blacks that have said things about Jews, How about running off he names of some Jews that have done he same.

    I guess it was cool for Michael Richards to say what he said too?