The Starting Five 2010 AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

Championship Sunday!! Who do you want to see get to the Bowl? How much of a fallacy that Jim Caldwell is practically receiving no credit for Indy improving after the iconic Tony Dungy took off the headset? What about Peyton? Manning is the best regular season QB of all time, but is only .500 in the playoffs. Can he get it done? Who is under more pressure? Brees or Favre? I guess Favre made the right choice huh? I feel you Miranda. All slobber is gonna break loose if a Manning/Favre Super Bowl goes down. Rex Ryan told the world the Jets should be Super Bowl favorites. Was he right? Let’s take a look…

NY Jets at Indianapolis 3:00 PM CBS

The Jets might be the least heralded team left but are the best in the NFL at running the rock. They have a coach who is hungry to prove his family legacy and not afraid to tell anyone in his face or not. Who thought the Jets would be here? I sure didn’t, but it’s all because of Rex Ryan.

Shonne Greene is so underrated. He will run past and over you. Combined with Thomas Jones the Jets are murder in the 4th quarter because they beat you up with knee caps and all that.

Darelle Revis will most likely blanket Reggie Wayne so someone else has to step up. I’m sure Revis will again be all over the field just to give the Colts different looks. The Jets defense is dynamic. This is not Buddy’s 46. Check it at the line of scrimmage and the difference of alignment and movement that ensues. Look at how the Jets linebackers are set at the point of attack and in coverage. This is not all about Revis. He just makes it all happen the way it should. To make it simple, all of the signals you see from Manning before the snap, the same thing is going on with the Jets defensively. Peyton will be on his back a few times today. I’ll go out on a limb and say the Jets will control time of possession because of their ability to run the ball. Reggie Wayne is a fine receiver and so is Dallas Clark, but this is where they will miss the likes of Marvin Harrison. His route running was sick and because of the hybrid Jets defense, the Colts will have to be perfect in their execution. The regular season means nothing. Throw out the media hyped loss to the Jets. If the Jets weren’t here then it might be another upstart like Tennessee or even the Pittsburgh Steelers. This wouldn’t be an easy game regardless. There is no player on either sideline worrying about that bs. This is money time. You either show up or not. You don’t care who is on the other side of the ball.

Revis gets two picks. Ryan does it for his Pop. Sanchez will have limited chances to fail but will manage. He’s grown up in the span of a season. Like he’s had two lifetimes. He sucked for a stretch and still will throw a pick or eight, but he’s learning fast.

Gary Brackett is jumping out when I see this game mentally play out as well. Freeney is gonna get his too but the middle of the field could be the Jets to mold.

I agonized over this pick. I originally had the Colts 27-14 but changed it after reading this excellent piece by Shannon Owens. The piece is about a convicted felon looking for a D1 shot. He’s the childhood friend of Mike Sims-Walker and Chris Johnson. Now this has nothing to do with the piece, but it reminded me of what separates teams in this situation and I gotta tell ya that the Jets might want this more.

Jets 24, Colts 23

Minnesota at New Orleans 6:40 PM FOX

This game is all about Adrian Peterson. If he wants to be considered one of the best of all time at this stage in his career, this is the game to go all Jay Electronica on the Saints. This will be a definition game in his young NFL life. He balls out, his star goes to another level. He has to be chompin’ at the bit to hold on to the damn ball. I see a long one.

Brett Favre has nothing to lose. If he sucks, everyone will say he’s old and if he does the damn thing then it’s a bonus and he can fade into the sunset while shoving it up Green Bay’s ass.

There’s no shot at any announcer or media outlet going easy on us after this week right? Yeah, I thought so. Damn…

Drew Brees completed passes this season at a 70.6% clip…best in NFL history. The Saints offense is has dynamic as the league as ever seen. They come in waves with players of this and that diverse talent. All hungry to shoot the gift.

Brees will be labeled a choker if he doesn’t win this game…and trust it will start here. He cannot simply be given a pass year in and year out if he doesn’t get it done. Too much talent around him. Ain’t that Triple 5 Soul?

Bush and company will show out and if they consistently move the chains, the crowd will decide the game.

How will Charles Grant and Will Smith do against an excellent Vikings line? On the other hand, will the Williams brothas and also Jared Allen get bass in Brees’ face?

Brees is the better athlete and while he ain’t breaking Michael Vick’s rushing record anytime soon, he can be elusive.

Who stops him?

I can’t see Jared Allen being stopped. He will fight all game until he gets that one play which might decide the game (strip, teammate fumble recovery, return) I see a lot of scoring early. Who does the trick on the ground before the half and in the fourth? I say the Vikings. Peterson with 168 and 2. Vikings win on last drive. There’s this sentiment that New Orleans needs this because of Katrina. It’s difficult for me to mix death with a game but in not liking it, I understand what the region has gone through. That being said, I gotta go Minny Nice here. Peterson is just too good to fade like this.

Vikings 38, Saints 31

11 Responses to “The Starting Five 2010 AFC and NFC Championship Predictions”

  1. Temple3 says:


    I just finished my write up on these games. I went with Colts and Saints. That’s the SB I want to see, but if I went with my usual — “Who’s the best in the trenches?” — then its clearly the Jets and Vkings…and that will be one really bizarre Super Bowl. Talk about Favre Central…

    A Jet-Viking Super Bowl, I would think, would be enough to get you to jump clean off the ledge. 🙂

    The Jets/Vikings are arguably much stronger up front than the Saints and Vikings. Fast paced games are going to favor Indy and Nawlins. Should be interesting.

  2. Arlene says:

    i’ve got mad love for my Vikings. I’ve lived in Minnesota for 12 years and got to go with my TEAM. The media will slobber over Farve, and the white QBs, but Rice, Peterson and nem; we see them.

    Vikings and Jets in the Super Bowl Score 27-21

  3. I like both teams but give me the Jets vs. either NFC squad.

    Imagine the party on Bourbon St. tonight if the Saints win!

  4. Miranda says:

    Somebody forgot to tell the Jets the game was 60 minutes today…just like it was last week, and the week before…and always. It wasn’t just 30 minutes like they evidently assumed it would be.

  5. Arlene says:

    BWA HA HA!!!!! Pierre Carcon has lots to celebrate!
    Indianapolis Colts’ Pierre Garcon hopes to lift spirits in Haiti with play in AFC Championship Game
    BY Hank Gola

    Sunday, January 24th 2010, 4:00 AM

    Read more:

  6. Miranda says:

    I’m happy for Pierre, he did a great job too.


    GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!

  7. Arlene says:

    Congratulations to the N.O .Saints!

    Vikings just couldn’t hold onto the damn pigskin!!!!!

  8. MODI says:

    While the Jets fell a part a bit in the second half i give great credit to Peyton for picking them apart. Most of the time he simply put the ball where it couldn’t really be defended and Garcon and Collie made em pay. there are just so many times that you can play a more talented team and come out victorious.

    As for the Saint, Im glad they won, but just not by way of a bogus pass interference call. In reality, the Vikings outplayed them if not for the turnovers. In the end, count me among those happy that Katrina aftermath gets attention it desperately deserves…

  9. mapoui says:

    the colts are in! caldwell rides again! all is forgiven! the spirit of the tony hovers.

    all is well in my world!

    sweet! SB for the ages coming up!

  10. Clifton says:

    I waited for this day since I was five years old. The Saints finally got it done. Dues have been paid!

  11. Arlene says:

    Hi Clifton and congrats. I’m happy for the Saints.

    Will you be traveling to Miami? ;-))