The Supplements Open Thread

A whole bunch of pills. Which one is right for you?

Any question you might have about supplements I will try my best to answer. Keep in mind I’m not a doctor, so you should consult your physician (or KevDog) before starting any of these.

Other than that, fire away.

8 Responses to “The Supplements Open Thread”

  1. Mizzo says:

    I’ll start this. Say I haven’t been in the gym for a while what do I need to supplement my workout?

  2. Okori says:

    the basics are this:

    protein powder and creatine post-workout to replenish the damage you do to your muscle fibers. water during the workout.

    a basic multivitamin with one of your meals.

    Advanced stuff requires a whole lot of knowledge on what your goals are.

  3. Nikki says:

    Does your answer apply to women and men? What would you suggest a woman take for energy to begin a new workout program? Are some multivitamins beter than others?

  4. Big Man says:

    Are supplements mandatory if you’re seriously trying to lose weight? What type of benefits am I missing out on by not using them in the grand scheme?

  5. Okori says:

    by supplements I mean even like a multivitamin. I don’t recommend competition-grade fat burners unless you’re seriously overweight.

    Creatine has innumerable health benefits. Keeps your muscles strong so like your muscle-related diseases, among one.

    protein powder is also important to help you with lean muscle mass, which burns fat.

  6. Okori Wadsworth says:

    @Nikki: What I would say is that you take for a new workout program is pretty much protein powder and creatine. Keep in mind…. your muscles will look different than mine.

    Also….. whenever you can find it….. take stuff specifically made for women.

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  8. rick says:

    I’m looking to get a multivitamin. I am desiring to have a liquid vitamin. Is there a very good product or better location to buy them from. Any aid will be greatly appreciated.