Notes from TNT’s Coverage of NBA All-Star 2010 – Saturday, February 13, 2010: Lil’ Nate Wins His 3rd Dunk Title

TNT’s exclusive coverage of the 2010 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, February 14 begins at 7 p.m. (ET). I’m sure the NBA will once again have to deal with ridiculous scrutiny because the night didn’t meet “expectations”. So what. I was entertained nevertheless.  We all want everything now, now now like we are children. Forget that. Could the dunk contest have used star power? Of course, but the NBA All Star Weekend is still the best of it’s kind in sports and last night shouldn’t matter in the long run. Just tinker with it a little bit.

Crazy seeing people in the background of camera shots that I deal with on a weekly basis. Shout out!

I was wrong in every one of my predictions (Rondo for HORSE, Brandon Jennings for Skills, Daequan Cook for 3pt shootout and Shannon Brown for Dunk contest). Hope ya made out better.

TNT NBA All-Decade Winners

Individual Performance: Playoffs – LeBron James (2007 ECF, Game #5)

Playoff Game – 2009 East First Round: Celtics @ Bulls, Game #6

Playoff Dunk – Kobe Bryant windmill over Kevin Garnett (2003)

Playoff Defense – Tayshaun Prince catches Reggie Miller (2004)

Playoff Drama: Individual – Derek Fisher, 2007 West Semis, Game 2

Playoff Buzzer Beater – Derek Fisher, 2005 West Semis, Game 5

Playoff Series – 2009 First Round, Bulls vs. Celtics

Posterization: Regular Season – Dwyane Wade over Anderson Varejao (2009)

Buzzer Beater: Regular Season – Kobe Bryant’s Two Three-Pointers (2004)
Individual Performance: Regular Season – Kobe Bryant drops 81 on the Raptors (2006)

Individual Series – Dwyane Wade (2006 NBA Finals)

All-Star Saturday Dunk – Vince Carter reverse 360 (2000)

Player of the Decade – Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James, Steve Nash and Shaquille O’Neal

Player of the Decade nominees were voted on by 13 TNT announcers on a 12 player ballot. The cumulative vote totals created the six nominees. Voting for this category continues through All-Star Weekend until the end of the third quarter of Sunday’s All-Star game, with the winner being unveiled during Inside the NBA after the game on TNT.

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H.O.R.S.E. presented by GEICO – Jam Session
Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Chris Webber

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder (winner)
Omri Casspi, Sacramento Kings
Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics

Kevin Durant on winning H.O.R.S.E. in a shootout over Rajon Rondo: “It felt like a Game #7 in the playoffs, even though I haven’t been there.  There was a lot of pressure.  (Rajon) Rondo hit some big shots.  I just did my best to hit my shots.”
****    ****    ****    ****

NBA Tip-Off presented by
Johnson, Barkley and Kevin McHale

Barkley on Kevin Durant winning H.O.R.S.E.: “It’s got to be frustrating for the other guys because he’s a great shooter.  You can’t dunk and you’re only going to shoot jumpers.  He’s going to have the advantage all the time.”

Barkley on the trade sending Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood from the Washington Wizards to the Dallas Mavericks for Drew Gooden and Josh Howard: “That’s a great trade (for Dallas).  I love Caron Butler, they were not using him well in Washington.  Dallas needs to get tougher and bigger.  They got bigger and tougher with this trade.”

McHale on the trade between the Wizards and the Mavericks: “(Dallas) got tougher and they got better (after the trade).  The Mavericks were playing poorly.  They needed a surge and a shot of adrenaline coming down the stretch.  The only thing that matters in the this league is how you play after the All-Star Break.”
****    ****    ****    ****

NBA All-Star Saturday Night presented by State Farm

Haier Shooting Stars
Kevin Harlan, Mike Fratello and Reggie Miller; Cheryl Miller reporting


Team Texas: TNT’s Kenny Smith, Dirk Nowitzki and Becky Hammon (winner)
Team Detroit:  NBA TV’s Steve Smith, Joe Johnson, and Angel McCoughtry
Team Los Angeles: NBA TV’s Brent Barry, Pau Gasol and Marie Ferdinand-Harris
Team Sacramento: NBA TV’s Chris Webber, Tyreke Evans, and Nicole Powell

Miller on NBA TV’s Steve Smith and Brent Barry both hitting half-court shots: “Who says we’re not prepared and still in shape here at Turner Broadcasting?”

Taco Bell Skills Challenge
Harlan, Fratello and Reggie Miller; Cheryl Miller reporting


Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns (winner)

Brandon Jennings, Milwaukee Bucks

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

Deron Williams, Utah Jazz

Miller on Steve Nash: “He’s one of the best passers in the game and we all know about his scoring (ability.)”

TNT’s Cheryl Miller interviewed Steve Nash following the Taco Bell Skills Challenge

Nash on winning the competition: “The pressure of these young guys is tough.  I was struggling a little bit but I got my second wind.”

Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout
Harlan, Barkley, Reggie Miller and Smith; Cheryl Miller reporting


Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics (winner)

Chauncey Billups, Denver Nuggets

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Danilo Gallinari, New York Knicks

Channing Frye, Phoenix Suns

Daequan Cook, Miami Heat

Smith on Suns guard Steve Nash and Jazz guard Deron Williams: “(Steve Nash and Deron Williams) are the two most skillful guards in basketball right now.”

Barkley on Spike Lee wearing New York Knicks paraphernalia: “Spike (Lee) has got courage wearing the Knicks stuff around.  That’s like people that wear Chicago Cubs stuff.  They should burn all that crap.”

Smith on Denver Nuggets guard Chauncey Billups: “He is a consummate leader.  He understands the time, the score and the situation of games at the point guard position.”

Barkley on Phoenix Suns center Channing Frye: “I think he can be a better all-around player than the Suns are making him.”

Smith on how “practice makes perfect”: “If you do something consistently the same way, you will adjust to what it’s supposed to be correctly.”
Barkley: “That’s what I said about my golf game and we know that ain’t working.”

Barkley on former NBA player Darryl Dawkins colorful suit: “It’s been snowing here.  Maybe the power went out in his hotel.”

TNT’s Cheryl Miller interviewed Paul Pierce following the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest

Pierce on winning the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest: “I wanted this really bad.  I know a lot of people in the stands, when they looked at the names in the three-point competition didn’t think I had a chance.  They look at me as a scorer, not a shooter.  I knew I had a chance coming in here.  I think I’m one of the better shooters in NBA history.  I wanted to come out here and prove something.”

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest
Harlan, Barkley, Reggie Miller and Smith; Cheryl Miller reporting


Nate Robinson, New York Knicks (winner with 51% of the votes)

Shannon Brown, Los Angeles Lakers

DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors

Gerald Wallace, Charlotte Bobcats

Smith on Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan: “It’s obvious that (DeMar DeRozan) is one of the top ten athletes in the game.”

Miller on the lack of creativity in the early rounds of the Sprite Slam Dunk: “These guys are doing dunks that I’ve done at the Calabasas Rec Center (in Southern California).”

Smith on New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson: “He’s not a game dunker but he gets over the rim on floaters and jump shots with his athleticism.  That’s what he’s good at.”

TNT’s Cheryl Miller interviewed Nate Robinson following the Sprite Slam Dunk Robinson on winning the competition: “I knew it would be difficult.  I knew I had to bring my A-game and do dunk that I hadn’t done before.  I had to spice it up a little bit.”

Miller on Robinson winning the Sprite Slam Dunk: “He said that he brought his A-game but his B-game won it for him.”

23 Responses to “Notes from TNT’s Coverage of NBA All-Star 2010 – Saturday, February 13, 2010: Lil’ Nate Wins His 3rd Dunk Title”

  1. Okori says:

    I was 1-1 for mine as I recall.

  2. Ron Glover says:

    Who was better in this competiton Nate Robinson or Spud Webb?

  3. Okori says:

    Nate. But after last night’s power outage I ain’t so sure.

  4. Mizzo says:

    Spud Webb. He jumped higher. Nate misses way too many dunks. Won by default twice. One of his is Iguodala’s.

  5. Okori says:


    And also, Spud did his in a competition that included one of the greatest dunkers ever…. Dominique Wilkins.

  6. Ron Glover says:

    I believe he beat ‘Nique in the finals.

  7. Okori says:

    Spud is more terrifically exciting than Nate.

  8. Max says:

    Well George Karl, does not need to be an All Star coach anymore. I cannot believe he left Deron Williams in the game in the 4th qr. He had 4 turnovers and foul wade un-necessary.He should have been pulled at that time.
    Karl, also showed that IF the West won he wanted it to be by a Nuggett. Carmelo is a great player, great shooter, but he shoots the 3 ball from the side, never out front. Chauncy might have made it (he is good) Dirk shoots from the side. The best 3pt shooter, who has won more last shots ball games was sitting on the Bench. Ask Dallas who beat them with a 3pt in OT, ask the Nets? Same guy get it into Nash’s hand he will make the winning 3 pointer. The only time the west was winning was 1st qr with Dirk and Nash doing a pick and roll, but Karl did not want to play Nash??? Proud of the East, but they can thank George Karl and Deron Williams, or the West would have won.

  9. Max says:

    ON the subject of Honors? The NBA is world wide, right? Yao was recognized by the NBA for carring the Olympic Torch in China. Well Nash Lit the Torch, it was barely mentioned. Should have been shown on an overhead screen during the Canada National Song. Maybe the NBA does care about Canada, then why play their National Song. While the NBA had a two time MVP, there while the song was being song, and did not take the opportunity to flash Nash with the Olympic Torch on the Screen. Such a shame. Maybe it is his height. And TNT, Reggie Miller said that Nash was a 90% free throw shooter, WRONG he is #1 in the NBA with a 94% free throw average. Has the highest overall talents, but will not get the MVP again. LeBryon will get it, he is great, but do not expect to see him win games from the free throw line. Ask most people that know Nash, would tell you, if the game was on the line, get the ball into Nash’s hand, but Karl had him on the Bench, with Williams playing with the games most turnovers and one of the very worst un-necessary fouls. Leave Karl in Denver.

  10. KevDog says:

    Steve Nash……ROFLMAO!

  11. Big Man says:

    Spud’s dunks were mad basic.
    Off the glass one hand, off the glass backwards. Of course Nate missed more dunks, he tried more difficult stuff.
    The other night he did a wrong way 360 with two hands off a bounc pass. Also did a Harold Minor off the glass! He attempted, and almost completed, a 360, between the legs dunk from out of bounds.
    Come on now. That’s crazy for a cat his size with his size hands.

  12. Big Man says:

    If you think Nash has the most overall talent, you’re a little crazy son.

  13. Mizzo says:

    Of course they were basic. Evolution has taken care of that in regards to Nate. He misses way too many dunks to be a three time champ. Maybe that speaks to more about the format than the player but he shouldn’t get a pass because of his height.

    If Black writers wouldn’t have drank all the cot damn Steve Nash juice when the establishment was purposefully and successfully drowning their asses Nash wouldn’t have two MVP’s and incredibly in the discussion as the pg GOAT…which is so absurd it’s almost unspeakable. I’m blue in the face from all the criticism I’ve given the mainstream over that bullshit most in the game are calling me a hater. I could give a ….

    The percentages of 90, 50 and 40 are bandied about as if it’s the greatest accomplishment in sports. So what he’s a good shooter.

    What the hell has he won…

    Gimme Chauncey any day over Nash.

    Isiah Thomas retrofantasticproblematic ain’t neva lied…

  14. Temple3 says:

    A few quick thoughts:

    1) It is interesting to me that “Big Shot Bob” Horry didn’t make any lists for his performances in the playoffs throughout the decade. I can’t take issue with giving props to Derek Fisher, but Horry wrote the book that Fisher just reprinted.

    2) I watched some of the Rookie-Sophomore game. Good stuff. I watched the game. Good stuff. I don’t have the patience to watch the other stuff. It just takes too long.

    3) There is often an implicit assumption from “white” sports writers that white athletes are not athletic…or at least, considerably less athletic than Black athletes. So, when a white athlete performs in an athletic manner, there is a tendency to overstate the performance based on fallacious expectations. If Brees avoids a sack, it isn’t because he’s quick, its because he’s a smart, heady, savvy guy who sensed the defender and used guile to avert a tackle. It is a load of horse $%!, but it sells papers because the audience has the same disease.

    So it is with Steve Nash. Never mind that he’s athletic as hell. He’s 6’3″, fast and quick…but he’s mercurial where others are merely gifted. For all of his gifts, Nash lacks the physical strength to dominate his position in May and June and that’s all that matters in this game. He is a very athletic player and a skilled player, as well. But, he’s a bit like Cinderella. When midnight comes, his carriage is going to turn into a pumpkin every single season. So, he must be excluded from any and all serious conversations about elite point guards in this game…its a post-season AND regular season conversation.

    For what its worth, Steve Nash was born in Africa. Maybe he’ll do some “set it off” business for the 2010 World Cup. LOL.

  15. Temple3 says:


    Your assessment of black-face sportswriters makes sense to me. Would you say that’s a big reason why players like Kidd and Iverson are excluded from an All-Decade team and supplanted by a player who never won more than two games in a Conference Final? Or is there more to it?

  16. Mizzo says:

    The NBA knows it has to appeal to a fan base and Nash for all his aforementioned talents is somewhat of a sacrificial scapegoat if you will. Black writers are only passing along the good boy vibe for the sake of self esteem.

    Nash is a good dude. I like talking to him because he’s straight up. This shit ain’t about him personally. I bet he’d be the first to say he didn’t deserve TWO in a row.

    Him Tarzan…Game Jane….

    I knew Okori was just messing with me on Twitter, but the discussion was good for writers tar and lied to see…

    There is a writer that actually said Steve Nash was the best 34 year old pg not named Stockton…wow. wow owo wow oww wowo [sic]

    Here’s our conversation dammit: Okori’s initially…comments go from the latest first.

    @Mizzzzo: overrated. I’m sorry. You could drop 20 to 30 pg’s who washed out of the league into that system with the finishers he had.

    @Mizzzzo: I don’t know what that kid will think.

    @Mizzzzo: Look I’m defending Nash because I’m bored. I think that he only gets hype cuz he’s white. If he was black he’d be Brevin Knight. 11:33 PM

    @Mizzzzo: And Payton shepherded a team that had just as many postseason heartbreaks as the Suns did. 1

    @Mizzzzo: Kidd went to back-to-back finals and was widely credited as being the guy who made the Nets legit

    @Mizzzzo: because he plays in an offense where the point guard is the tip of the spear. He had a boatload of athletic finishers

    @Mizzzzo: and I could make the argument that he got rooked out of a Finals trip at least once, if not twice, and this whole argument changes

    From me: Last point. For everything Nash is to counterculture and “objective” journalism McNabb inexplicably is not.

    @OkoriWadsworth I’m talking HISTORY. 2 mvps scream long after we R gone Look at Sac, wht happened after Webb (left)? Same criteria whr is his shine (Where’s Garnett and Kobe multiple MVP’s Wade’s)?

    @OkoriWadsworth 2 mvp’s thinks 4 him. esp when his more versatile peers have none. giv me a prototype excluding Magic? I’m going Frazier.

    @OkoriWadsworth no he’s a great player. He shoots the hell out of the rock and drops sick ass dimes but definitely overrated historically

    @OkoriWadsworth child sorts through NBA reference 30 years from now, he will most likely view Nash as 2nd. Kidd & Payton will be invisible.

    @OkoriWadsworth Payton lost to Mike & Barkley… was a better overall player & above avg defender. Its not about now. The future is distorted.

    @OkoriWadsworth why does he get boatload of adulation in a system regular season served but Kidd & Payton did not despite better skill

    @OkoriWadsworth 2nd most decorated pg of all time with worse MVP stats of all time and no rings. Seriously how does that hold water considering others have better stats & won more games?

    (When Kobe was carrying the league did he win MVP? Uh…no.)

    @OkoriWadsworth when you win two mvp’s ya better have a ring to show for it when there are so many comparable peer performances to boot.

  17. mizzo says:

    I noticed in both seasons pundits awarding Nash the MVP trophy TEN games in the season. That was so irresponsible, but it created a groundswell where they had to give it to him because he became highlighted. One of them was Bill Walton in a game where the season couldn’t have been 5 games old. Damn right there is a Steve Nash Tarzan effect. Since when did point guards get pushed to the forefront of the league that ain’t named Magic? Seriously is Nash better than any great point guard of any era? Stockton would murder him. How many Oscars to the point of 35,10 and 10 or monster more did Kidd put up? What about Payton plus steals and blocks? These dumb asses can’t see anything but what’s being spoon fed to their following faces. Why are we even discussing this again? Oh my bad, journalism forgot.

  18. Temple3 says:

    It goes to the point you made earlier this season about the Saints and Drew Brees. Its a moot point now because they won, but you asking for folks to wait for the hardware.

    That’s a sound request. This is all about the media sales cycle. It’s all about “-est.” Fill in the prefix of your choice.

  19. Okori says:

    I will argue anything once i’m bored.

  20. Temple3 says:

    Okori: You may have been bored, but any kid who sorts through NBA records and can’t find Kidd and Payton, but can find Steve Nash is either a dumb ass kid, or an enterprising child who has been woefully deceived by his elders.

    “The last two games, they have been phenomenal at making big shots in the fourth quarter,” Suns star Steve Nash said. “At some point, you’ve just got to congratulate them and say they are better than us.”

    You’d never, ever hear that from Gary Payton in the middle of a playoff series. You’ve gotta compete and you’ve gotta lead. When your point guard says something like that after you’ve dropped two games at home in the post-season, you have an insurmountable leadership deficit.

  21. Max says:

    I cannot believe this “jerk” Mizzo? He seems to be mixing the NFL up with the NBA. I bet he never even played much less a coach. ( I have done both), I know my Basketball and know a player has to have Basketball IQ. Have you even heard the words IQ??? What is neat is that Nash laughs at someone like you. Nash deserved 3 MVP, but did not let on, even though his very best friend “Dirk” got one and Nash came in second. Nash was proud for him. Oh, Mizzo guess who ran with the Olympic torch and then helped to light it? Jumped on a plane from Canada to Dallas and at the age of 36 won the skills challenge.
    Just compare Nash to Peyton Manning, “NFL”, do you know who Manning is?? They are born leaders and have hardware to prove it, so Mizzo cut the crap about color, Kidd age 38 is good, but his old bones just don’t flow as much. He should look in to getting on the “Steve Nash” diet. Did you know there was one? I doubt it. Charles Barkely knows Basketball and also knows he needs to be on a diet. Cut out this race card, over and done.

  22. Okori says:


    That’s why I think 20 to 30 point guards who washed out of the league (Yuta Tabuse for instance) could run the Suns offense if you gave them the weapons Nash had. Bottom Line: To quote Mike Singletary you can’t win with Steve Nash as your point guard. He’s too soft mentally to get it done.

  23. Mizzo says:

    If you truly use your IQ, you would truly see that my words are not about race but more about history. Nash deserving 3 trophies is absolutely absurd in the grand scheme of things. As far as lighting the torch, that’s admirable. He gets props for that, but if you want to then equate such an honor with a borderline unwatchable skills challenge, that’s on you. The other stuff you speak of won’t dignify a response.

    What I mean by a kid searching through history and not seeing Kidd or Payton is that some will see the two mvps and make an assumption strictly based on the Nash hardware. Of course a more informed kid will continue his/her search..well at least that what we hope…but if they don’t then history becomes distorted forevermore and that child’s future perspective on sports taints whoever they come in contact with on this issue.