Branson Wright Interviews NBA Scoring Leader, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

4 Responses to “Branson Wright Interviews NBA Scoring Leader, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar”

  1. Temple3 says:


    Thank you for the link. I will always maintain that Abdul-Jabbar is one of the most underrated players in the history of the league. I don’t know if anyone will ever embrace that sky hook, but if Dwight Howard decided to go that route, he would change his destiny.

    There are so many big, athletic guys in the league who do NOT have a strong post game. The sky hook may not be “cool,” but if that is the difference between being an average offensive force and being unstoppable, what’s the issue?

    It could do wonders for guys like Thabeet and Oden (if he can stay on the floor). Even Emeka Okafor could use it. These guys would really change their profile.

  2. Mizzo says:

    Reminds me of a conversation Kareem and I had about a center who cared less what Kareem did in the league. Kareem tried to make this player a force by teaching him some post moves to no avail.

    Now he’s out of the league.

    After telling me this story, he simply said, “Talking about stepping on his…!”

    What a shame. That is why I felt it was imperative I wrote the Doc piece. information is not getting to the kids properly.

  3. AXG says:

    Good job Branson. During the Finals I had an opportunity to speak with Kareem, and express how thankful I was for the things he has done for our people off the court…taking a stand, and being a good example.

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