Notes from NBA TV’s Fan Night – Tuesday, March 16, 2010: San Antonio Spurs (88) @ Miami Heat (76)

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“After watching him play, I put ice on my knees and have a Gatorade. It is unbelievable what the guy has to do.” – Kevin McHale on Dwyane Wade leading the Miami Heat

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Ernie Johnson, Kevin McHale and Chris Webber

Webber on the importance of getting a good Playoff seed: “These games mean a lot today. You don’t want to just get in the Playoffs; you want to try to avoid some teams when you get in, too.”

McHale on Spurs guard Manu Ginobili: “Manu is the big difference in this team. I felt like Tim Duncan carried them in the January, February doldrums of the season. Manu right now is starting to shoot the ball with some confidence and doing what Manu can only do.”

Webber: “This is the Manu that we have been waiting for. Now we are seeing the Manu we all know and love.”

McHale on Spurs forward Tim Duncan’s performance so far this season:  “Tim (Duncan) shouldered the load for such a large part of the season. He is really shooting the ball and has been their go to guy. This rest is good for him as they get ready to go into the Playoffs.”

Webber: “Tim Duncan might be a power forward on paper but he is a center to me because he is 7 feet tall. This year he has done more by himself than ever before. He played great before the All-Star break and is probably trying to get a little rest right now.”

Webber on the Heat’s Playoff chances: “They are up three games so they may make the Playoffs but this team, I just don’t get. Dwyane Wade has to do everything. I mean everything – defensively, offensively, he has to score 50 points, he has to rebound, even make last second shots. It is not that he doesn’t have help but I’m not a believer. This is why they play the game to make the unbeliever a believer.”

McHale on Wade leading his team: “After watching him play, I put ice on my knees and have a Gatorade. It is unbelievable what the guy has to do.”

McHale on what makes a team unstoppable in the first round of the Playoffs: “You hate to play a good defensive team, because you can’t get enough separation on them. With a good defensive team, it is going to be a low scoring game. Defensive minded teams are tough to play in the Playoffs.”

Webber on being the underdog in the Playoffs: “I remember when we played the Bulls when they won 72 games going into the Playoffs. They only beat us in 5 games by a total of 7 points. We didn’t care, we were so young. It was our first time. We were so excited, we knew Jordan was the best and knew we had nothing to lose. All we wanted to do was let you know that at the end of the night we were going to be a tough out. And at the end, if that is all you said about us you knew we were coming back next year. Never underestimate the underdog.”

McHale on the Western Conference team that he wouldn’t want to face in the first round: “San Antonio with Ginobili playing well. The thing with San Antonio is that the moment won’t be too big for them because they have won Championships.  They are going to step in there and say ‘we were born to do this’.”

Webber: “If I’m Utah, I don’t want to play Oklahoma City. Utah is playing well now but they haven’t for the better part of the year.”

Webber on the Eastern Conference team that he wouldn’t want to face in the first round: “I’m going to go with Atlanta vs. Charlotte. I like Atlanta, but Charlotte you just don’t want to play around with them. This round is all about match-ups.  It is not that big of defensive matchup and with a coach like Larry Brown, you never know.”

McHale: “I would go with Milwaukee. They have the two things you need to win Playoff games: a 7 foot center in Andrew Bogut playing well and dominating the paint and they have a point guard (Brandon Jennings) that can really change the pace and really break some people down.”

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T-Mobile Halftime Report

Johnson, McHale and Webber

McHale on how the Spurs are playing well without Tim Duncan: “Defense, defense and more defense. They are doing well on the defensive end and Ginobili and (George) Hill are playing very well.”

McHale on Dwyane Wade’s shooting percentage: “It is so hard on him. Look at the shots he has to make for his team to have a chance.  He takes tough shots all the time.”

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NBA GameTime presented by Hyundai

Johnson, McHale and Webber

Webber on the Heat’s Playoff chances over Toronto:  “At first I would say no but if the “if” factor is Toronto than I would say yes. I don’t believe in Toronto just as much as I don’t believe in Miami. Hedo (Turgalo) hasn’t jelled, you hear some rumblings from (Chris) Bosh and the team is not playing well.  If this is incumbent upon Toronto playing well to get Miami in, then I think Miami is safe.”

McHale: “I think Miami gets in only by default.”

McHale on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ team chemistry: “They are having fun. I would go play for those guys, they have a ball. Right before Christmas I saw something different in that team. They started looking like they were getting it together; they started getting that camaraderie you need to have. To me, clearly they have been the best team in the last few months of the season.”

Webber: “To me, LeBron is so humble that it spreads throughout the rest of the team. The way they are playing right now would have to make them a league favorite.”

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