Warning Signs: What the Postseason Teaches You About Drafting Stars Out of College

Greg Oden. That did not work out too well.

Right now as the NCAA Tournament crests towards the Final Four, and the eventual crowning of a national champion, the draft possibilities of some of the college game’s most intriguing prospects can rise or fall based on what happens from here on in. So I’m giving you the chance to be one step ahead of the game, by knowing what scouts REALLY mean when they talk about players. I’ll even give you an example.

Statement #1: “He has an unconventional low-post presence.”

Truth: “He can’t score in the block if John Stockton were guarding him, and he hasn’t had a reliable offensive move since puberty.” This year’s example: Omar Samhan, St. Mary’s.

Statement #2: “He makes the game look easy.”

Truth: “He already knew he was leaving for the draft at the start of the year, so he couldn’t be told the sky is blue.” This year’s example: Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest.

Statement 3: “He’s a volume shooter.”

Truth: “Unless you’re Allen Iverson that just means you’re going to shoot 4-for-32.” This year’s example: Greivis Vasquez, Maryland.

Statement 4: “He’s a tremendous athlete.”

Truth: “The concept of a reliable jumper is lost on him.” This year’s example: John Wall, Kentucky.

Statement 5: “He’s a tad mercurial.”

Truth: “If I told you he punched a guy in the face it’d be believable.” This year’s example: Derrick Caracter, UTEP.

3 Responses to “Warning Signs: What the Postseason Teaches You About Drafting Stars Out of College”

  1. Michelle says:


    Short and sweet. All valid points. It remains to be seen if any of those guys will have success in the Nba.

  2. mapoui says:

    very funny! ha ha ha ha. short and and to the point indeed!

  3. Okori Wadsworth says:

    Greg Oden was the all-time example of example #1. I mean he NEVER had a move. Plus he was brittle, fouled out of a lot of games, and didn’t dominate any game he was in during his college career. In retrospect….. Greg Oden might be another bad center pick by the trailblazers.