Charlie Ward Speaks With Sean Mitchell: Versatility Realized

Posted in Blogroll on May 7th, 2010 by Sean Mitchell

One of the greatest multi-sport athletes stopped by to talk with The Starting Five.

Charlie Ward is likely the only person in history that could have made in impact in every single major American sport (with the exception of the NHL) and also have a love for tennis. The Thomasville, Georgia native was drafted by teams in the NBA and Major League Baseball after a great college career at Florida State. His time there featured a Heisman Trophy and national title in football and trips to the NCAA tournament in 1991, 1992, and 1993, (including a trip to the second round in 1991, to the Sweet 16 in 1992 and to the Elite 8 in 1993) in basketball.

In his Heisman season of 1993, Ward completed 264-380 passes (69.5 %), threw for 3,032 yards, 27 touchdowns and just 4 interceptions. For his career at FSU, he threw for 5, 679 yards and 49 touchdowns. He holds the second largest margin of victory margin in voting point for the trophy behind O.J. Simpson. When he left Florida State, he held basketball records for steals in a game (9), career steals with 236 and ranked sixth all-time in assists with 396.

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Friday Fire: What Gets You On That Chilllllll When You Gotta Take That Ride?

Posted in Blogroll on May 7th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

I took this with my blackberry heading into NYC by way of CLE on the Amtrak.

Sunset. Friday night. Vibe on smooth. Hat cocked. Sun roof popped. Smile that won’t stop. She’s with you. Sun dress. Sensuous. A light wind whispers to her thigh and the sweet smell of  her loveliness has you oh so high. Smile becomes brighter. Anticipation…but the drive is long. Two states over. Her hair dances with the breeze…eyes closed. You look at the camera and nod. Your lean is thick. Grip on the wheel becomes thicker. You wanna get there quicker but it’s a chill drive. Foot on the pedal is thickest but nothing is on the radio so your mind wanders to the sound of the engine. You sigh. Out of her beautiful dream stroll she asks “What did you say?” You reply, “Nothing baby” and your hand caresses her thigh. You wanna listen to that jazzy chill swerve. That slow head rock and take your time with this…

I could write this scene forever but what music do you believe in right now?

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Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the NBA Playoffs –Wednesday, May 05, 2010: The Los Suns Protest Could Never Be Misguided

Posted in Blogroll on May 7th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

It was good to see Suns owner Robert Sarver speak up and out regarding the ridiculous immigration law. Absurd pieces like this don’t help matters but at least elicit a discussion. Gotta give props to Steve Nash as well for doing the same. When White folk speak out against issues that ultimately affect us all the country collectively advances its thought because so many feel the need to be led. Still miffed why A list Hispanic superstars aren’t speaking out en masse. Where’s Ozzie Guillen of all people?

Blacks stand with Latinos here because of the blood of experience:

Was Sheffield right? I hope not.

Show ’em whatcha got.

Obviously the protest is a start but it’s gonna take a lot more than a jersey change to get this law carried by six…

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