Mike Brown Reportedly Fired By Cleveland; Mike Woodson Let Go By Atlanta As Well

Black Friday takes on a new meaning today as two of the most successful coaches in the NBA were both axed by the respective teams. Both Mike Brown and Mike Woodson had stellar regular seasons but once again the playoffs prove to be an entirely different animal as Atlanta and Cleveland underachieved in the NBA’s second season…despite losing to better teams. (Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has denied Brown’s firing) Brown was 272-138 (Coach of the Year last season) during his five years with the Cavs and Cleveland won 66 and 61 the last two seasons. Woodson was 206-286 in six years but improved steadily each season after winning just 13 games in 2004. The Hawks never moved past the Eastern Conference Semis and were swept by Orlando last week in embarrassing fashion. The 106 point difference is the most ever during a playoff sweep. Cleveland lost to 3 and possibly 4 Hall of Famers in what could spell LeBron’s last Cleveland go round, while Atlanta was defeated by a battle tested team defined by the most dominating big man force in Dwight Howard. Both coaches most likely won’t be out of jobs for too long. Expect Philly to take a good look at Woodson.

4 Responses to “Mike Brown Reportedly Fired By Cleveland; Mike Woodson Let Go By Atlanta As Well”

  1. Temple3 says:

    “If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.”

    Look no further than the failure of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Atlanta Hawks to secure the services of a quality point guard.

    If the coaches are gone today, will the general mismanagers be gone tomorrow?

  2. mapoui says:

    true by the last 2 games the Cavs were looking threadbare indeed, the need of a classy point guard more evident than ever

    the Cavs won a lot of games but if the Celts did not unmask them the Magic would have. probably very brutally as well!

    Mike Brown is a sound coach. Woodson too! all the best to those guys!

    its also time LeBron leaves Cavs. he wont win a championship there. the choices he has none I like save possibly New Jersey.

    the Bulls fired Del Negro whom I thought to be a fine, learning coach. who will they hire to coach is the question?

    LeBron will know I before he considers that team I guess.

    the Knicks with Walsh and D’antoni I detest. those two guys make one trap. sorry Spike! Lebron aint coming to the Big Apple unless its to New jersy next door

  3. HarveyDent says:


    Here, here on your comments about quality PG’s needed by the Cavs but especially the Hawks. I’ll go to my grave saying the Hawks would have been better served drafting CP3 instead of Marvin Williams. Williams might be servicable one day but Paul had star written all over him coming out of Wake and if he was running that point with Smith on the wing and Horford down in the post then the East would be more than just Cleveland, Boston, and Orlando the past few years.

    I hate to see decent coaches get fired but I was never too much a fan of Mike Brown and Mike Woodson needed to put foot to azz especially Josh Smith. To quote Bob Ryan from PTI today, “The Hawks need twelve heart transplants.”

    Sho’ nuff

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