Los Angeles Destroys Phoenix in Game 1 of WCF

Posted in Blogroll on May 18th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Chris Carlson / AP

Beans had it going last night

I went hard on the Suns in my WCF preview. I had to go there because it just had to be said and if last night was any indication, why watch the rest? When a player some thought was beginning to fall off scores 40 in a Game One 128-107 victory, it’s really time to pack it up. I mean look at this next vid. The Lakers are trying to smash the Suns into cartoonish smithereens. It’s only one game but…

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2010 Western Conference Finals Preview: Los Angeles vs. Phoenix

Posted in Blogroll on May 18th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

I’ve been in so many Nash/Kobe/MVP discussions the past month, I finally decided to give it a rest, but…but…I had to get one last tweet in:

Cause I’m twice as fast. My spirit you cast, so with honor I reach back in the past, give them 2 MVP’s to Kobe and watch him laugh at Nash.

I can’t help it. Don’t label me a hater for hating what you think I’m hating hater…

Because championships are more important? Yessir. I doubt Mark Madsen and the rest of his mates would disagree.

I’m getting a sense Steve Nash’s ability is somehow being compared to that of Kobe. Bean. Bryant.

What the hell are you smoking?

That’s like comparing the Suns to the Lakers franchise historically.

I get personal because this series is personal. Maybe not as much for the Lakers because they are defending champs, but in the Suns case a win here validates their success the last few seasons.

The league is also a business, so the perfect storm is brewing. Will the player with two MVP’s defeat the best player of the decade? A once in a generation type player who has major individual accomplishments, but has won one MVP trophy despite 4 championships and a Finals MVP to boot?

How. Can. That. Be?

Oh yeah, the video of this pic will be posted…again…but before that ultimate slice of edutainment, let’s get down to business but I must warn that if you are a Suns fan, you won’t like the latter stages of this preview. It’s just like the pic.

I go in like someone should have a long time ago…

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