Boston Destroys Orlando 94-71 in ECF Game 3

Posted in Blogroll on May 23rd, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Everyone is asking the question did the Magic quit last night and honestly the answer is not just yeah but hell yeah.

Maybe it was Rajon Rondo creating classic moments for his NBA video mix tape for all of us to enjoy long after he’s retired or maybe it was the TD Bank North Garden crowd…but something snatched Orlando’s heart and stomped on every single ventricle leading to their collective soul.

I mean it really was bad to watch and for this Sixers fan, the game was reminiscent of Boston Garden gore when Philly seemingly couldn’t do anything right.

Then there was that disgusting (for me growing up) crowd that is everything a team needs to support a title winning endeavor. Man, everybody came to play…down to the ushers. The “new” Garden is something to behold because even though it’s not the original, the atmosphere is steeped in tradition.

This is no longer the Big Three, but the Boston Three plus one dynamic more. The four players who could give a damn who gets the shine but is very much happy to watch their young rising stalwart take it to Orlando and jack their Mickey Mouse underachieving smiles.

I turned the game on when the Magic mustered an unacceptable 12 points in the first quarter on the road. Finished up some work and they were down twenty with eight plus in the second quarter.

C’mon man!

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