Friday Fire: If You Can Be Anywhere At Anytime In Sports or Some Other Historical Aspect of Life, Where Would It Be?

Don’t fall for the seriousness this question might seem to illustrate for it’s really not that deep. I guess it’s just my mind that thinks from time to time what could be when I get a clean fifteen.

Would you want to be there when Malcolm converted or with Martin as he gave the Mountaintop speech? JFK before Elm Street or Abraham before Wilkes-Booth’s jumping feet? How about the very second the first cargo of slaves were forced upon the uncertainty of American existence?

Christ when he turned 13 or Armstrong’s lunar stroll? When Marcus Garvey became so bold or John Henrik before what we characterize as old?

The first time anyone heard Lena sing or with Spike as he directed Do the Right Thing?

Janet when life was fun or Michael before he became the one?

My marriage before 911 or to spend more precious time with your beautiful grandmother before she went to heaven?

We can do sports…Franco as his fingertips graced Immaculate pigskin or to be the bat boy when Reggie Jax bombed Dodger three? Webber Sacramento before the ghost of Tim Donaghy?

Steve McNair on that last Greatest Show on Turf drive or when Buck, Josh, Satchel and Oscar Charleston thrived?

LeBron before he wanted more or Bo when he ran up that right sideline about to score?

Vick before the question or Randall when Buddy was guessing?

When Tyson rocked or Drexler, Barkley and Pippen before the Stockton shot?

Griffey before the injuries or Favre before the eleventy thousand defenders he didn’t see?

If it were left up to me, I’d want to see the birth of me. To see the smiles of my adoring parents and the love of their soul when finally there was definition to their parental roles.

The moment past stole when we were gold and unfortunately sought to become cold…

3 Responses to “Friday Fire: If You Can Be Anywhere At Anytime In Sports or Some Other Historical Aspect of Life, Where Would It Be?”

  1. Ron Glover says:

    From a personal aspect, it would be the day my parents met. I would like to see the foundations that were laid that day that lasted from their teen years until the day that my father passed. I want to see how an infatuation transforms itself into something so strong that death itself cannot cease its being. I would love to not only see that day – but experience it for myself.

  2. Temple3 says:

    That’s special, Ron.

  3. michelle says:

    Ron that is awesome. I’d like to be a cheerleader for the Wolverines during the Fab Five years.. That was an electric time. I’m sure lots of terrific memories and friendships were made.