Notes from TNT’s Exclusive Coverage of the NBA Western Conference Finals – Saturday, May 29, 2010: Kobe 37 Points Dusts Off Another One

Posted in Blogroll on May 31st, 2010 by Michael Tillery

(AP/Chris Carlson)

Flyin as if to say, get all that regular season shine…it’s a crime…but the playoffs are mine…

Fans will be subject to losing total speaking capabilities. His shots will cause quick twitches leading to silence on twitter and facebook from those of Kobe hater lore.

Kobe Bryant is simply sidiculous.

For those who need to know, Saturday night’s performance is the difference between Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. I can’t believe there was actually comparisons being made on any level in the aforementioned regard. What the hell are you smokin’? Pass it to the left…I don’t want that fa sho.

The last two shots will be included on his career highlight reel. What makes the last shot classic is that Grant Hill played perfect defense and it still dropped bottom.

No daggers, just BOMBS.

Those shots were for all the clowns who somehow forgot just how bad Kobe is and will continue to be.

I feel sorry for the Celtics…

NBA TV’s coverage of the NBA Finals will begin on Thursday, June 3 with extensive studio coverage throughout the series.

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