Diaper Man and Strong Man Mighty Hero Boston Over Los Angeles 96-89 in Game 4 of NBA Finals

Posted in Blogroll on June 11th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Big Baby and Lil Nate got down got down

On October 29th, 1966 an animated series debuted entitled The Mighty Heroes. Strong Man, Rope Man, Cuckoo Man, Tornado Man and Diaper Man protected (or tried to) Good Haven from a very formidable (if not comedic) super villain every episode. The heroes would escape after finding themselves on the brink of destruction to ultimately defeat the enemy and save the day. The most intriguing and captivating (yes I’m speaking of a captivating cartoon character) heroes were Strong Man and Diaper (Di-ah-per) Man. Guess who was who last night?

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