Paul Pierce and the Celtics Out Scrap Kobe Bryant and the Lakers to Win NBA Finals Game 5 92-86

Pierce battled for his 27; His best effort of the series

92-86. Game 5 Boston victory. On the brink of title number 18. 4 players are beating up on 2.

Boston has never lost a Finals series when leading 3-2 (11-0). Kobe has 38 of Lakers 86 (44% of team total). The rest of his team shot 35%. Odom and Artest have an unacceptable 15 points and 10 rebounds combined in 60 minutes play and Pau Gasol was only other Laker in double figures with 12 points…Gasol also had12 rebounds. Such a team effort by Los Angeles is not gonna get it down. Is it just about Andrew Bynum’s ineffectiveness? Naaaah.

Boston becomes first team to win 2 straight games in the Finals.

It seems as if Boston is getting every loose ball and grabbing every rebound. The Celtics, in offsetting Kobe Bryant’s 78th 30 point playoff game, shut down everyone else not wearing #24. The Lakers 86 point output is their lowest this postseason and 39% shooting percentage is second lowest.

The aforementioned Andrew Bynum played 31 minutes but scored just 6 points and grabbed 1 rebound.

Boston got the crowd into it early by scoring on 12 of first 13 possessions. Even when Kobe scored 23 straight (4 to end first half, 19 to open third), Boston was shooting a sickening 70% (ended at 56%) and the crowd were never out of it.

The Celtics smell blood; Kobe was visibly frustrated because he had no help.

Still think this isn’t going 7 like I said?

It was the first game all of the Big Four shot 50% in any playoff game. They scored 74 of C’s 92 points.

The Lakers have been held to under 100 for 4 straight games after scoring 100 or more the previous 11.

Paul Pierce had his best game of series. He said it wasn’t a battle with Kobe post game,  but his 11 points in the third were as big a factor as any other contribution.

Pierce finished with 27.

Ray Allen had 12 but also had 5 fouls trying to shadow Kobe.

Kevin Garnett had 18 points, 10 boards, 3 assists, 2 blocks and 5 steals. Champions step up in big games. Gasol really has no excuse in scoring just 12. He was blocked, poked, shoved and moved out of the way by the Celtics front line.

Rajon Rondo was 9-12, scored 18 and had 8 assists. His sickdiculous tip with 3:54 remaining over Lamar Odom pushed the lead to 12 and Boston never looked back. This team is resilient and pass the ball great as a unit.

Here’s an example:

Celtics had 21 dimes, the Lakers 12.

Points in paint has also been huge.

The Lakers outscored the Thunder by 42 inside, the Jazz by 8, the Suns by 48 but are -38 vs. the Celtics.

Boston outscored Los Angeles 46-32 in Game 5 points in the paint. Andrew Bynum is the X factor. If he’s not in their clogging the paint, rebounding and blocking shots, the Celtics ball out.

Boston had 7 blocks to Los Angeles’ 1.

The Celtics ran whenever possible and held a 14-3 fast break points advantage. The C’s led the entire 2nd half.

Phil Jackson was matter of fact in the post game presser. He knows what his team has to do and isn’t dwelling on his team getting out scrapped.

Doc Rivers is showing the world how great a coach he is. His defensive philosophy is the reason why his team is on the brink of another title.

So…if the Celtics win the title this year,  can we dispel the notion that the Western Conference is stronger than the Eastern Conference? Remember, if KG wasn’t injured, the Celtics might be working on their third straight. Boston’s defense is simply remarkable and that the Celtics are the first team in NBA Finals history to have a better road record than home record speaks to how mentally tough this team is.

Could the Lakers win 2 straight at home?

Hell yeah! The champs are the champs until they get beat but…

because of Bynum’s injury, it seems like 2008 all over again…

Game 6 Tuesday in Los Angeles. 9 pm ABC.

LA Lakers
Player Pos Min FGM-FGA FTM-FTA 3M-3A +/- OR Reb A Blk Stl TO PF Pts
P. Gasol F 38:05 5-12 2-3 0-0 -7 7 12 0 0 2 1 4 12
R. Artest F 34:15 2-9 1-4 2-5 0 1 2 2 0 1 1 4 7
A. Bynum C 31:38 3-6 0-1 0-0 -12 1 1 0 0 0 1 3 6
K. Bryant G 43:53 13-27 8-9 4-10 -6 2 5 4 1 1 4 5 38
D. Fisher G 34:13 2-9 5-5 0-1 -6 2 4 2 0 1 2 3 9
L. Odom 26:17 4-6 0-2 0-0 +7 3 8 2 0 2 3 2 8
J. Farmar 13:47 0-4 1-2 0-1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1
S. Vujacic 10:22 2-5 0-0 1-2 -4 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 5
L. Walton 7:11 0-0 0-0 0-0 -2 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0
S. Brown 0:19 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 240 31-78
16 34 12 1 9 13 22 86
Player Pos Min FGM-FGA FTM-FTA 3M-3A +/- OR Reb A Blk Stl TO PF Pts
P. Pierce F 42:41 12-21 1-2 2-4 +3 0 2 2 2 1 0 4 27
K. Garnett F 36:09 6-11 6-7 0-0 +6 1 10 3 2 5 3 4 18
K. Perkins C 31:38 2-2 0-2 0-0 +5 4 7 1 0 0 2 4 4
R. Allen G 40:10 5-10 2-2 0-4 +10 0 3 2 0 1 2 5 12
R. Rondo G 38:24 9-12 0-0 0-0 +4 1 5 8 1 1 7 1 18
R. Wallace 14:45 2-4 0-0 1-2 +2 0 4 0 1 0 0 0 5
T. Allen 13:09 2-6 0-0 0-0 -1 0 1 0 1 0 1 2 4
G. Davis 13:09 0-1 0-0 0-0 -1 1 3 1 0 0 0 2 0
N. Robinson 9:55 2-4 0-0 0-2 +2 0 0 4 0 0 1 1 4
O. Lafayette DNP — INACTIVE
B. Scalabrine DNP — INACTIVE
Totals 240 40-71
7 35 21 7 8 16 23 92
Officials: Joe Crawford, Mike Callahan, Derrick Stafford
Attendance: 18,624
Time of Game: 2:43
LA Lakers
– D. Fisher (7:07 – 3rd Qtr)
– R. Rondo (4:42 – 2nd Qtr)
– Team (10:54 – 3rd Qtr)
– R. Allen (7:07 – 3rd Qtr)

Cleveland, Orlando and potentially Los Angeles. Boston’s got ’em falling like…

40 Responses to “Paul Pierce and the Celtics Out Scrap Kobe Bryant and the Lakers to Win NBA Finals Game 5 92-86”

  1. Temple3 says:

    Letting Tinsel Town Go To Your Head

    That should be the subtitle of this series…if the Lakers fail to pull this out.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again — the Lakers (and their fans) entered this series a bit too confident. Perhaps they were overly confident. This team has not appeared to have learned the lesson from 2008. And you’re right, as important as Bynum is to the team, LA still has more, better, younger talent than Boston.

    But, they don’t have grinders. Kobe is a grinder. Fisher is a grinder. Artest is a part-time grinder. You KNEW this game was over when Rajon Rondo outjumped Kobe Bryant AND Lamar Odom for a putback. The last time I saw a 6’1″ guard do that, it was Isiah going up over Magic en route to 2 championships for the Pistons.

    The Lakers have no idea. They have all the templates for kicking Boston’s ass right at their fingertips. Pop in that ’85 video or that ’87 video. No hubris…no glamor…just bangin’ on Bird, McHale and Parish and Ainge and Johnson and whomever else took the court until it was over. This team doesn’t play like that. They can’t play like that — it’s not in their DNA…and they’re awfully lucky that Kevin Garnett was injured in 2009 or else we’d be having a very different conversation about every single coach and player on both teams — including Kobe and Phil.

    Shushhhhh!! The series isn’t over yet.

  2. sankofa says:

    Man I was so pissed, last night at the lack of effort by these guys. Even Kobe has been disappointing. If you want to be like mike, then stop playing like Steve Kerr with those jump shots. Even if they are rediculous. Man I respect Boston’s effort. Boston Celtics are a bunch of boorish bully’s, but if i was a bully I too would prance and preen and bang on you.

    If the Lakers are going to bend over and grab their collective ankles, they deserve to be violated. Temple, you are right, skills don’t mean shit if you don’y maximize it. You don’t learn to swim by standing on the shore. The Lakers expect to win this championship without doing the dirty work, such as rebounding, boxing out, attacking the basket, passing the ball and banging back with the Celtics.

    I have never seen such capitulation since…2008! forget Bynum and fuck Jackson, I never liked his ass when my Knicks (at the time) was banging with his bulls Too smug. He needs to drop kick every one of these bitches for pussying out. Am I a laker homer? No, I just don’t like Boston…this is a carry over from the Bird days. But Boston is tuffer, hungreier, better coached, more of a team with unselfishness and better ball IQ.

    The Lakers MAY win the next one, but this is Bostons Championship to lose and they aren’t. Oh! by the way, if these cats still refer to Gasol as the NBA’s best big man,who HELPED Kobe win a championship, I hope Rajon Rondo slap the European out of him. Lord knows the Celtics bigs are. Also enough of this Ron Artest defense, this guy is quickly becoming a liability. At least Arizza would hit some fucking shots and not hesitate AND pass the ball in a timely fashion.

    BOSTON in 6…again!

  3. Origin says:

    Great points temple. The lakers aren’t grinders at all………..but everyone on the Celtics grinds.

    As I said Bynum was and is the x-factor. His injury may have similar result as Worthy’s ankle injury in 1991.

    Without a healthy Bynum, Gasol has to take on Perkins, Garnett, Wallace and Davis by himself. Gasol is a great Big Man but he isn’t dominate and doesn’t force the Celtics to double team. The Lakers have only one man that the Celtics will double team and thats Bynum.

    Another thing people are forgetting is that the lack of the lakers outside of Kobe being able to hit a jumper or a 3 is helping the Celtics clog up the paint. Plus the Celtics are the best team in the league in closing out on 3 point shooters.

    I have to give it to the Celtics………….their Big men are pushing Gasol like 15 feet out when he posts up. Push they are pressuring the post passer and deflecting passes. Not to mention that the post defender is really fighting Gasol for position and denying the entry pass.

    If the Lakers lose this series it will be because of Bynums injury and that the Lakers were never able to give Kobe a facilitator side kick like Pippen. I was watching the game last night and telling my wife how much work Kobe has to do. He creates all the shots for everyone. Plus he has to bring the ball up court. Thats crazy……..with all those miles on his body there is no reason he has to do all that work. When MJ was as old (second 3 peat run) as Kobe (mileage wise), the goal was to have MJ conserve his energy till the 3rd and 4th qtrs then he would take over. So basically Pippen did a lot of the heavy lifting in the 1st half then MJ took over in teh second half.

    Or if MJ needed to score Phil would put him on the block and let him post up to conserve energy.

    Kobe just has to do too much work on the offensive end (scoring and creating for others)………I blame this on Phil and the GM.

    I have been saying this since shaq left.

  4. Origin says:

    Also the Lakers are lucky cause last night could have been a blow out for the Celtics. If it wasn’t for Kobe being superman and Rondo being a turn over machine in the first half.

  5. Origin says:

    HAHA tell them how you feel brotha sankofa.

    Yes Artest is killing the Lakers……….he is turning into a Johns starks game 7 vs the Rockets type of performance…….but his is the full series version.

  6. Temple3 says:


    I just wrote a piece this morning about how Kobe needs a player like Pippen to get this done. Funny you would say the same thing. That’s the difference right now. There are no “stud” complementary players on the Lakers.

    LA’s worst nightmare is for the Big 3 to start making mid-range jumpers. Pierce and Garnett look locked in. If Ray rekindles his LA shooting touch, Game 6 is gonna get bona fide ugly — and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lakers implode. Kobe couldn’t be more disappointed.

    Then again, if LA really gets it going, it could be a repeat of Game 1 — and we’re all in for a doozy of a Game 7.

  7. mapoui says:

    as long as they chain the refs to be refs I am ready for anything..6 or 7.

    I really enjoyed last nights game for I saw a lot of baskeball left to be played.

    may the rest of the series got the same way!

    really enjoying the work of doc rivers as well. sound coach!

  8. Ron Glover says:

    Great points by everyone and Doc Rivers may have just supplanted whoever was considered the best coach in the league with this playoff run.

    I hate Boston, but you can’t knock their hustle.

  9. Temple3 says:

    I’ve hated Boston’s fan base for years — and probably always will. That’s my right — as a New Yorker, a Yankee fan, and a Black man who has seen enough of that town to rename it Howard Beach or Bensonhurst (everybody’s got ’em). Remember the city-wide negro lineup when that cat decided to off his wife.

    I don’t hate the Celtics, though. Red’s still got cred. KC Jones is still that dude even if he’s the only coach from the 80’s that no one can seem to member when they get Riley’d up on a Daley basis. The next time the Lakers hire a Black head coach, my phone will be ringing off the hook. Elgin Baylor saves the franchise from bankruptcy, but they act like he was some caddy for Jerry West.

    I don’t hate Doc Rivers or KG or Pierce (even with his flopping ugly ass game) or Ray “Can I Buy a 3?” Allen or my main man Rah-jon!! Nope. I definitely don’t hate NATE!! Or Big Grown Ass Man. I might hate Kendrick Perkins a little. I definitely still hate Danny Ainge’s ass!!!

    But, that’s about it. I used to have a lot of love for the Lakers — and maybe I’m out of the loop, but they just don’t seem to have done as right by their guys. They did fine by West and that transplanted Washington Bullet Mitch Kupchak and by Kurt Rambis…but I can’t say the same for Kareem or even Kermit Washington or Baylor or Norm Nixon. I’m still trying to decide if they did Michael Cooper a solid or not. It’s hard to say.

    Maybe they’re all closer to the inner circle than folks let on, but the franchise and that dysfunctionally normal Buss family seem to be on some different stuff that just doesn’t “feel” like family.

    Too bad. They really do have nice jerseys.

  10. mapoui says:

    “KC Jones is still that dude even if he’s the only coach from the 80’s that no one can seem to member when they get Riley’d up on a Daley basis.”


    also I did’nt want to say it being from the outside and everything, but thats the way I always felt about the Lakers as well. I could never feel ‘right’ about them…not that I feel ‘right’ about many, or any major league team and their ownership.

    I also recognise Jacksons achievements but about him I cant feel 100% either. I am glad Doc beats up on him

    and of course I hate Boston…the town!….the team…hated their ass even when Jo Jo, Chaney and Silas were their mainstays. couldnt liek them even with KC and Robert Parrish

    but somehow I like Danny Ainges feistiness, and he knew who he wanted for his coach from the start.

    then of course they got Kevin and the ‘Truth’…. and now Rondos’ developed, a ton of really tuff, feisty players and I cant help myself!

    but Kobe is my man though! what a player! it was clarifying to hear Doc on the sidelines…”Block all the rest! make sure no one else scores. Kobe will get his!”

  11. sankofa says:

    I think I destroyed a few brain cells by logging in on THAT website, only to hear the trolls declared that Kobe should have passed the ball more to Gasol and his jacking up shots hurt the Lakers. WTF are these nimrods ingesting?

    Yeah, I swung at Kobe for not driving more and dishing out some elbows, but this had a 20 point blow out to it if Mamba didn’t rise up. I still say fuck Phil Jackson. His act has grown tired and as an aside Temple… do you really think Magic counts as a Black coach? Or just a lawn Jockey propping open the door for a real coach?

    We all need to stop talking about Kobe getting his, because, as Origin said, Kobe is the point guard, shooting guard, shot blocker, cook and candle stick maker. I even see him exhorting the girls more than weed head Jackson.

    I think he should sue old dirty bastard Buss for unfair work environment or some ish like that.

  12. Ron Glover says:

    Temple you pretty much summed up my feelings, it’s the city and nothing else. I’ve never been there but I’m aware of what Russell went through there as we all are. But for the franchise even historically it’s hard not to like them.

    If it was a team from St. Louis or Kansas CIty giving my 76ers hell in the ’80’s it probably wouldn’t sting as much. But its something about the Boston area itself – that accent, the Red Sox, Bird wavin that stupid towel, Belichick and that cut off hoodie, Peter McNeely.

    But the Celtics unis are cool.

  13. Big Man says:

    How many times did the Lakers struggle to make a simple entry pass to Gasol and Kobe? I mean, yes, the Celtics play aggressive, but that is unacceptable.

  14. CAvard says:

    Can’t imagine what the flight back to LA was like. I’m sure Kobe was fuming at Ron Artest or Lamar Odum.

    I also have this hunch the refs are going to call tomorrow night’s game pretty tight. It will be an off night for the Celtics, but they could still pull off a victory.

    Rumor has it Kobe left the TDBankNorth Center with an unlaced sneaker due to a really injured ankle. Kobe will still come through. It would be some kind of “Lebron’s elbow” or something.

  15. Temple3 says:

    What flight? They let Artest and Odom on the plane?

  16. sankofa says:

    I think they are hitching a ride back to el A! lol!

  17. mark says:

    Temple said: “The Lakers and their fans entered this series too confident…” Anybody check on KevDog today? I’m worried about him! And fyi, for some of you, Boston has really changed since the 60’s – like a great many other cities. Not to say it’s perfect here, by a long shot, but it’s not Russell’s Boston anymore. So those of you who’ve never been, come! Just do it in the summer, winter’s a bitch:)

  18. Origin says:

    Sankofa and Temple great break down of the Boston the city. I have also felt the same for the city………but as I got older I grew to have much respect for the Celtics. Even though over the years I always thought they had a quota system when it came to how many white players would be on the team or starting.

    The fact that they hired 3 black coaches……….and all won championships. The fact that they were the first team to drafty a black player and the first to have a starting black five. I have to give them props on all of that.

    And as far as I know the lakers ain’t never had a black coach. That lil 15 game run by Magic was straight up garbage. That was just a bone Buss threw to Magic……….like here you go for being a good boy all those years.

    Remember how Magic wanted to buy a large piece of the team from Buss??? Buss was like nope I won’t sale you part of the team. But I will, out the kindness of my heart give you 5 percent of the team for all the hard work and heavy lifting you did for me in the 80s.

    Man thats straight trash……………and thats the thing that always bothers me when these old white dudes want to pimp and sell black folks a garbage percent of a team. Whether its the williams sisters and their 1 percent of the dolphins. Usher and his 1 percent of the Cavs or Jay-Z with his 1 percent of the Nets. When we sell them out businesses we sell the whole lot……..cough cough essence mag…….cough cough BET.

    But when its our turn to buy they won’t sell us crap. If they sell its a small tiny percent. Remember how the Raptors were for sell then when zeke came up with the money all of a sudden the team wasn’t for sell. Same when Oprah, Tiger and MJ tried to buy the Bucks. Or when those black bankers in DC tried to by the deadskins football team.

    Man we steady get pimped in this whole mess.

    Anyway I am almost done with my rant………….just one thing. Hey Temple I know you are a history cat. Is it true that Magic tried to buy the Super Sonics some years ago and right when he had the money to buy the deal was pulled out from under him. My boy been telling me that story for years but I can’t remember ever seeing it.

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  20. KevDog says:

    Sorry Miz for the profanity. But this is what I posted to my Laker Email group about last nights debacle.

    If I’m Kobe, I’m STILL going THE FUCK OFF on my so-called teammates. Pussy ass bitches. Come to the finals and play like it’s fucking pre-seaso? Celtics won for one reason and one reason only, they played like it was the fucking finals. What a fucking bunch of frauds these Lakers are right now. I wouldn’t piss on any of them, save Kobe, if they were on fire.

    I just cannot believe this team would come to this game and play with such inferior intensity as the team that humiliated them only 2 years ago.


  21. Mizzo says:


    Doc Trust…we didn’t expect anything less. When I saw your comment appear all I could think was oh OH!

  22. Origin says:

    What up my brotha Kevdog.

    Hey I don’t blame you for being hot………Kobe is killing himself and these kats on the lakers standing around looking dumb.

    And that bench…… them suckers suck. Phil might as well put in Adam Morrison.

    Tell Sun Yue to leave China and come back to play game 6 in LA. Cause Sasha and Farmer ain’t doing crap.

  23. Matthew Fudge says:

    Boston will win, even if it goes 7. No way L.A. can win two straight, even if they are at home.

  24. TC says:

    I gotta agree with KevDog. I was fuckin’ screamin’ at the computer in the third quarter like…..y’all wearing green? I love watchin’ Black Mamba do that, but will someone else DO SOMETHING? Lakers can’t win like that. Pau’s gotta damn demand the goddamn ball. Great break down from Temple, Sankofa, Origin. I was fuckin’ pissed at the damn TV. Shiit. I don’t like the Celtics. I used to hate Ainge-still wouldn’t trust that dude around small amounts of money and McHale just irritated me vaguely. Not exactly sure why other than that he just seemed lucky enough to have long-ass arms and he didn’t seem to be able to shoot a jumper or do anything other than move his feet in the lane. I always had respect for DJ…he just always seemed a cool cat who flew under the radar but was always cash money when he had to be. But these Celtics……well, if the Lakers lose this, well, 1. they deserve to. 2. As Temple said, the Lakers have the talent. There’s no way they shouldn’t be pounding the ball down low, and obviously Andrew’s injuries haven’t hurt. But even still, also as Temple said, pounding it don’t seem to be in the Lakers’ DNA.

    And about the flight home…..dayum, if I was Ron Ron or Lamar, or Pau, I’dda had to take a lonnnnnggggggggg dump. That said, nothin’s decided yet. Celtics did what they supposed to do at home. They haven’t won yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers come out and play big in Game 6, but they have to punch hard from the get-go or I could see it stayin’ close and C’s stealing it at the end. If Lakers get a decent win, Game 7 will be a doozy.

  25. Michelle says:

    Kobe needs some help out there . That’s all I have to say.

  26. Temple3 says:


    I promise that I will not, should the Celtics win this series, revel in the demise of the Lakers, nor will I say “ITYS.” I won’t even go there. When it’s over, I would like to hear what types of personnel changes you’d be interested in making if you had that power.

    If you were talking about my Steelers, though, it would be ON! As it is, I can feel your pain. All of this is bringing back memories of the 1984 series. I was rooting hard for the Lakers then, and was already pissed about ’83 (okay, I still am).

  27. sankofad says:

    You know, a lot of internet experts and pseudo experts are pinning Pau Gosol’s 12 points on Kobe being “selfish”. They are blaming the lack of defence on these Laker tools “standing around and watching Kobe shoot outrageous shots.”

    What the experts conveniently ignore – not forget, and were intentionally blind to, was that Kobe was passing the ball, but these tools were either clanking shots or refusing to do something constructive like, attack the basket or space the floor for good passes -entry or otherwise. So geuss what? It comes back to Kobe for a desperation shot.

    So if he passes Gasol (for example) the ball, then he either screws around and get’s it stolen, bloacked, poked out ofhis hands at the entry point because of positioning, or get’s pushed out to the mid range area and passes the ball or throws it away, then you don’t get more than twelve attempts and it’s on you fool.

    You are the “best big man, the most skilled big man in the game”. You are 7 foot tall, but can’t even jump over a toast and get’s blocked by guys shorter than you (Tony Allen anyone?). As for the candy addict and the wild child… well that’s obvious.

    I still say that the “guards” who play that position for the Lakers are there primarily becuse of their height more than skill, have been listening to the scouting report and thought they could be like…Kobe! That is take men of the dribble, make shots and actually pass in traffic.

    The triangle’s days are over! The rest of the league has caught up to it. You have to have a modicum of Iintelligence and patience to run it and when it breaks down, as all plans do, you must be able to revert back to basic basketball…put the ball in the basket!

    AND like rebounding and prostitution, playing defence is about wanting to do it and paying the price for a satisfying end. Not that I know anything about prostitution 🙂

  28. Temple3 says:

    An excellent fit for this Lakers team would be New Orleans Hornets forward David West. He’s one of the most reliable, consistent, underrated shooters in the league. Those jumpers that Odom and Artest are missing would be going down. He also attacks at the rim. LA is probably going to go for a big name, but if he was the “kick out” guy, Irish eyes would not be smiling.

  29. Big Man says:

    Nah Temple.
    David West is anemic on defense and on the glass. Yes, he can hit jumpers, but he hates posting up and he hates doing hte dirty work. He’s never averaged 10 boards a game as a power forward and you know what folks say about power forwards who can’t get ten boards…

  30. Temple3 says:

    West isn’t so great on defense because of his limited athleticism, but I don’t think he’s adverse to doing dirty work. Don’t you remember that 38 point, 14 rebound Game 5 vs. the Spurs and Tim Duncan a few years ago.

    He shoots a very high percentage and runs the floor — for a guy who relies on mid-range jump shooting. He’s also close to 90% from the line. The Lakers bigs wish they shot that well from anywhere.

    I’d imagine that whatever they’re saying about PF’s who don’t snag 10 boards a game is exactly what they were saying about Gasol for the first 8 years of his career.

    I’m gonna hold off on evaluating West’s rebounding until Peja or someone else on that team can hit a 3. 🙂

  31. Origin says:

    Damn looks like Perkins may have torn up his knee.


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  33. Big Man says:

    I do remember that game, it was when I jumped on West as the most underrated power forward in the league. Unfortunately, over the next two games I saw far too many games with 3 or 4 boards.

  34. Temple3 says:

    6 boards in Game 6.
    9 boards, 21 points in Game 7.

    Whachu talkin’ ’bout Willis?

  35. Temple3 says:

    I think that was commendable considering the Hornets were matched up against an experienced Spurs team and he was facing taller, longer front line players. The following year, he went up against Denver’s skyline and played well again — after the team settled in to that matchup between CP3 and Mr. Big Shot. In 2009, the Hornets weren’t nearly as good offensively — they started Peja (yuck!!), Tyson Chandler, Hilton Armstrong, CP3 and West. They had no chance and played one of the worst playoff games ever…remember that 121-63 debacle?

    He’s not elite, but as a shooter playing off of Kobe’s action, he would be a superb and consistent scoring option.

  36. KevDog says:


    The whole thing is irrelevent. Hes’ not a better fit for this team than Gasol or LO and since we’re gonna win tomorrow, there will be no need to think we’ve got to make changes.

  37. Temple3 says:


    See ya Friday — at the GM’s doorstep.

  38. Big Man says:

    I meant to right next “two years” not two games. Sorry about that.

  39. Big Man says:

    and of course, “write.”