World Cup Scores Monday June 14th, 2010: “Italy Got Outta Jail!”

After Nelson Mandela’s great granddaughter Zenani Mandela was killed in a one car crash shortly after attending the FIFA World Cup™ Kick-off Celebration Concert in Johannesburg, there was a somber beginning to the first World Cup on African soil.  Mandela has worked tirelessly to make this event happen in South Africa and one could only imagine what he and his kin are going through in what should be a most joyous time for his homeland. His health is failing and our prayers and thoughts undoubtedly go out to his family.

Tim Howard, USA’s goalkeeper, has been cleared to play Friday vs. Slovenia. Today’s scores, recaps and the incomparable Alicia Keys after the jump. Bear with me people, this is something totally new for me but I’m committed to learn and provide as much insight as a novice possibly could.

There was nearly an upset of monstrous proportions, an upset unforeseen and an own goal that led to a loss. I’m indifferent on the protests of South Africans blowing vuvuzelas. It’s their culture. Let them do their thing. We in America need to respect the traditions of other countries the same as we demand they do us. Straight up.

Green Point Stadium

Italy 1:1 Paraguay

Group F

Daniele De Rossi (63′) scored a goal of redemption for Italy after Paraguay’s Antolín Alcaraz (39′) stunned the Italians with a goal of his own. The heavily favored and defending World Cup Champion Italians played uninspired in the first half but kept their foot on the pedal after De Rossi got ’em off the hook in the second. Mauro Camoranesi (70′) for Italy and Víctor Javier Cáceres (62′) for Paraguay collected yellow cards. Italy led Paraguay with 10 shots to 8 and 5 to 1 on goal. Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, probably Italy’s most valuable player, was replaced  with little used Federico Marchetti after suffering a back injury in the 1st half. His status is uncertain. Defender Antolin Alcaraz of Paraguay was Man of the Match.

Italy (ITA) Statistics Paraguay (PAR)
10 Shots 8
5 Shots on goal 1
1 Goals Scored 1
15 Fouls Committed 15
15 Fouls Suffered 13
8 Corner kicks 4
11 Free kicks Shots (scored) 16
0 / 0 Penalty Kicks (Goals/Shots) 0 / 0
3 Offsides 4
0 Own goals 0
1 Yellow cards 1
0 Second yellow card and red card 0
0 Red Cards 0
34 Actual playing time 32
52% Possession (%) 48%

Free State Stadium

Japan 1:0 Cameroon

Group E

Keisuke Honda’s goal (’39) in the first half off a cross stunned Cameroon and Japan won their first World Cup match on foreign soil. It was also the initial time Japan won an opening World Cup match. Cameroon is very talented but seem to lack team cohesion even through my fútbol inexperienced eyes. Stephane Mbia had a long range rocket slam off the left crossbar that most likely was the shot of the tournament so far. Honda was the Man of the Match. Cameroon had 11 shots to Japan’s 5 and all of Japan’s shots were on goal to Cameroon’s 4. Yuki Abe (90′) for Japan and Nicolas Nkoulou (72′) for Cameroon collected yellow cards.

Japan (JPN) Statistics Cameroon (CMR)
5 Shots 11
5 Shots on goal 4
1 Goals Scored 0
20 Fouls Committed 29
29 Fouls Suffered 18
0 Corner kicks 3
17 Free kicks Shots (scored) 16
0 / 0 Penalty Kicks (Goals/Shots) 0 / 0
4 Offsides 2
0 Own goals 0
1 Yellow cards 1
0 Second yellow card and red card 0
0 Red Cards 0
27 Actual playing time 33
45% Possession (%) 55%

Soccer City Stadium

Netherlands 2:0 Denmark

Group E

Germany, Argentina and the Netherlands look to be the strongest teams to this date. Despite Denmark scoring an embarrassing own goal off Daniel Agger’s (46′ OG) back, the Dutch defense seems just as unforgiving as that of the NBA’s Boston Celtics. The Danes never seriously threatened to equalize mainly because they couldn’t solve anything the Dutch threw at them defensively. Dirk Kuyt’s tap in (85′) sealed the deal. Nigel De Jong (44′) and Robin Van Persie (50′) collected yellow cards for the Netherlands while Simon Kjaer (63′) was given one as well for Denmark. Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder was Man of the Match.

Netherlands (NED) Statistics Denmark (DEN)
18 Shots 10
7 Shots on goal 3
2 Goals Scored 0
13 Fouls Committed 20
19 Fouls Suffered 9
6 Corner kicks 2
23 Free kicks Shots (scored) 11
0 / 0 Penalty Kicks (Goals/Shots) 0 / 0
4 Offsides 2
0 Own goals 1
2 Yellow cards 1
0 Second yellow card and red card 0
0 Red Cards 0
38 Actual playing time 28
58% Possession (%) 42%

27 Responses to “World Cup Scores Monday June 14th, 2010: “Italy Got Outta Jail!””

  1. Tariq says:

    Nice work, Mizzo. I’m glad you’re getting into the World Cup. I expect the games to get better. A lot of teams are adopting a defensive approach. Maybe I’m too spoiled by watching FC Barcelona. Tomorrow’s game between Ivory Coast and Portugal should be very good. I really hope Ivory Coast win. They’ve got some good players: Didier Drogba (if fit), of course, but also keep your eye on midfielder Yaya Toure, who is probably the best in the world at his position. I really wish Samuel Eto’o was from the Ivory Coast instead of Cameroon. Sigh.

    By the way, the Dutch defense isn’t that good. They have a great midfield and some very good strikers, but their back four and goalkeeper are pretty average.

    And whatever you do, don’t miss Spain’s opening match. They play the most entertaining style in international football. It’s a joy to watch.

  2. TC says:

    Mizz-you’re doin’ a great job on the World Cup coverage. Obvious you’re learnin’ fast and choppin’ it up just right. I’d say S. Korea are sleepers. Tonight it’s Brazil which could be fascinating. I don’t know HOW N. Korea will do. Portugal-Ivory Coast you should love. As Tariq says, they have Drogba. Unfortunately, my football knowledge is very sketchy-if you don’t have cable in the US, it’s hard to follow. But I remember from the last WC that they played with a great deal of energy and verve. Portugal have reached their potential the last four or five years also, playing at a very high level. That group is the so called “Group of Death” although the Argentina-Nigeria-S.Korea-Greece group is no joke either. Anyway, lovin’ your reports mang. Wish I could contribute more but I’ve had to make do watching only halves of many matches so don’t feel qualified to state anything with any authority about footie.

  3. Mizzo says:

    Thanks fellas. Means a lot. I figure by the final match I’ll at least have the recap thing down. I’ll do this every day.

  4. Miranda says:

    I know nothing about soccer….but I saw the reaction in Ghana to their win….I couldn’t help but be excited for them!

  5. Mizzo says:

    Yeah they were the first to do win on African soil. I’ll definitely post something on their next match and also the Ivory Coast team. Drogba is practicing and should play tomorrow vs. Portugal. Should be a great game.

  6. Michelle says:

    The World Cup is exciting to watch. To see the pride and smiles on the faces of the fans supporting their countries is priceless!!!

  7. Michelle says:

    Nice recap Miz!!!!

  8. mapoui says:

    the WC stopped tickling my fancy a long time now. I believe I detect an overall European style of play that I lable with a big D, symblized by 2 forwards with long streaming hair making futile runs into massed defences and failing, leaving us games decided by penalty kicks ..or at best, long boring 1 -0 results.

    the most lucrative soccer market is europe, all the best players in the world play there for money..are coached there, directed here etc. the european defensive flavour and identity has seeped into the rest of the planet by this mean, which is now buttressed by the fact that all the coaches seemingly everywhere are european.
    what we get now is homogenised soccer the world over, defence dominant everwhere, unattractive soccer, boring soccer, tons of games in the WC for example, up to the quarter and semi-finals, that one can stamp SAME, SAME, SAME, categorize and stash away ubnder one heading, D for defense.

    the WC is hype almost totally, where the quality of the product on the field is concerned. one must await brasil, Portugal, sometimes the Dutch or French…or some cinderella team with a Roger Milla emerges with flair and and a few distinctive individuals whose flair can be added to the general hype…to get anything different from the general.

    I have had or permitted myself only glimpses of this current tournament so far, and it it is the same as I have seen it for several WCs now.

    only Ghana offered any kind of ‘kris’ soccer, good talent honed into a team effort…althought too many mistakes they made, errant passing, if they werent watching what they were doing too often….no supreme determination to create opportunity to score…again the european extreme watchfullness on attack, prepraedness to rush back into defence at the first hint of failure of the forward movement.

    African teams are full of talent but it wont revolutionise soccer, imprisoned as it is in the european mode, until it creates it onw brand of football that pushes the european brand into the sectional idenitty it really is.

    Brasil did that in soccer way back. and the westindies did the same with the game of cricket. westindians took the game of cricket, absorbed its fundamentals and came out with a brand, so powerful, so attractive that it revolutionised the game globally. now all others seek to emulate outr style.

    but what a brand of cricket it is..a super game, creative at its base, forcing those who seek to emulate to be creative themselves. westindian style cricket is always entertaining to watch….even to those who do not know cricket

    westindies have lost that sting in our game of cricket becuse of nationalist neglect and and abuse of our game, leading to accusation of deliberate sabotage of the game of cricket in the westindies

    cricket in the westindies because of the circumstances of its birth has always been once source of nationalist pride, ideologicallly and politicially in tune with the inetersts of the ordinary masses

    the class of westindians who succeeded the old planter class who now run the region…still in the ineterst of ole marse’. who still harvests from afar…. are accused of being afraid of the social role cricket plays, especially when the westindies stands astride the cricket world lke a colossus as we have done several tiems.

    thy have been accused of setting out to destroy cricket in the westindies from the day they acceeded to administrative power in the game back in 1995.

    westindian cricket is a house built solidly by the old white planter and commercial classes who ruled the region, political independece in the region was won from about 1962 onwards but the white administrarive power in cricket remained untouched until the a demographic decline resulted in an almost total absence of white westindians playing

    blac ascencion so to speak to the administrative power was by a sort of omission them. there were no more white men of qualty and involvement to follow and so the blac men in the wings acceeded.

    like nowhere else westindian cricketers rode into the wolrd with the hopes of the westindian nation on their shoulders. and the players responded with success, intelligence and quality of leaderhsip that was unparalled in the history of the game….and a brilliance of play that encapsulated all that westindians knew we were capable of as independent nation.

    westindian cricket was also a jewel in the struggle for independence and nationhood

    but from 1995 then to now westindies cricket, that became the jewel of the international game, administered by the black westindian elites, has been nothing but decline and failure, crowned by succesive mismanagement and administrative incompetence that would make those who gave us the BP Gulf oil gusher blush.

    but those administrators are all highly educated people, so much so that one would be amazed at their natural competence otherwise. they have all been very successful in the areas of life from which they were seconded to the cricket adminsitration. the question begs: how come so much competence and success elsewhere, and consistent but utter failure in the most important cultural activity to the westindian people?

    but it is my contention that Africa will not produce a WC winning side playing european soccer. it seems the europens will always play their game better than ay affrican nation can.

    when African nations develop and play according to themselves, their spirt and culrutal flair etc., then and only then would there be that chance of developing and presenting to the world a game that sweeps all before it…hopefully an attacking game, at once rich in goals and entertaining flair.

    and most importantly it would break the european domination that has now even stiffled the Brasilians who have been nowehere near as skillful, precise and productive as they once.

    we need the different approaches that true independence of nations in the specific activity can produce. such variety would make of the WC a true exposition of styles of paly that would make the tournament a real festival of soccer, an event one could not ignore.

    we have now Italy as champions with the absolute worst, most unattractive in every way, style of soccer in the world, quintessentially european defece with a capital double D.

    Italy comes out to win on the pure frustration it creates in its opposition, forcing mistakes they may opportunistically capitalise on….. by penalty kicks and all such nonsense….. rather than attacking flair that produce wins by superior goals margin.

    Italian spccer players are also the greatest floppers and whiners in any major sport

    if Itality wins through to the finals again I wont even bother to watch that game

  9. Temple3 says:

    Check you out writing on the Copa Mundial!!

    Good stuff.

    Mapoui pulled a T3. I’m gonna have to hold off on reading that. LOL!! 🙂

  10. Michelle says:

    Listening to you guys. I need to learn more about the worlds most popular sport.

  11. mapoui says:

    sorry Temple3! take it down! I will do a much, much much shorter version when you do…like 3 or 4 lines! ha ha ha ha!!

    (I will bring a smiley later?

  12. Temple3 says:

    @ Mapoui:

    It’s all good. I love it when you get going.

  13. mapoui says:

    like I was saying what goes on with African football?

    I came to Ghana/Oz this morning and what do I behold!…. a dead, cold Ghana team takes the field, does not wake up, asleep for 11 minutes allows the OZ to make the running….

    as inevitable the Oz score and immediately Ghana is behind the 8 ball! its as if that is what Ghana wanted, to give those chaps a goal.

    now 22 minutes into the game Ghana is being hustled off the ball, beaten for speed amd hustle all the time.

    this is a waste. I wont continue watching this. this is as bad an example of self-defeat as I have ever seen

  14. mapoui says:

    and as good fortune would have it the Oz are penalised for hand-ball in the goal area.

    Ghana gets a penalty and equalises.

    that was a 50-50 call. I would not have called that! maybe when I see it again a few times I will be abel to tell better

  15. Tariq says:


    That was clearly a hand-ball. The ball was going in and the only way Kewell could stop it was with his arm.

    Ghana aren’t dead and cold. They dominated the second half. Their problem is that each player tries to do too much alone instead of playing as a team. Like a Ghanaian player would be running with two of his teammates open and in better position to score, but the guy with the ball just decides to take a shot from Accra which, naturally, does not trouble the Australian keeper.

    And don’t get me started on Cameroon! Talk about lack of fundamentals!

  16. mapoui says:

    yes it was a hadball tariq. the penalty was right!

  17. mapoui says:

    lack of of fundamentals certainly! but does that explain why cameroun faded from total domination to a 2-1 loss..complete frustration at the end?

    is that French man Tigana on the sidelines as Cameroun coach?

    anyhow bear with me! I exist in a state of total, uproarious opposition to this WC in RSA – Republic of South Africa… FIFA, Nelson Mandella although my wishes towards wthe old man are not ill..even iof they should be.

    and on the field I am not at all impressed by the overall quality of the play, by low individual skills of all the teams, the very poor entertainment value of the soccer being played.

    tell me why I should not be..or should be impressed by it?

  18. mapoui says:

    “Ghana aren’t dead and cold. They dominated the second half”

    thats exactly the point I made. Ghana started still asleep, cold and allowed the Oz’s hustle to beat them to the ball and ultimately score a goal.

    who coahes Ghana to allow his team to start as cold as Ghana did?

    the Oz are an older team. Ghana has a great youth and skill advanatge over the Oz.

    Ghana should have dominated the whole game, from start to finish… not just the second half…and should have won by 3 clear goals not come away with a tie.

    thats a nonsense result relative to those 2 sides, unitl one realises that Ghanas head probably wasnt screwed on right.

    then a draw becomes perfectly logical

  19. Tariq says:


    Cameroon have one world-class player: Samuel Eto’o. He scored a goal, hit the post, and set up his teammates countless times even though he always had two defenders on him. Emana played very well too, but everyone else spent the evening wasting EASY chances. I swear I could have scored on some of the chances Pierre Webo and others wasted. Plus, they constantly made elementary mistakes on defense. That second goal was especially inexcusable. Makoun should have forced Rommedahl away from the goal instead of towards the goal, and you had another defender just watching.

    Cameroon is coached by Paul Le Guen.

    You’re right about the level of play so far. I’ve watched every World Cup since 1990 and this is by far the most boring tournament up to this stage. Teams are playing not to lose instead of playing to win, with the exception of Argentina and Germany (who were very unlucky against Serbia). But I’m sure that things will improve once the tournament progresses. The second round of games have been much better than the first round.

    You’re right about Ghana, although I will say that Australia aren’t pushovers even though they got massacred by Germany. They may beat Serbia.

    I just hope Cote d’Ivoire can get something from Brazil tonight!

  20. mapoui says:

    australia are very fit, came prepared to run, and run and run. but thats it with them.

    to the extent thay can run and stay with anyone, make them work hard… they arent pushovers.

    but who will let them do that. once you start running with them, score a goal or 2 they are done..all their running is for nothing.

    I am watching in-between some work here Bra and Ivory Coast. at least that is what I tuned into and cant for the life of me get rid of the hockey game I ran into.

    I have tunred the dial but all I find is 2 teams with the colours of Ivory coast and Brasil playing…hockey. I havent seen a stand up fight yet but there is everthing else…the grabbing, cuffing, kicking, intentional trips, holding, tossing pushing.

    no 2 players go up for a ball unless they are pushing, cuffing, tugging , falling-on or otherwise fighting each other do their best denzil to make it lok natural, not like the fight that it is

    nice goal by brasil. and so far they are clearly better than Ivory C, in the soccer that flares up between the hockey, every now and then!

  21. mapoui says:

    Brasil 3 – Ivory Coast 1! 1 of Brasils 3 a gift goal, an illegal goal!

    in the end we almost got our hockey stand-fight and all out brawl!

    never have I seen so much flopping and acting in a soccer match…and betweeen 2 teams of African derived players for the most part,

    totally european if you ask me divas all the way. and that Kaka is more like a busy bodied woman fomenting trouble all the way.

    Brasil is now a worse flopping team than any european team. there was a time brasil had no time but for playing soccer out on a field of play.

    not anymore!

  22. Tariq says:

    Yeah, Brazil’s second goal should have been disallowed.

    Flopping? I’m not sure I saw as much acting as you did (although there was some). That tackle on Elano was horrible.

  23. mapoui says:

    are yu kidding about the acting…especially that fabiano fella. not a single Brasilian endeared themselves as far as i could see.

    man soccer is a kind of parody now, a caricature of a game that focused on the game itself.

    now a player running in defence attacks the other player. in tackling it is pushing the other guy down, holding him, tripping him…blatant aggression right through.

    look man! I go way bak to 1966 my first real WC..the same one in England when Europe ganaged up on Brasil to hamer Pele out of the tournament…the same one the produced a manufacture England success with Allan Ball the hero.

    but then Brasil still played football and the got their revenge in 1970 in Mexico. that was oure brillaint soccer during that tourney.

    from then we have a steady decline to what we saw yesteday Brasil steam-rolling an african side by physical force and well as soccer superiority.

    I used to love hockey which is 5-man as side soccer on ice. the great Boby Orr is the man responsible for my love of the game for he was so magnificent a player he drew the unitiated into the game with the beauty of his skills, offensive power and intgelligence for the game.

    Phil Esposito was his sidekick and finisher but it was all Bobby.

    despite Waye Gretzky and Mario Lemieux Orr reigns supreme in the history of hockey in my book. yet I gave up on Hockey because at a certain point..I think when a guy called Betman became commissioner… the NHL began to emphasise mayhem.

    from that point hockey became a a sea of violence, high and low level intense violence in which millionaire players seek to decapitate each other, destroy each others faces, spinal columns, cripple each other.

    not for me! I refused to watch NHL hockey and have not watched it for at least 10 years now. I catch glimpse of the news of the deaths and serious paralyzing injuries that take place.

    I turn my head and walk away. I am not responsible nor do I care

    I am at that point with football/soccer!

    FIFA is a disgusting organisation that cares only about profits, the more vast the better .

    FIFA and corruption are one and the same thing. the maintaining of the integrity of soccer is clearly not FIFA’s main concern. profiterring, by ripping off a young struggling nation like South Affrica is!

    in the meantime soccer has degraded to the sick spectacle of unnecessary violence provided mostly by Brasil yesterday. its feature of every game now, to a greater or lesser degree but much greater anyway than when I was growing up in the game

  24. Tariq says:

    I agree about FIFA.

    Dunga’s Brazil are a defensive, physical side. Brazil and defense don’t usually go together, but that’s how Dunga crafted this squad. He left out Ronaldinho and Pato. I really hope they don’t win the WC.

    I love the way Argentina play, though. I was also expecting Spain to dazzle. They’ve been putting on a show for three years.

    But if you want to watch futbol the way it was meant to be played, watch FC Barcelona. Just beautiful.

  25. mapoui says:

    I will check to see if I can find clips of Barcelona FC somewhere. thanks for the tip. I have become so disenchanted I dont even bother to check european soccer any more.

    you cant imagine how into soccer I was. I used to play the pools all the time…won some nice money every so often!

    the spaniards always had flair! Portugual also! eusebio was magic in his prime.

    I also liked the Ducth midfield pair of Neeskens and Cryuff.

    a couple of WC’s ago the english produced a defenceman by the name of Des Walker I adored. that kid could really play. no nastiness just skill. they could not get past that fella easily

    all I have to live on now are memories! sad! but i will check out Barcelona. maybe there is soemthing there

    in the meantime I am prolly done with this WC! I have no even remember to check todays games.

    ha ha hahaha!

  26. Tariq says:

    Wow. Old school!

    But I mean there have been some great talents since the 70s, believe it or not! The 1982 Brazil team was something else. Maradona won the 1986 WC single-handedly. Baggio, Romario, Stoitchkov, Bergkamp, Ronaldo, Zidane, Rivaldo. When Argentina destroyed Serbia at the 2006 WC, Cambiasso scored one of the best team goals I’ve ever seen. And have you seen Ronaldinho in his prime?

    As for this tournament, there is a general consensus that it has been disappointing thus far.

  27. mapoui says:

    no! I have not seen Ronaldinho in his prime!

    but I did see maradona and I admit he was special. but he was not pele!

    maradono had magnificent individual skills. I was impressed by Zidane until he let the Italian defence frustrate the good sense out of him

    I am tired of massed defences, 4-4-2….I have said it all already.

    I see you are a diehard and can find gems in the general dross that is a regular soccer game.

    my eyes are tired and I am not faithful to anything anymore save possibly onw…. and the genral knowledge that things could be a whole lot better.

    I dont have the patience to work my way through anymore although fabianos goal for brasil against Ivory coast is what I love to see..a chance and the salting away of the goal in a way that gave the goalie no chance at all.

    talk about a killer shot, decent angle, up and in right under the channe of a save.

    I was pissed off at the game but that was a proper, efficient score right there!