Muhammad Ali: 50 Years Of “The Greatest” Round 1

Posted in Blogroll on June 16th, 2010 by Ron Glover

Muhammad_Ali_ESPY_Mich0016.jpg image by merakoh

He has inspired everyone from royalty to the common man, his likeness is recognized in the most remote corners of the earth. He would usher in what Dr. Harry Edwards would term, “The Golden Age of the Black Athlete.” He is part Jack Johnson, part Joe Lewis and all mouth. He is the first cultural icon of post World War II America, the innovator of trash talk, signature moves but more importantly, one who transcends race worldwide.

My appreciation for him goes far beyond his God-given abilities – more for his selfless spirit and desire to see the human race run on an even track during a time when many of his contemporaries wouldn’t suit up. He is many things to many people of all colors, creeds and faiths.

But to this scribe – Muhammad Ali is simply The Greatest.

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In Game 6, Kobe Bryant and His Lakers Teammates Destory the Celtics 89-67 to Force Game 7

Posted in Blogroll on June 16th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Ron Artest can smile after an all out team win. He’s got that QB Ether look

Much was made about how Kobe Bryant admonished his teammates within earshot of the press after a Game 5 loss. He was called everything from selfish to childish to whatever else was thought but not said. His words “Man up and do your job” were really all he had to say for his teammates to get the reason behind his ire, but the message somehow got misconstrued in a press smelling blood.

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World Cup Scores June 15th 2010: Drogba Plays, Ronaldo Excites, But Portugal and the Ivory Coast Go Nil, Nil

Posted in Blogroll on June 16th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

2 of the best

I went back and forth with futbol aficionados regarding Didier Drogba potentially playing vs. Portugal.  He’d was on the field just 10 days after surgery to repair his broken arm and in my eyes I couldn’t fathom why a star of such significance was even considering the prospect knowing the potential of further injury. What most told me was that because of who he was and how he has represented his country so well, he had to be on the field. That he was going up against arguably the best player in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo heightened the reasons why he had to play.

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